After reading the comments you’ve made in the SHIFT2 UNLEASHED posts, it’s obvious that a lot of you want to know more about the realism and physics that you can expect in the game. Rather than trying to respond to each of you, we decided to produce a video that summarises some of the major technical improvements you can expect to see.

I’ve been working on this video for the past month, and hopefully it gives you an idea of how far the game engineers have gone to create an authentic ‘mirror image’ of real racing. Of course, there’s only so much you can cram into a video, so some cool insights – such as modelling a driver’s neck movements, along with the weight of his head and helmet, to create the helmet-cam POV – ended up on the cutting room floor.

And for those who want to know more about the wheels, stay tuned for a post in the near future!

– Charles Kha




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At LAST! A need 4 speed game the way it meant to be! Looks more realistic than GT5...WOW!


Holy Christ!!!!!!!!!


Okay that is it, now, I want it now!


As a Solo I and II driver (time attack and autocross) and as a game geek since1980 this looks real.

I have never seen any thing like this in a game before, thank you for getting the input of real race drivers.

And thank you for the recognition of the old school cars also.


This is awesome! I love the sideways head movement when drifting. Definitely brings the realism :)


I was pretty stoked about Shift 2 until now.

The out-of-car replay cameras look awesome, but the in-car cockpit view & helmet cam look as bad or worse than Shift 1, in my opinion. There's way too much movement and bouncing back and forth. Sure, real cars have all that movement, but the driver's eyes adjust to it because he/she can feel the bumps and G's in the car. A virtual driver doesn't have those senses, and it ends up looking less realistic because of it.

I never could get used to the cockpit view in Shift 1, and never ended up buying it because of it. If I wanted a cartoon race game, I'd have bought Mario Kart.


Thank you so much... I cannot wait!!!


Guys, Guys, EXCELLENT work!!!!!!!!!!!!......................this need for speed LOOKS VERY GOOD!!!.............its great that you actually show and tell how the drivers were involved!!!..................

What I always liked and still like about Need for Speed is the unique styles and techniques used to achieve a high quality game with lots of content, flow, depth and fun.....In other words the essence of sweetness is very rich...

Most racing games struggle to truly have good content and entertainment in them nowadays.....and for certain....the flow is generally terrible...



This video it looks Awesome.. buutt..(Shift1 videos were AWESOME too .. look how it turned out though ,Crap handling)

The main point of this video is just to show how good and cool the graphics are..

Yes i agree that the graphics are TOP of the range but actually we "SIMRACERS" dont realy care about graphics when we have real life physics! ( Live for speed FTW )

Yes the Helmet cam is a cool idea.. but if this helmet cam is adjusted by the game it self then it woulc be confising and not worth having it.. Helmet cam must work with real head movement (Track IR)


Wooo, This looks awesome. Finally a game that provides the realism of GTR2, with the accessibility of NFS (hopefully).


sooo excited.

hey what wheels does everyone use?? what brand?? what do you think of them?? im thinking of getting one for this game, worth it??? XBOX 360 platform btw


That looks bad ass. As of now I think Forza 3 is the best racing game out so let's see if NFS can compete.


Would you say that this is on par with iracing and maybe even some big name in house manufacturer's sims?

I would love to have a comparison done using lap times in game and in real life in a video that also lets us see both the real cars telemetry and the virtual cars telemetry.


More realistic than GT5? Nahh, highly doubt that.

More immersive and adrenalin pumping than GT5? Not a doubt about it :D


cant wait to get this for my ps3 is it also available in 3D and is that 1400hp awd tc available to drive


Loving the sneak peeks and all the work that has gone into this. If it drives like you guys make it out to, it will be an awesome game. I hope we can get a demo soon.


They say the same thing every other racing game says before it comes out... It seems like a lot of people can get looks and sounds down.. except GT5 on sounds ... but can you get physics??? thats the biggest challenge.


I hope this video answers most of the questions that "others" had...But IMO I think it's amazing that the TEAM wants to implement what racing REALLY feels like. The helmet cam idea sounds SUPER promising and I can't wait to try it out on a big screen with a g27 wheel. I can't think of any other racing game that has done something like that. And while yes...everybody keeps raging on about GT and must be given where it's due and improving the racing "SIMULATION" concept is what it's all about.



amazing job


The game looks amazing. That said, how is it going to feel? My only thing that worries me is the physical steering input vs. in game steering. To me it looks like the in game steering wheel is moving way to much relative to the amount of direction change the car takes.

Also, ARE STEERING WHEELS SUPPORTED (for Xbox 360) ???? If so, WHICH KIND (for Xbox 360) ?? If not, count on me not buying the game. You can't make a "realistic" game and heavily rely on the use of gamepads.


Eh, don't want to be a dick, but it just looks mediocre so far. The video doesn't really help show anything that looks any bit more realistic than shift 1 besides that you get a first person view. It's just a bunch of pro drivers saying "yes this game is realistic", but that's really no different than how they were advertising the first shift, and it was FAR from realistic.

I wish this could be realistic, I mean like live for speed realistic, gt legends realistic, that kind of realism, but it just won't happen with nfs and I'm not getting my hopes up anytime soon.


Most advanced physics system? MY ASS!

Live for Speed had all these informations about grip at each wheel years ago. Helmet cams have been added by modders.

L4S is a simulation while NFS will always remain an arcade game.

I remember the first time I played rFactor I wanted to uninstall it right away because it was so hard to keep a car on a straight line.


And please.... next time use real gamers as testers! I know these drivers does give some use full information. but i guess you guys can achieve allot more if you had some "game tester experts" (read sim racers) also to give you guys feedback. ;-)


hopefully ebisu at night!


Looks promising guys!


It looks great so far, the only thing that could make me completely sold is if you could show a full lap from the interior view of the car. So far everything looks much improved from Shift 1, but I just want to confirm it. I'm sure there are others who want to see this too.


Sorry guys if i'm a bit skeptical. The videos do look promising. Lots of games have real driver input but it doesn't necessarily make them good in the end. I'm sure you guys can understand us being on this side of the fence, seeing little bits and pieces of video.

Without a demo I can't say I will purchase it.


NFS games and realistic driving physics, lol i'll just stick to iracing for racing and Live For Speed for drifting, havent even played the new swift and i know it wont be anything like real life and wont come close to iracing and LFS


This looks fantastic, and I specifically love how you are getting so much input from your real drivers. Practice what you preach - I always new Need for Speed would be back on top! The gaming community always shouts for realism, but they have NO IDEA what it's like to drive those cars in those conditions. You guys do now - Props! I'll be busying on release date - I have MUCH faith in this project :)


The Speedometer blur looks so fake, from when did the lcd get blurry when the car goes fast,lol? looks stuuupid , also dont like the helmet movement.


This video it looks Awesome.. buutt..(Shift1 videos were AWESOME too .. look how it turned out though ,Crap handling)

The main point of this video is just to show how good and cool the graphics are..

Yes i agree that the graphics are TOP of the range but actually we "SIMRACERS" dont realy care about graphics when we have real life physics! ( Live for speed FTW )

Yes the Helmet cam is a cool idea.. but if this helmet cam is adjusted by the game it self then it woulc be confising and not worth having it.. Helmet cam must work with real head movement (Track IR)


I'm a great fan of Gran Turismo series but since SHIFT 1 that changed. From what I've seen so far I can't wait to get SHIFT 2 in my hands.

Great job, congratulations! Just AMAZING!!!


After the way all the nfs games in the past have been i still dont know about this one. A full lap of in car view at nordschleife would definitely decide pass or fail.


well honestly im taking this videos as hype for the game sameshit happen with prostreet and shift 1 they didnt turn out quiete so hot so when i play the demo and feel the game out for my self ill say the physics have been fixed but theres no doubt about the game looking incredibly amazing and the custumazition level being waaay better then any other sim out ther right now id say if the physics are good as u guys are saying in the vid then this right up top with Forza and GT there just might be a new kid in town


Im very interested in seeing what you guys have done with the HUD. In some racing games, overcomplicated/flashy HUDs really ruin it for me. I want to have all the the basic information on my screen, as small as possible and without seizure enticing graphics.


Like a said on Youtube: I hope, its not only advertisement talk, and when we buy this game is? the same shity physics. Give us a demo let us check it out. !!!!



Live for speed has the helmet view long time impeded and not from modders.

Its called steer view

Live for speed till date is the MOST AWESOME SIMULATION GAME EVER !!!

Hell i learn how to DRIFT a REAL CAR from LFS !!!

If they use LFS-like physics i would pay even 150USD for this kind of game


Visuals look great, but can it compare to Forza 3?


i hope we'll get tsukuba..


"The gaming community always shouts for realism, but they have NO IDEA what it's like to drive those cars in those conditions."

Wrong, many simracers have real race experience too so they can say what is real and what it's not...and that head movement is present in Live for Speed or Rfactor or LFS you can even choose to use it with TrackIR or according to the wheel movement...also the physics data in realtime is also given in LFS since it started...

To me, NFS was and is made for arcade players, with fancy graphics and easyplaying and that's the way it should be. The difference is a game made for public or a game made for a "small" group of enthusiasts who demand pin-point accurate physics and driving feel. It's a rather simple choice for a big selling company ;)


So glad drifting isn't going to be counter steered for you, gonna be a DOPE game!


kinda few years late on the telemetry.....we'll see on release date.


If the wheel support is just as shitty as SHIFT, then the game is trash. Been playing GT5 for a few hours today and I can tell that it feels really realistic. Only LFS comes close to the feel of GT5. If SHIFT 2 cannot use the 900 degrees of G25/27, then the game is not realistic at all. Also if the physics change for drifting, are the physics really that "good"?


I'm freakin laffing at all these people saying LFS or TDU are sims, that just funny.

I'm already bitter about no tandem and the drifting being made a joke mode in the game, but this vid and everything else you will read on here or the other major gaming sites will all just be spin. NFS is the biggest racing series in history and they do not do things without a reason. They will hype to the sim crowd that this is the best sim ever made and tout the involvement of the racers....and they will also go to the arcade crowd and tell them that this is the funnest, easiest game ever. Looking at the vids, well, even Blur and Split/Second videos made those look promising. Anyone can make a 2-minute trailer of their game look downright incredible. I can't fall for the EA hype anymore. I'll make my decision to give them my money when the game is actually released, I can try it, and have my questions answered. God knows, they certainly don't answer any questions here (well, not without their lawyers and marketing department looking every statement over first).


Give up trying, Need For Speed, your games will never rival the likes of Gran Turismo 5. The only factor of Shift 2 that may excell GT5 are the sounds. With regards to graphics and physics, Gran Turismo 5 is unrivalled as a console game.


D1RGE, I'm "laffing" at you if you don't consider LFS a sim (who said anything about TDU?). LFS and iRacing are THE racing sims, rfactor and GTR series to some extent (and RBR, GPL etc).GT5, NFS and basically all mainstream games are more or less arcade, because proper sims don't sell big time.


This looks totally SICK! can't wait to compete in my BADBUL RX8 around Irwindale Speedway again! To the Rotary fans, after all the sound recording we did Rod tells me the RX8 sounds insane woohoo.


I'm not so sure about the helmet view, looks impressive in videos. But in practice I find it hard to find my frame of reference for where the car is headed when the angle of the camera keeps changing.

In real life you can control where your eyes/head are looking, I tried the GT5/PS Eye thing and had the same problem.

With practice I could probably learn to overcome it, but I'll probably mainly use bumper or hood view, if they're available,


I see evryone talking about lfs and how thay learn to drift in real life playing lfs.I have nissan 200sx and i dont play games to much maybe GT5.I know to drift but not like profesional drifter or somone who is trained for drift but now i will tell you guys therse no game on the world who can have handling like real life,also i play life for speed on G25 but when i drifting i dont feel car i dont feel height of car in lfs i drifting like i have car with 600hp and 300kg mass.This shift 2 have in helmet car cam but i watch wideos and in helmet cam realy moving like in fighter jet but it locks much beter than GT5 in car cam because ic more agresive and therse more adrenaline.I see drifting picture and problem is therse no old bumers big intercoler in front but it not bad smoke is very close like in real life not like in GT5 when you start drift smoke is there when i start drift my tires first start heating after few secunds therse smoke i think in shift 2 thay make that wee well see.Grafic is very god and full track drift is impresive.Also engine swap is somthing what i ever dream to do in my nissan i think best car for engine swap will bee silvia s15 because RB26DETT is best for drift car.BMW my favorite car with M5 engine :NO COMMENT

:and best evrything for now is car list.Ic just impresive lot of BMW also Nissan,Ford is very god thay drop in RS model my favorite ford.About LFS and iRacing games are so bad because like i tell player cant fell contact betwen car and track.people who drive theirs cars on local track thay know what is driving and when i drive my brother's honda crx on track i feel adrenalin so guys any game of the world is to away fro mreal life thay can have god grafic but handling and sound of real car never :) :)


@ Noggin

If you want a direct sim, go for Racer. Aasbo's supra in that has the actual car data, as his friends had the real thing right next to them. I've tried LFS and did not like it. When they use real cars and the actual data from them, then it will be a sim. They still use made-up cars so their data is simply their guess as to how the cars drive.


I know I've already commented, but since then some new actual gameplay footage has been released of the night racing and day racing. The folks over at GTPlanet (which I'm a part of) aren't entirely convinced that this is going to be any different to Shift 1, it just seems like typical marketing rubbish, from the videos we've seen the twitchy steering is still there and hitting others cars still seems to cause a almost roll over situation in one video! Some of us noticed that the driving aids were going crazy in the bottom right hand corner, but we really need to see something that gives us hope for the game like the gameplay seen in this trailer, but more gameplay less talking! Otherwise people are going to be cancelling pre-orders soon...


i just watch a clip on iracing and LFS and truly those games are real racing sims. As one said real racing sim games are not popular, probably to the fact that they are so drown out and they make you feel sleepy, Sorry those games don't make it big cause i prefer it! GT5 failed on sound, force feed back (in the controller its self) also it is limited to wheel upgrades and the damage looks like PS1 graphics. Forza3 is one of the popular leading sim games right now. it have some short comings but it tolerable, but i must say it pure fun, tuning that we are privilege to the telemetry, the tracks, the intense on line game battle. I hope they make a different, we'll see!


Ahem! I think I might actually buy this game... It sounds like the car game I've been waiting for (then again so did the first Shift). However as always, the proof is in the pudding. I won;t speculate about the handling. You say its realistic and you'll soon get a chance to show me. I think the main reason ppl are so negative is due the pain that was NFS Shift. You know... "Once bitten..."