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A few days ago, Rod and I made the trip to Abbotsford and spent a day with the Drift Safari crew.

We have a couple of articles to bring you, but the main reason for our trip was to shoot Mat Rodger's Skyline drifter for our R32 day. With freezing sub zero winds outside, we tried to shoot as much as we could inside Forced Fed's garage!

Mat purchased the Skyline in 2004. A year later he became hooked on drifting, which dictated his R32's destiny. Over the course of a couple of years, his Skyline was transformed into his competition car that he campaigns regularly in the Evergreen drift series.  

When Mat popped the hood we were a bit surprised to see this. Usually you'd expect an RB25/RB26 to be the natural choice when swapping out the RB20, however Mat opted for a 2JZ-GTE from a JDM Aristo. The motor's proven rock solid for Mat, and has also been cheaper to make power from than the stock motor. 

The 2JZ has pumped out 440hp at the rear wheels, however due to stock injectors it is now tuned to run 380hp at 16psi.

You can't go wrong with black-centred Work Meister S1s. Mat's rims measure 18×9.5 (+15) at the front and 18×10 (+20) at the rear. A lot of attention has been spent dialling in the R32's handling. A set of Zeal coilovers (F:10kg/mm, R:8kg/mm) have been fitted along with Powertrix and E-Spec Engineering adjustable arms.

A custom roll-cage has been added to the Skyline, along with an OMP driver's seat and TRS six-point harness.

Golf anyone?

Mat is part of the Drift Safari team, and the crew helped screw together the R32. It must've been a trying experience, as the engine swap was done in a single car garage with minimal tools. 'There were lots of long cold nights!' Mat told me.

The R32 features two 12-inch fans along with separate switches for the fuel pump and ignition.

'Nuff said!

Mat's Skyline features a GT-R front bar, with the body resprayed in a custom teal hue.

While on our way to lunch we caught the attention of the Authorities. But we weren't sure if they were looking at the Skyline or at Rod, who happened to be hanging out of the window of my rental car, with camera in hand!

- Charles Kha

Drift Safari

Forced Fed Racing



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for some reason I am not a fan of this car, kinda jenky dont you think?


I like it, there is a lot of personal preference style going on here, thats a good thing, the car has a lot of flavor. love the wheels and dings/dents from USE! cheers.


That car looks sexual. Usually don't go for candy paint jobs but it looks sweet on that car. With that paint on I would not be trying to get love taps though! Must cost a fortune to keep it looking mint.


zomg nice skyline! haha gotta love that "lovetap" sticker on the bumper and the golf ball gear knob..classic!


Gorgeous looking car but where are the details of the car? Getrag gearbox? Changed rear end or skyline? Type of turbo? yada yada. Really nice looking though, would love to hear how it sounds


This car is awesome!

reminds me of my s13 a little bit lol


Desktop of that last shot PLEEEAAASSSEEE!!! great story :) hope you guys do a supra or FD week. would be amazing :D keep up the awesome work :)


Info also at

There is a link at the bottom of charles' post :)


RB20 in R32 GTS/GTS-t, not RB25.


looks street tough.. used and abused - rebuilt! and then you start all over again! smart idea on the engine swap..


I think you mean, "janky."

But no, this car is rad.


jenky is pretty stong. its used and abused. thats the way i like to see cars. garage queens are so boring.


were in the US? is this loacated?


What's up with the intercooler in the second to last picture?

Rod... It's Force Fed Racind not forced :P

Great write up guys... I was sad i couldn't make it out that day.


It doesnt look "jenky" its looks like a drift car it looks like it gets used that more then i can say for the skyline owners i know


This car is awesome!

reminds me of my s13 a little bit lol


Hey guys, thanks for the comments,

Bigjoe: the gearbox is the 5sp R154, the rear end is R32 just got a custom driveshaft made, turbo is the Garrett gt35r.

Thanks again guys!!!!

And BIG thanks to Rod and Charles fOr coming it to shoot my car!! :)



The car is located in Abbotsford, BC


Let's see some pics of the RX7 in the background!!!! is that a widebody kit? what's the story there?


LOL Gaelen, that crease was from when Earl and I hit. :)


Love Tap!!!


I was really excited when I saw ForcedFed Performance (From livermore, CA), they were a great shop but closed long ago.

Force Fed Racing is entirely different. That typo should be fixed.


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