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The Nissan S15 is still a dream car for many including myself. So every time I see one I will check it out in great detail. Fortunately I see more and more Silvias popping up at shows. At the latest Automaxx Streetpower event, I spotted this very special version. It seemed that the car belonged to JB-Tuning, a company I did business with in the past. While I was shooting the car Ron, the owner, walked out and we started talking about Speedhunters and the car.

In stock form the car already looks great but there is always room for improvement. So Ron went to work and started with the exterior. He ordered a Vertex body kit but chose Chargespeed rear fenders. After that he removed the badges and the lock in the trunk. It was then prepped for paint and as soon as the bodykit arrived the car was painted in Audi white.

Seeing a car like this with a near perfect fitment on Dutch roads is something I can only applaud.

While the rear wheels are being stopped by Skyline brakes the front wheels got these Rotora big brakes.

The car has been dropped using a Tein flex suspension with the addition of the EDFC system. Other items that compliment the suspension are made by Ikeya Formula. Included are rear toe arms, camber arms, tie rods and roll center adjuster pillow lower arms.

The wheels are replicas and come in 19"x9.5j in the front with 225 wide tires and 19"x10.5j with 255 wide tires in the back.

While shooting the car I overheard a lot of people saying this was an RB26 engine. But it was pretty obvious it wasn't. Yes it does have an RB26 valve cover but beneath it there's an RB25DET. Greddy has provided all the other parts including the plenum, radiator, oil cooler, oil catch can, manifold, downpipe and most importantly the TD06 turbo.

Interior wise Ron kept everything pretty simple. I had a special interest in the Digidash2 that replaces all the other items in your dash. It looked pretty clean in its carbon surrounding. Another very cool part was the Ikeya Formula sequential short shifter with gear indicator.

Before anybody asks, the steering wheel hub had been removed to help Lennard Wanders in the Time Attack race !

I couldn't leave the car without any stickers so Ron quickly grabbed them out of my hands and placed them on the windows. My next spotlight will be about the car in the background that belongs to Ron's brother …

-Jeroen Willemsen




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Nice car. Hate the replicas tho, specially on a show car.


Why Varrstoen ?


About time there is a nice silvia that hasnt had a stupid ls1 in it or one that has been camberd to the max. I love this one.


The S15 is a great looking car in stock form. This one above doesn't look bad at all, but it blows my mind that the owner doesn't seem to care much about his life. I've seen Rota collapsing on the freeway after hitting big potholes. Not only that, but those brakes are also produced in China = very crapy quality. The braking system should be taken seriously. I guess that's not a priority for this guy.

Anyway, sorry for the rant, I just can't stand cheap quality parts even more so when the owner of the car tries to defend himself and explain that he did not have any money for the genuine-legit parts.



Absolutely gorgeous


What replicas are those wheels? look real nice


Rad. I'm feelin this.


The only thing I don't like about import style is over-the-top colors, paint jobs, and engine bays. This Silvia's a great example of the power of restraint. It looks clean, quick, and clever, like someone thought about how each part affected the whole instead of bolting on every possible shiny bit. Gotta love it.






Leuke wagen hoor!

Also like the simple colour of this beast!



Just because the car is on display here, doesn't mean it is a show car. This car actively participates in drifting and Time Attack events... When you are buying that many sets of wheels and tires sometimes reps are the only affordable option.


NICE! But I wasn't really expecting the wheels to replicas, tho they look good to be honest.


I would love a desktop of any one of these photos.


a truly stunning car, i love the blue accents and wheels, a very nice touch indeed!


^Haha, stupid LS1? Yeah, instead there's a boat anchor in the front. The RB25's a great engine, but the Silvia wasn't designed to be that front heavy. An LS would give better weight balance.


one of the prettiest S15s.



Buying an original Vertex Kit, TEIN coilovers etc. isn't cheap, but quality has its price. So why these wheels???

Just remember always before buying parts, Just Quality never goes out of Style!


This is an absolutely brilliant S15 Silvia.

The beauty of the optical tuning is that it's very stylish and at the same time somewhat understated; an excellent combination.

The white body with the blue decals on the doors and windshield, The exact same blue color as the rims, which in turn have The Varrstoen brand on it in white. Again: very very stylish! I love it!

Kudos guys!


Fake wheels? :/


Clean, that is all.


All that money spent on the body kit and he couldn't pony up for real wheels?... what a shame


Very nice S15; love the blue and white combo but thumbs down on the "Varrastolens" :P


@Buck: It IS a show car, never saw it drifting and i saw almost all of the drifting competitions last years ;)

I also never saw it racing, although i don't go to many race events


Looks like R34 GT-R seats too. Seems a lot of those Time Attack guys are running Varrstoen's replicas of very desireable wheels.


I love the varrstoens


Why hate the Varrstoen's? Replicas for a quarter of the price beats spending nearly $4000 for the originals.


this is a beatiful car!!! speedhunters turned into second i'm verry disapointed on those comments!!!!


cool show car with its colors. far from a track car.


I always love visiting shops and car builders. You see customer cars, cars that are being built and cars