If you ever wondered what driving a close to 700 HP S15 around Tsukuba feels like from the driver’s seat this video should give you a close enough idea. This was filmed during the final round of the Battle Evome series, so you can see when the engine of the Scorch S15 finally lets go. Next time we will see this car in action will be in Australia at the WTAC!

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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That's an "oh crap" moment. At least the car did it just before the pits!


Looked like he was dealing with some understeer too. Hope he didn't oil the track down.


may not have had 700hp, but i can relate.

car is nuts though, damn.


When I heard the clanging, I felt so sad.


Wow , that sucks . I'm suprised how well he handled it. I would have been flipping balls.


Sounds like a freaking airplane lol. Watching this and that Kyushu-danii NSX video - even though they run similar times it's neat to see a fast in corners nsx with 1/2 the power and this crazy fast on straightaways s15 and how different the driving styles are.


Woah you can see that the 700hp is not used all the time. His braking distances are a little on the long side.

Also note the crazy cornering forces. I'd make a guess that its close to 1G as the wires are at about 45'.


Terminal failure hate that feeling !

Would have loved to see a hot lap. He was just about ready to go.


oh hey look a rotary passing a blown up car.

that's a first.


and next time hopefully a bit stronger internals! amazing car


i think the driver/owner took it rather well


@driftfcbuckey - yea that's the SuperNow FC... such a cool car too that needs another spotlight on here


Dang, what a cool vid. I was squeezin' my cheeks as I followed these laps. Then to see the amazing cars in the pits, man I'd love to be at Tuskuba for a lap battle some day.


that my friends is one of the most expensive sounds in motorsports, i went through 4 engines in one season in my fc3s. great vid up to that point! thanks dino.


what is WTAC? i want to see this thing


Ouch, tough to watch, was anticipating the critical failure all video long, it happened in a safe place though, so to speak.


the part i liked the most was the way everyone came to give a helping hand... thats woth a lot..


very interesting.. he's very calm - love the sound of the engine tho'.


Rad (until the FAIL). His steering technique is interesting.



And the reason you posted this video is? See (actually hear) someone car blow up?

You Dino, like all the people that commented so far on this post are clueless as to what happened to the engine. Some SPE even commented "next time stronger internals", how fucking dumb is that comment? A 700hp SR ain't running on stock internals.

Some of you folks should move away from the keyboard, stop embarrassing yourself, and go play with Big Jim.


@ Alex : Why are you so angry bro, there is more internet if you don't like the posts here.


When you spend so much of your personal time and money on your ride, stuff like this is pretty hard to swallow... All the best Suzuki San.


Very calm reaction by the driver, unlike the blog police who seem to be ranting like nutters, thank you for the post.


...what dash? I dont need no stinking dash...!


lol when they setted down when he pulled into the pits, and realized they threw a connecting rod. They prolly were like "Good thing its nothing serious" , cant wait to see it back on the track.



Why am I so angry all the time? Because I'm sick and tired of redundant-irrelevant posts and comments.

A lot of people that browse SP also browse other car-related blogs/ sites. Same shit also apply elsewhere.

Some of them are just clueless idiots that feel the need to express their worthless .02

Folks, if you don't have any valuable information, where actually people learn something. Do not post.

Opinions like: "I like" or "I dislike" or "sick !" are completely worthless. We all have our own opinion. Stick to facts instead !


Am I the only one that thinks his wastegate sounds like it got stuck shut? it loses alot of sound on the last lap.


Didn't seem very well balanced on turn-in...