Car Spotlight>>midnight Celica

A couple weeks ago I posted a random snap of a very cool looking Toyota Celica from Northern California. Since you guys seemed to be rather interested in the car, I got in touch with photographer Anthony Lezada who sent us some more photos and a little info about the car.

Owned by a fellow by the name of Nico, the Celica is a 2000 GT-S model coated in Toyota's Carbon Blue color. To get that scraping stance, Nico is running a set of K Sport coilovers – potholes be damned.

The wheels are SSR D5R's 18×8.5 +10 in the front and 18×9 -1 in the rear. Tires are 215/35/18 Nitto Neogen all around. You might also notice the different front bumpers in these pictures. The car formerly was running a TRD front bumper (above).

Now it's running an OEM '03 bumper with a Greddy lip, seen here. Sideskirts are from Wings West. You can also see the pair of Bride Lowmax reclinable seats inside.

Other modifications done to the Celica include a K&N intake kit, a Magnaflow exhaust, a Megan strut tower bar, along with HID headlights and foglights.

Does a fine job of showing the potential of the seventh generation Celica doesn't it?

Big thanks to Anthony for the photos and info!

-Mike Garrett



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I do kinda like these, but the engine and it being FWD...yeah :/


I'm glad to see the "form > function" aesthetic being employed on a car that was made with the same philosophy in mind. It actually makes sense.


I am partly with Mr.Moons up there, This is exactly how a car like this should be set up, look as clean and stylish as possible, because let's be honest, this Gen celica wasn't made with lap times in mind, it's not a pure bred performance compact, it's a mass market, good looking, reasonably economic car that doesn't get a lot of love from the tuning/JDM/Boy racer crowd.

But here we have someone who has taken what would be a run of the mill pseudo sporty celica and made a killer, good looking cruiser with just a few mods. More power to him, I wish there were more people up here in Norcal doing something that is as fresh as this.


Finally, a Celica that isn't rice'd


lovely stance.. i still like them with the spoiler at the rear tho' - this one looks very well without one in all honesty! the front bumper choice No. 2 looks less 'ricey!', not sure if that the word to 'play', - cars looks very fresh - quality spotlight.


sigh.. here's a suggestion, two words: camber.. links...


that huge camber in the back says the car was modded by a ricer boy who spent a fortune on a set of bling coilovers just so he could slam the car down. I wouldn't doubt that the rear wheels have some crazy toe out too.

ps: used camber links can be found for ~$150, invest in a set.


it's very nice to see a clean celica from this gen, this celica is very hard to find as clean and simple as this one... keep it fresh man dont ever go rice


Nice early April Fool's joke guys.


is that a front wheel drive car?


This car manages to be "so 10 years ago" and purely awesome at the same time!

Never thought I would see GT-C and say: dope!


In order to fully appreciate what it is, you have to remember; RWD and 400BHP is all well and good on the track, but a lightly performance modded, FWD car like this is just fine for a daily driver. And in the end, I respect a daily driven car much more than the occasionally track-day driven car.

Plus, who gives a **** about FWD when it looks this good?


evolution7tt is Clean ride.


Get stuck on a relatively small curb. Earn feature.


Very nice especially with out a spoiler. Celica with out a spoiler is the best IMHO



2zz-ge is the best engine out there you have no idea of its potential.

you can push it to 200whp n/a out with intake,header and exhaust out of 1.8l is not bad in my books. it is also very responsive to boost, since its a high comp. engine 11.5:1 lower the compression and going with forged pistons is all you need to get to 300whp at 15psi of boost and of course Apexi PFC. check out for more on this beautiful 2zz-ge engine.


actually it's kinda forgotten car. Good to see someone still doing things in the right way with this car:)


All it needs is a 6th gen 4wd drivetrain.


I don't like the last gen of this car. It marked the death of the mighty Celica :(

And this particular example is ugly


looks wack with no front camber imo. The video of it getting stuck on youtube is a laugh too


I totally agree with moons and 3NVY. This car undoubtedly clean, and a great example of how good this platofrm can look when done proper. And @evolution7tt, you're a dumbass, dude. I know for a fact the only reason you're calling it "RICE!!" it's because it's a 7th gen Celica, which has always been a popular platform for ricers to screw up. But there is clearly NOTHING rice about this car; EVERYTHING is OEM+. I mean, call me crazy, but I don't see any neon lights or nitrous purge kit, do you? c'mon dude. I bet you drive a 98 Integra with a Buddy club kit and altezza lights.


The fact is that this Celica is pretty different from everything else that's out in the tuner scene. Call it rice, call it flush, call it whatever you want to call it but it's pretty well executed. It's a welcome breath from the Honda/Nissan/VIP cars that currently dominate the tuner scene.


I personally think this car is a great alternative to preludes/civics/sentras. the gt-s makes 180 hp (185?) and with a few choice mods than can be around 200 (170 at the wheels, not so bad). not to mention this car looks pretty sick


Awesome nic0


I don't know why people say this isn't a performance oriented car. It has a 180hp engine with an 8400 RPM redline that is bolted to a 6 speed manual trans.

This is the same setup that you'll find in an Elise mind you.


rather see this than a played out Civic


The youtube clip says it all... everyone had a good laugh before attempting to help out

All that effort to get over a fairly small kerb. Imagine that happened somewhere else with the driver on his own, the thing was properly beached and the open diff doesnt help

Man, I dont want to see what the underbody looks like, or how beaten up the engine sump is

But hey, small price to pay for looks, right?


This car looks fine to me, quit hating faggots.


yeah this is his car, not yours, he did it the way he wanted to. sick celica


This is a highly tasteful car. Big ups to the owner for creating it and speedhunters again for the spotlight.


Lol, this is the that got beached. I saw the vid on Youtube.


I would the people to show respect for those celica's .. when done right they can be some of the prettiest lookin car on the street


This is pretty cool. I like that some people actually see the potential in these cars, unlike those around where I live who think this is still 'Fast and The Furious', have cheap and cheesy bodykits, and simply dont maintain their car. Nico, nice job!!


This is a beautiful Celica! (Keeping in mind that I'm a Celica owner myself and a little biased.) These cars were definitely not produced for speed. They handle quite well, even brand new they were fairly economical, pretty damn good on gas, and--the most important to me, especially when I got mine--something a bit different. I love mine and wouldn't trade it for anything! This one is actually the first one I've seen without a spoiler that I like. Kudos to Nico!


The celica makes a good track car. I wouldn't hesitate to use one at Thunderhill, against RWD cars.

All you "keyboard warriors" need to actually get to a track with your anti-FWD bias - you'll soon see that how fast you can go, is as much about the driver as it is about the car.

On most good tracks, I'd bet on an experienced driver in a celica, over a bad driver in a vette anyday. Add in some inclement weather, and the inexperienced driver in the powerful RWD will have a black flag in their future.


Those are some fake Brides, seen the car up close.. lol.


Nice Celica. Done just right. Btw look up Trial's Celica...then talk.


Nice Celica. Done just right. Btw look up Trial's Celica...then talk.


Haters will hate. I DD in a 280bhp 7th Gen Celica on MeisterR coil overs, I go as low as is practical. They have a great engine, good shape and don't need a massive amount of work to look extra special. This one is a treat to see. Why coileys? damn thing drives like a go-cart and I can adjust them. Best purchase I made.


Now thats a Chicks car! FWD! Dont know why alot of people say Miatas are ghay when Celica are the purest.


Here ya go haters! Ferrari F430 vs. Celica. This is exactly what would happen to all your S-chassis', if you head to the track with no experience and RWD.


what size are the wheels on that?