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How many of you guys follow NASCAR? Not a whole lot I would imagine. It might not be the hippest thing to say, but I try to tune in whenever I can.

If you happened to watch the 2011 Daytona 500 last Sunday, then you know that it was one hell of a race.

In just his second ever Sprint Cup race, rookie Trevor Bayne drove the #21 Wood Brothers Motorcraft Ford to victory in the sport's biggest race – just a day after his 20th birthday. Not only was it an incredible out of nowhere achievement for young Blayne, it also marked the historic return of the Wood Brothers to Victory Lane at Daytona.

The Wood Brothers Racing Team is legendary in stock car racing. The boys from Virgina have been involved in the sport since its earliest days, and they have always been known for campaigning Ford products. In fact, since 1950 they have raced nothing but Fords -driven by some of NASCAR's most famous names.

In light of their win at Daytona last weekend, we thought it'd be fun to have a look through the vast Ford Racing photo archive and post some shots chronicling the history of the Wood Brothers in NASCAR.

After all, how can you not like vintage stock car racing shots? No matter what your thoughts on modern NASCAR are, the old stuff is positively awesome. We are talking about the days when the name "stock car" still had some meaning to it.

It's incredible to watch the history of this sport unfold. I'm not sure if there's anything else like it in auto racing. That #21 convertible in the bottom left corner is the Wood Brothers car. From then on. the number 21 would belong to them.

In 1963, Wood Brothers driver Marvin Panch was injured in an accident testing a Ford-powered Maserati sports car in Daytona. With Panch unable to drive the in the Daytona 500, his friend "Tiny" Lund was asked to take over driving duties in the #21.

Lund would end up winning the race, coasting to the checkered flag after his car had run out of gas.

There's "Tiny" (see where the nickname comes from?) with Glen and Leonard Wood in Victory Lane at Daytona.

In another contribution to NASCAR and to auto racing general, the Wood Brothers are known for pioneering the "pit stop". The high speed, coordinated act of changing tires and refueling the car that is the world standard. Before this, drivers would get out of the car and "take a breather" while service was done.

There's Panch driving the #21 in 1965 at Riverside.

In select races a second Wood Brothers car would be entered, wearing the number 121. Here we see the 121 being driven by sports car legend Dan Gurney, also at Riverside in '65.

In the late '60s and early '70s the Wood Brothers would be known for their white, red, and gold Purolator sponsored Mercury race cars. Here's AJ Foyt driving the #21 at the 1971 Ontario 500.

David Pearson is another NASCAR legend that spent time behind the wheel of the #21. Here he is at Riverside in 1977.

Another famous driver whose name could be found on the side of the Wood Brothers car – Neil Bonnett, seen here in the early '80s. The Wood family would continue to be involved in NASCAR throughout the '80s, '90s, and 00's.

One of the most historic moments in the history of the team was David Pearson's win at the 1976 Daytona 500. David was battling Richard Petty around the final corner when both cars spun short of the finish line, Petty's car was stuck in the grass while Pearson's battered Mercury limped across the line and into victory lane. Up until Sunday, that was the last time the Wood Brothers had won at Daytona.

But now with Trevor Bayne's Daytona 500 victory last weekend, the Wood Brothers and their famous #21 are back on top. 

It seems that the story of NASCAR's oldest race team is far from over.

-Mike Garrett



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Love them old shots. Nascars just gotten too big for its own good.


as much as I hate to admit this because I do despise everything nascar is, I will say the last 10 or 15 laps of any nascar race is usually pretty damn good, maybe its my love for "days of thunder" coming through....


Liked NASCAR when I was a kid in the 70s and 80s, when the cars were still stock cars. KInd of lost interest when all the cars stopped using the actual stock bodies and started looking the same (90s?).


Agreed on the good old days being so amazing. Congrats to the Wood Brothers on the win. And congrats to "The Silver Fox" for that 1976 finish.


nice ;) .... its on the 3rd picture the second car (n.15) Ford Gran Torino ?


Bayne not Blayne.


wicked!! love the nostalgia.. would love to have driven the #21 in 1965 at Riverside..


Hmmm, good old times, when NASCAR cars were not pieces of plastic ...


what an amazing start to this kid's career!


Cool Article Mike. Learn something new everyday. Although I don't watch Nascar, I appreciate a good story behind a team that has been at it for so long.


Great piece, some fantastic old pics there too. Good on ya boys, a win well deserved!


Vintage NASCAR is SO AWESOME. Real men driving actual stock cars, disregard for safety, and great racing. The third picture is ridiculous, those two dudes are just chilling on the infield grass as three dozen burly race cars streak past!


Im loving Miss Florida 1963. I wonder where she is now...


Awesome history lesson. great story.


vary nice write up. It is good to see SpeedHunters doing something different like showing the early days of Wood Brothers racing and Nascar. Maybe you guys should start doing Nascar more often, its a vary good sport and i'm sure i'm not the only one on here that thinks that! Any true gear head should have some respect for Nascar, yes, they don't have to like it, and after all there only going in "circles" but going 200 mph +, on a 45 degree bank inches away from the wall and 43 other drivers itching to get the the finish line first is just something amazing.


As someone who has blocked NASCAR out of my brain for years, I have to say that the 500 was some of the best racing I've seen in a while. More passing per lap than a whole F1 race. And the tandem drafting was ridiculously awesome.


im not really a nascar fan but i did watch the race, and he gained my respect! but isnt it Bayne? not Blayne?


I dig it, retro racing photos are always welcomed. Thanks dude.


It's Trevor Bayne not Blayne


I am not a huge fan but I totally respect NASCAR. Sundays race was really good and had a great ending. I probably wont watch again until its a road race.

fuel injection plus Mustangs, Challengers and maybe Camaros in 2012 (at least they are 2 door V8s from the factory) could start to turn the tide of nascar. if they move closer to the old formula I bet they start to pick up a lot more younger fans.


Love the post nice job love to see diversity of motor-sports


You guys are running out of material when you start postering Nascar stuff up.


I'm quite happy to say I don't mind NASCAR at all. Its close racing and if you think doing a 1 minute lap around a Japanese go-kart track in a tuned GT-R/Evo is a greater level of awesomeness than running nose to tail at 200mph in a 700hp birdcage on belted slicks then you have clearly got no idea.


nicely done man! I will admit I'm not a huge fan but that race start to finish was just cool.. I was so happy for the Wood Brothers. their heritage in motorsports is unmatched.


Ford also used the Wood Brothers to pit Jim Clark's Lotus at Indy when he won in '65.


I love nascar, it is what got me into cars as a wee little lad. I watch as many races as i can. Though i must say as time has gone on i am much more interested in road racing now but i still enjoy nascar. If you are going to watch one nascar race a year its got to be the daytona 500(or my personal favorite watkins glen).


First time posting, long time reader. I have always really liked Speedhunters, but you guys blew me away with this posting. I have grown up on Woods Bros, coming from a Ford family and thank you for putting together this history. I look forward to this year of speedhunting, keep up the amazing work.


First time posting, long time reader. I have always really liked Speedhunters, but you guys blew me away with this posting. I have grown up on Woods Bros, coming from a Ford family and thank you for putting together this history. I look forward to this year of speedhunting, keep up the amazing work.


THAT was awesome post. Have been wanting to see something like this since Bayne won last week. Thank you.


I love that they used to drive in t-shirts!!! :D


Great story!


Thanks for including some NASCAR action on the site. It was a great race and Trevor really earned it. Love the old photos. Keep em coming. Maybe a little recap of each weeks race??


Great post, I love the old NASCAR images. I love the diversity of speedhunters and two of the best races of the year are the NASCAR road course races at sears point and watkin's glen.


I use to watch NASCAR when I was younger and it was a good way to spend a lazy sunday. The race last week has me curious enough to watch again on sunday. Will it keep me all season? Probably not but it is for better or worse the premier racing league in our country.




NASCAR is a spectator sport. you can see the cars at almost any time during the race, theyre all going 170-200mph for hours.

i bet everyone 100 dollars that if they go to a NASCAR race and leave your preconceived notions about it at the door, youll enjoy it.

seriously, next year theyre going to have fuel injection added to already nutty ass V8s. McLaren fuel injection at that.

can you say 10k rpm V8s?

i just wish the damn rulemakers would stop being so scared of faster-than-200mph speeds.


When I want to see poo go in circles, I flush the toilet.




Great article-huge Ford NASCAR fan! #FeelTheBayne @tbayne6