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A couple weeks ago I posted a random snap of a very cool looking Toyota Celica from Northern California. Since you guys seemed to be rather interested in the car, I got in touch with photographer Anthony Lezada who sent us some more photos and a little info about the car.

Owned by a fellow by the name of Nico, the Celica is a 2000 GT-S model coated in Toyota's Carbon Blue color. To get that scraping stance, Nico is running a set of K Sport coilovers – potholes be damned.

The wheels are SSR D5R's 18×8.5 +10 in the front and 18×9 -1 in the rear. Tires are 215/35/18 Nitto Neogen all around. You might also notice the different front bumpers in these pictures. The car formerly was running a TRD front bumper (above).

Now it's running an OEM '03 bumper with a Greddy lip, seen here. Sideskirts are from Wings West. You can also see the pair of Bride Lowmax reclinable seats inside.

Other modifications done to the Celica include a K&N intake kit, a Magnaflow exhaust, a Megan strut tower bar, along with HID headlights and foglights.

Does a fine job of showing the potential of the seventh generation Celica doesn't it?

Big thanks to Anthony for the photos and info!

-Mike Garrett




what size are the wheels on that?


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You suck

 @JoelJenks read the article, it says right there - READING IS FUNDAMENTAL