Shift2 Unleashed>> Drift Grip Race: Introducing The Fc3s

I hope you guys don't mind me continuing to present SHIFT2 UNLEASHED; I'm just so excited to have been involved with such a great project that I can't stop talking about it!

Last week I was able to give some info about the physics and our production process. For this week's article I wanted to showcase one of the new cars being introduced to the SHIFT franchise: the Mazda RX-7 FC3S. It's one of several retro car models we've added to the game, specifically for you guys: the Speedhunters audience.

I also wanted to give you a clearer picture of the updated customization system that we've put into SHIFT2 UNLEASHED. For one, we've made sure that you can build up your FC into a grass roots style drift car…

Or time attack special.

But what I really love about our new game is that is allows you to take practically any car and rebuild it from the ground up into a fire breathing "Works" spec silhouette racer. Whether it's a humble Civic or a Mclaren MP4-12C, all the showroom models in SHIFT2 UNLEASHED can be transformed into full-on race cars.

Of course this is what you start out with… a low powered NA model which will need a bit of work to get it drift or track ready.

For the first stage of my FC journey, I thought I would build up the car to be a good street drift machine. I just had to honour Justin Pawlak's stolen machine and paint it green. It's not an exact replica by any means, but I thought it would interesting to see  if I could build a car that looked like it belonged at a Just Drift event.

Some of you will notice the Turbozilla sticker from Touge Automotive, the So Fresh sticker from Precision Drift and the Illest item from Fatlace that I've put onto the car. These are part of libraries of stickers that are in the game. 

How about that stance? Is this low enough for you?

I upgraded the intake, exhaust, changed to a bridge port setup, modified the injectors, added a slighty lighter flywheel. With the addition of a low end turbo system, power was good for a conservative but useable 190 hp. I also installed a heavy duty clutch and upgraded to a 1.5 way diff with an adjustable final drive.

For suspension I went with a race kit which included full ride height adjustment, four way dampers, and adjustable sway bars. The race suspension kit also gives you adjustable arms which allows changes to the caster, camber, and toe settings. I've even trimmed the bumpstops. The kit also comes with the ability to change your spring rates too. For the time being I've only swapped out the brake pads and lines (still with the stock rotors). 

New to SHIFT2 UNLEASHED are six different Enkei rims. I opted to go with a set of gold RPF1s.

I also upgraded the cockpit of the car which adds a sport steering wheel, race seats, a bolt in cage and some extra gauges (which work!).

With the car assembled I took it out for a whirl.

I'm reasonably handy when it comes to in-game drifting and had no problems controlling the car.

I am JTP!….

err…. not :>

After getting used to the car on the London drift course I thought I'd try out a different pair of rims: some 18-inch Work Emotion XD9s.

You can also make out in this shot that I've added a big DA logo to the back window.

Oops… in my enthusiasm I forgot to change the Enkei sticker to a Work one!… don't flame me… please have mercy!

Vaughn may not like me trumping him before he has a chance to write an article about his involvement in S2U, but I wanted to show you a couple teaser shots of the new Nevada Depot area. This was 100% his idea BTW… it's basically a huge industrial estate where you can work on your drift skills and perfect your car setups. The goal here is to give players more of a chance to get the hang of skidding before they graduate to the closed courses.

The Nevada depot also includes a few decaying warehouses which are good fun to drift through.

I then decided to take a little trip to France with my green machine.

One of my fav tracks for drifting in S2U is Dijon-Prenois..

With its high speed, sweeping corners and tarmac run off areas, it's a blast to drift.

And finally I remembered to add the Work logo to the car! (and yes for those who are interested, the vinyl system got an overhaul for this year's release)

I then decided to further develop the FC into a track day style car, the type you see at time attack events in Japan at this time of year.

 The first big change to the car was the aero and perhaps more importantly a 3-Rotor engine swap. I spec'd out the new engine with a cold air intake system, race exhaust, a J-Port, a full programmable ECU and the biggest turbo I could bolt on. With the addition of NOS, power was now up to 447 hp.

Big competition brakes were now needed and I also installed a dual master cylinder assembly.

For wheels I went with a set of 17-inch Advan RGIIs. You will notice that the wheels have visible camber here. I can 100% confirm that these are entirely based on car set up geometry. Any changes to the setup are instantly seen in-game. There is even a testing mode where you can make instant changes to the setup direct to the on-track car. This saves the trouble of having to reload the car/track each time you want to make changes and give you instant feedback on any adjustments.

I also made further changes to the cockpit. You can see that the roll cage has been beefed up with more of the interior panels being stripped out to lower the weight.

For this solo track session I took the car to Brands Hatch. Here you can see me rounding Paddock Hill corner.

The car was noticeably faster in this guise.

But you can see the suspension setup is a little soft, with the car rolling and pitching far too much for its own good.

We will need to get you all set up on the Autolog system so we can hotlap against each other.


Autolog is a new feature BTW which first debuted in NFS Hot Pursuit. Once we connect as Autolog friends we will be able to asynchronously race against each other… meaning that we don't need to log into real time multiplayer sessions to compete. Rather, an in-game messaging system allows friends to compare times and leaderboards in different modes, tracks and car classes.

I'll give out my Autolog account details around the release date though and will also look to get the other Speedhunters and Team NFS drivers up and running on this new social competition system.

And here's the final "Works" spec version of the FC3S.

This is a full silhouette racer loosely based on the tube frame IMSA GTO racers of the early 1990s. There is not much left of the original car at this stage with a massive list of full race upgrades added to the engine, drivetrain, suspension/brakes and chassis. Power was good for 607hp with the overall performance spec of the car in the highest class of machine in the SHIFT2 UNLEASHED racing world.

For rims I went for a pair of 18 inch Volk GTPs. You can choose the diameter, but the width and offset is custom set per chassis by the SMS team to make a perfectly balanced prefab race car.

The cockpit is pure race car…. Notice the ECU sitting on the right side of the dash. The shifter action is now sequential with the driver's shift actions being suitably changed to match.

For these series of shots I chose to hotlap Suzuka on my own, but in all actuality, this car should be mixing it up with other GT racers. It's not really meant for solo track action.

In driving the car I found it needed a bit of setup work to drive how I liked. Out of the box is was pretty soft and loose, with relatively low downforce. I prefer a much stiffer car with stability in high speed corners, so I spent a few minutes fiddling with the spring rates, dampers and sway bar settings and dialed in more downforce. The car also needed a bit of work to get the most out of its new giant brakes and 6 speed transmission. I moved the brake balance, increased the brake pressure and messed around with the gear-ratios.

With the live tuning, I've been able to quickly start to make this car handle how I want. I've got the high speed stability nailed, but need to work to get more aggressive turn in. Perhaps I'll also start messing around with the 2-way diff to see how the different settings affect the handling. Right now the diff acceleration, deceleration lock setting are on low with the limited slip preload also set to low. Hmmm… we shall see!

And before you ask… YES all the Mazdas in the game can take a 3 rotor swap!

More soon!

:Rod Chong


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It will be better than GT5 for drifter fans. I drift in GT5 but we cant give the right 'drift look' tou our cars so this NFS will make history.

Who wanna drift with me in GT5, just add PSN: GTP_Paul


Rod, when can we expect some sort of demo/beta or something on the PSN Store or XBox Marketplace? Pretty much stoked about this game, just need a run through with the physics to completely sell me on this game, lol.


I'm a big NFS fan. Come to think of it, I've been faithful to the series since I was about 7 but Shift 1 dropped the ball. The depth of customization and the driving experience was phenomenal but the career mode was dry. There were a variety of race types and a lot of exciting cars to drive but EA's execution of putting these features together wasn't that great.

This game looks promising, with even more customization, more tracks, and the influence of today's car culture. I'll definitely be picking this up and after seeing all this I'm hoping for a racing simulator that can rival Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport.

P.S. Let's see some s-chassis builds you've done on Shift 2: Unleashed. WHERE IS THE RICE!?!?


If the tuning options are in the start menu and as or more elaborate than in Forza and a good livery editor this will be the best racing game evvarrr!!! Also crossing fingers for tire stretch DLC^^


Shift 1 was terrible. It's like all the cars had no traction to speak of. Slide around every corner no matter what, if you didn't (which was rare), you would just understeer into a wall or sand pit. So far GT5 has been 10x better. The cars have grip, you don't slide all the time, you feel like you have control over the car. The cockpit view is a lot better. A lot of the cars in Shift you sat far back, which last I drove a race car, my arms weren't extended straight out just to touch the wheel. That and Shift had like... AI with infinit grip. I would enter races and on the first corner I would see cars take the corner too fast and instead of slide, they would FLIP OVER. And the start was always a ramming contest, I would hit my brakes for the corner and if the guy behind me didn't flip over, he would just slam into me. The AI had no concept of what the player was doing. The only problem with GT5 is that it's too easy. But the driving in the game is way better than anything in any Need for Speed game.


Mad graphics.. But prob wont run on my pc so...

Looks great.


first time in a LONG time i've gotten GIDDY about the release of a video game! can't wait to see what other toys we get to play with!


Haha awesome that you guys put a Turbozilla sticker in the game. I have 2 on my car actually, one under the hood and one on the dash.


Please, please, please do us Starquest guy's a biggie and put the 1985.5 intercooled flatty Mitsubishi starion, and the 1989 widebody starion...PLEASE!


FC3S = Starion knock off ... Graphics look like butt cheaks.


Will we have the ability to change wheel offsets?


lets hope they have an e36 (: and a fall in love with it than.


I have a question..

Does this game support 2-player split screen?


Can you swap this FC3S' tail lights for a set of the Series 5?


Dear Rod,

PLEASE make a short clip of that red FC drifting. Mods? Just an 80mm catback, steering wheel, front Japanese plate, and a few window stickers (mainly my most expensive one: ). Why? Because then you have my daiy driver! :)

Thank you,

Probably the only RX7 enthusiast in northern Indiana. lol.


spot-on on the live-tuning feature!


This gets better and better, but will you the stock rear wings be removable? It's something that always annoyed me in forza when I couldn't take the wings off any s-chassis


Remember when everybody was hyping up Need For Speed Shift 1? The cool BMW E36 enormous resolution photos on SpeedHunter? As Lastspark already stated the reasons, Shift 1 turned to be a failure and this might just continue the legacy and keep the cash flow for EA coming. I will never forget after the 100 different complaints EA released a patch that fixed 2 things:

"This patch adds two new features: LAN (Local Area Network) play, enhancing

the multiplayer experience and Mouse Support, providing full menu navigation

through the game using your PC mouse." - No you can't use the mouse to drive the car like in LFS. It just adds the option to use mouse to scroll trough the menu LOL

And people wonder why games get pirated! Double Face Palm <---


Is this gonna be a real world physics simulator style game or just another arcade feeling nfs fakeness?



I'd rather have more options, that would/could screw the game's visuals or physics, than have a sucky looking stance i can't do shit about...

And i'm with Xgen there - removing stock wings would be awesome, but i'm guessing you're going with "pre-fabbed" kits... (Another mistake...) Guys, we rather have something that doesn't look as good graphically, but was actually chosen by ourselves to have been put like that... It's stuff like this that makes me keep going back to NFS Prostreet... Learn people!


Nice post! FC3S owns.


haha completely nothing do with NFS but i just pre-ordered TDU 2.....woooop!!!!!


WOW, can't wait until this game comes out, and who cares if you have an ENKIE sticker on there it only shows that you've been threw a couple of different rim sets. And for an old school chassis, I think the HONDA INTEGRA Type R DC2 1998.


S5 tail lights PLEASE


Am I the only one thinking quad rotor?


Looking good, I'm looking forward to it. I always enjoy doing rotary swaps into my miatas in F3, I'll be sure to do that in Shift2 as well.


Wow that looks sweet. This made me homesick, I can't wait to go home over spring break and take my FC to the track. Loved the attention to detail in the cockpit and ability to customize.


very very very nice i wasnt going to get this game but ive been thinking about it for a while but now i got to get it my only problem is that the 2nd gen is a series 4 (less attractive tail lights, rear bumper, front bumper, and side mirriors) but i guess i can live with that another problem is that there will probaly be a Hakosuka but no Rx3, which is the car that came by and beat it.


Whats the game gonna be like? A pseudo race sim like NfS Shift 1 or more realistic like Forza or GT5?


Finally, a driving simulator with instant, on track, car adjustability. Thumbs up!!!


Are you going to use those tail lights in the game. Is it possible to get the S5 (89-91) tail lights. they look some much better.




Wow. Looking forward to also reading Vaughn's write-up.


Come on NFS S2U! We are waiting for you!


As I stated previously...the team has done a GREAT job with these graphics. Work packages are drool worthy. My only small concern is....will we be able to toy around with wheel setups on cars without the works package. As far as width, offset and diameter?




Crazy said:


3 rotor is 20B!



You guys need to bring 720p images though.


Car models look a little light on polygons, but if that's the amount of modification you'll be able to do to every one of thw 150 cars in the game, then it's totally understandable.


looks better then Gran Turismo 5


Looks wicked could you do a screen shot of Mad Mikes RX7 or 8 would be interesting to see


wicked.. so far good! - its looking great!!

44 are losing me. I have asked for a year now, WHERE IS THE TANDEM DRIFTING?!?!?!?!!

If you guys left it out, you can guarantee everyone I know will torrent this game. If you havent added in multiplayer drifting then please get your coders working on it asap. Online drifters are dying for this but NFS keep shafting them!

Now, it sounds like you are selling to us the concept of miltiplayer not even being multiplayer (Autolog). Remember, it was tried in Pro Street and NFS got hammered over it. People still are laughing at Pro Street's "Race Day" crap. Don't spin this as something new, when it's not. It;s a cheap cop-out so the game can be called "Multiplayer" without ever having to have servers online to play in. Cheap, petty, and shows an ominous crack in the shell of Shift 2. Almost as ominous as the complete lack of multi-car drifting pix, and only one single pic of anyone testing with a wheel.

Like I stated in the Shift 2 Physics post, you cannot call this a sim if you have testers and players on a controller. Please, PLEASE can you do a blog post about the ACTUAL testing you have put the game through, not just a shiny post with a lot of pro names being thrown around. For instance: you had Aasbo "test" the game at SEMA, but only with a controller, and for one hour. Thats not testing. This guy is an experienced sim gamer and should have been put in the D-Box chair with Tommy Milner.

In short, my post is saying: please stop blowing smoke up our shorts. Give is the real deal and not just marketing ploys called "Blog Posts". You know what we want and please give it to us or at least tell us its not there. We respect Speedhunters enough to come here every day and read every word. Give us the same respect.


I agree, the S5 tailight option is a must! and are those the only aero options? Those kits look like crap. im glad you can atrt out N/A though! lol is like my car! and there should be an option of single or dual exhaust. I'm not a fan of duals. And iff theres fatlace and illest stickers there needs to be some stretch and stance goin on in the game!! come on! we need some appeal to us low slung, tire rubbing, speedbump framerail sparking croud! lol


Does any one know if this game has acutal aftermarket parts? Because in most NFS games kind of don't.. For example, In pro street, there are only like 5 body kits to choose from and they were kind of ugly. Are there legit areo parts from like Origin or C-west? I know the games have had legit wheels and stuf. Its kind of just the aero that has been cheesey in past games.. the game looks awesome though!


Is it possible to remove the spoiler for the drift kit?


Whats wrong with the graphics?


A boosted bridgeport motor at 190hp.. jport 3 rotor with the largest turbo option only 400hp? Those numbers are way way low. should be about twice that. Are you able to adjust the boost levels in game? Also i am a little dissapointed that you cant mix and match body panels, wings, diffusers and such. rather its just like stage 1, stage 2 am i correct? is the engine & suspension modding done the same way? That being said. this game looks seriously fun to play. I am really digging the new cockpit view and how you guys tried hard to re create the actual feeling of driving. Ill be picking this up for sure. Even though i can be picky about the little things, as long as the game is fun that stuff doesnt matter much.


please tell me there is a remove wing feature because with a lot of car with standard wings always look better with out them and wat about a 4 rotor conversion haha


ONE big question : did they add TANDEM drift in drift mode?? Cause shift 1 has a boring drift mode with only single runs drift..


Will there also be a 240z in the game that can be modded?


When you say programmable ECU do you really mean I can tinker with it or it's just an 'upgrade'?


This looks awesome ! Keep up the good work.

At this stage im prepared to buy the game based solely on your articles.


Ah sorry, forgot one important thing:

Even when it becomes the best driving simulation of all time with the best possible immersion for track and street guys, all ever dreamed of modification possibilities and so on:

It's all useless if you never be able to really race with the AI, because all these guys are able to is to smash you from behind or push you out of their way OR tapping absoluteley goony on their brakes in fullspeed corners or even on straights, so that you always run into them and a clean race is absolutely impossible, like it was in Shift 1.


FC3S - The giant killer !!

FC3S vs Starion sounds like a good battle.


just reall quick. have you made the steering angle of the steering wheel more realistic?? i notice in every racing game and in shift that it only ever turns about 1/4 of a turn, when in real cars it turns alot more, i know race cars dont but yeah.

Looks like itl be an awesome game though


Are upgrades going to cost boatloads of money? I hate wehn i have to go back and doing pointless races just to get money to build my cars cause you don't win enough money for winning races.


I fucking love nfs for this!!!

For the post above about starion knockoff... what are you thinking lol? Its a porsche design knockoff, like the majority of 80's sports cars had.


PLEASEEEEEEE Have the MR2 in this game!!!!


S4 fail, graphics arent that good, sorry but this game will not be anything close to Forza or GT games


As far as car customisation goes, Shift 2 looks awesome, but until i play a demo of sorts I refuse to be even remotely excited about it, on the basis that Shift 1 was just so awful. The physics made literally every car undriveable, and it was like the camera was having a permanent seizure. If Shift 2 retains the same physics and camera, i'm out.


it would be super epic if you can do a LS1 swap.. haha

then I could have my rx7 in the game.


Where is the offset and rim width choice?

can you customise the flare on your own guards?

stretched rubber?

Can you lower your car as much as you want or to a predefined height which is still 100mm off the ground??


Please please please tell me you can adjust wheel offsets and widths in this game? Everything else is looking really good and it would be a shame to leave that out... I hope to see a wide variety of cars in this! Are the body kits interchangable? or will it be like the last game with a 1, 2, and 3 type of thing?


you mean mean 20B right?


You talked about running your tuned BMW around in Shift 1 and made it sound so convincing, but in the end the handling was arcade. I liked the game for what it was, but by no means was it a simulator. I'm really hoping you guys get close, RACE PRO esque and give us TV presentation replays. These screens look great, but whats the use when you gives us MTV shaky cam edits.


You talked about running your tuned BMW around in Shift 1 and made it sound so convincing, but in the end the handling was arcade. I liked the game for what it was, but by no means was it a simulator. I'm really hoping you guys get close, RACE PRO esque and give us TV presentation replays. These screens look great, but whats the use when you gives us MTV shaky cam edits.


3 rotor miata swap <3


What about playing with Racing wheels like Logitech G25 or G27,Do developers have heavily work on this part ? In GT5 it's completely necessary to play with a racing wheel to appreciate the physics of the game, is this the same into S2U???

Tuning the car like that it's really what is missing in GT5, if physics of this game are really good, I will much more enjoy this game... If some GT5 freek read that, he will probably kill me...


i agree with nz fan. and im definately buying this game. the level of modification and tunability sounds crazy good. and the nevada depot is a nice concept.


No 4 rotor? i hope the engine swapping can be done to any shell i want


It needs the taillights with the two round red stoplights.


Pleeease add a 180SX S13 :)....

BTW, that spoiler looks crap


can we get a Toyota SOARER/Lexus SC300 in this game finally ?!?!?!!?!!????????????????????

i swear, Soarers/SC300 never get any love on racing games...

its about that time please......


Is this going to be a racing game or a blinky - blanky - shiny -cooly - stupid drifting game? Of course, it's nice to modify your car appereance with stickers, and it's even better when there are plenty stickers to choose from, but it's more or less useless when the vinyl - editor isn't reworked HEAVILY (without making it uncomfortable like in ProStreet). Furthermore, it's nice to have all these setup options (and a instant - check - function!), but then there must be a introduction on how every option actualy affects your car.

And again, i'm wondering if this game really focusses on being a racing game. If there is a career mode i hope there are more options to develope a real own "driving - style". No big - banger - GT - pilot can be a adequate drifter at the same time. Maybe he even doesn't want to be one?

So, all in all: Please do not advertise a "non plus ultra racing simulation" when it's only a bloated customisation toolbox for all the "Street Style" guys out there, which has the opportunity to race your street machine (with added aero parts to make it look cooler and faster) on a real race track while all the people who hoped for improvements in track racing with real track racing cars being dissapointed when spotting two to three BMWs, 2 Audis, 2 Porsche but 20 different specs per model of all the Nissan Silvia, Mazda here, Honda there and other cars motorsport people don't even know...


I'm hoping the car models look better than they do in those screenshots where there are noticable jaggies and flat detail models. FM and GT raised the bar when it came to graphics and tbh you can't really get away with not matching those games. No point of adding realistic customisation if it doesn't translate properly onto the screen.


First Shift was a Grid knock-off, this one seems to take too much from Forza.


is there an LSx swap for the rx7s? :) please


sift 2 is on pc ?


hope that you can add some spacers to the wheels.. :) and maybe lower the car to a more extreme height.. i mean to get some proper slammed/flush stance :)


series 4 tailights FTW, why? because its different, everybody swaps them for series 5, dont be a sheep!


Okay, it is pretty much a certainty that I'm gonna buy this game. These guys really know how to turn me on... in regards to video gaming. I hope it works with Fanatec GT3 RS smoothly.


i have gt5 and ever since I've been hooked. but look at this shift2...i kind of want to buy and play not trying to say anything but i think shift2 is going to be more fun than gt5 but eh we'll see when it comes out...i do want to be proven wrong tho.


First pic I didn't even notice what car it was, all I saw was the illest sticker!!! YESS! Scroll down and I see the Turbozilla sticker!! I own a few Turbozilla stickers, and have one on my S13 240SX. To be able to do that in the game will be awesome!! Nice!!! BTW, FC3S widebody is very cool looking. Also, be sure there are speedhunters stickers in the game.


If you guys do a limited edition version (as you did with NFS Hot Pursuit) you should include two speedhunters stickers in each game case, or maybe a chrome-backed NFS Shift 2 sticker. Just a thought. It would be almost free advertising for you, so why not?


need for speed needs to make a wangan racer type game i think it would be awesome internet wise





I'm hoping the car models look better than they do in those screenshots where there are noticable jaggies and flat detail models. FM and GT raised the bar when it came to graphics and tbh you can't really get away with not matching those games. No point of adding realistic customisation if it doesn't translate properly onto the screen.


will this game have 4 door toyota's?

like the jzx chassis? if soo i'm sold


need WAY more body mods than those!

NSFU style individual body parts, would be cool to have 'autosculpt' on the fenders of the cars for arch rolling etc or the option for a bolt on style arch.

rear wing removal, tail light tinting, tyre stretch etc are all things you should consider also.

and i hope to god theres R32s, R33s, older imprezas (Gc, bugeye) and some more euro hatches! the escort cosworth in the old NFS was cool but it had the wrong engine and the bodykits were awful, include the focus RS, impreza hatch, megane r26 etc


Do we get 4-rotor swaps?


Lol at all the people asking what type of bodykits, wheel options, offsets and friggin tail lights should be in the game. None of that matters if all the cars drive like ass. If the people producing this game had any clue about cars, none of the FC fanboys would be begging for S5 tail lights. Case in point, Turn 10 and Polyphony figured that out on their own. This game would need to offer serious improvements over the first to make a lot of people even consider renting it. Instead of hyping up silly stuff like the cool wheels we can put on or how fun the game is, tell NFS to stick to what NFS was good at, and offer us underglow in every hue imaginable.


comment from "the boss" is sooo true. series 4 tail lights are just fine. im trying to sell the series 5 tail lights the previous owner put in my car and omg shock, dont have a heart attack im going to paint all the mouldings black not body coloured. how it should be


oh also would be a nice little touch if we had the option to paint rollcages/stripped interiors separately to bodywork.


I hope they add better wheel support for the drifting mode. It was horrendous in Shift 1. And I'm glad to see them sporting S4 lights, makes me happy as I own an S4. :3


This will never compare to the likes of GT5. The customisation may be better, but GT5's graphics and physics are unrivalled.


Oh man!!

This game is going to be awesome!!


i really hope they made the drifting easier


Shift2 does look good I must admit. However I really hope the customization system is way more fluid than the first Shift... Because that system really sucked due to how limited the player was to options.. I am talking customization like Underground 2 or hell, even FM2/3.... I have been a dedicated fan of NFS ever since the first one back in the day. But once you tease the fans with a customization system featured in Underground 1 & 2 (which was on ps2/xbox for cryin out loud!), only to take that sense of freedom away in future titles is crazy to me.


Hahaha LateNights is so damn right, but I love the immediate follow up comment from some guy Ben how he is also concerned about some shitty tail lights. Latenights, I don't think anybody cares what the game will be like. They just want to see their taillights, stickers, bodykits and so on included in the game. What puzzles me the most however, is people requesting features from the game developers in speedhunters. Do you really think EA will come here reading all the suggestion? Go to this place if you think somebody will pay any attention. And one last thing i forgot to mention. The online experience in Shift2 is going to suck so much with the AutoLog system, just as history thought us in NFS Hot Pursuit.


Should be s5 tail lights. I think s5 look hella of alot better.


Need More Info






Broken headlights and everything. As an FC driver I approve. Will their be S5 option?


wait was that the long beach formula d track? and they should add some cressidas in the game!


I'm still dubious about the physics... We'll see how I feel when a demo rolls around.


Looks pretty good, but aftr the last one bein a complete failure of a simulator, im skeptical...and on top of that, u not only have GT5 out (which got over-hyped) aaaannnddd Forza Motorsport 4. When Forza 3 came out...they did wonderful except for a few snags...but as far as the overall game, still the best out there (yes, even better than GT5...from the customization, the tuning, and the physics aspect, )...when Forza 4 comes out, u can bid other racing games a hardy farewell


I was let down by Shift1 with what it was promised to be.

I hope this game lets you actually customize the body appearance individually and not gives us pre-packaged kit options like Tier 1, 2, and 3. And the wing removal is key. How can you have "grassroots style" cars when every-time you upgrade the "aero" on the car, it adds a hideous, non-removable, unnecessary wing? (I understand on a high performance race/time attack car, it's needed but I'd like the option to not have it when I wanted.


The graphics look really good. I hope they really work on the physics. I was pretty disappointed in the driving part of the game that I just gave up after 2 weeks of playing. Could be nice if the wheels could be adjustable in offset and width hahaha. Cosmetics are pretty important too you know!


i think i just came :P oh thats fabulous.


Wow this game looks great! I'm loving the widebody on the GT spec FC3S. But the drift spec FC looks jaw dropping. I can' wait for this game!

One more question, will the R34 be in this game?


Illest stickers and no fitment or tyre stretch, how awkward


Things a good car racing game should have in oder

1- good physics

2- good selection of tracks and cars

3- good visuals

4- ability to modify cars engines, setups, and body.

unfortunately it looks like NFS yet again has concentrated on this in the opposite direction. the SHIFT1 physics were appauling, so much so i decided after 5 mins of playing never to play it again. its shocking a racing game focused towards enthusiasts could have physics so bad. it was asif the people making the game had never driven a car before. as long as the game still has the same physics engine, no ammount of customisation (good though it looks) will make me want to go go out and buy it. Even then, having set body kit stages is ancient, you really should be able to put on seperate front, rear bumpers, wings ect. Forza 3 is still the best all round driving game, not perfect, still doesnt have the level of customisation i want, but overall is miles ahead of anything else because they got the priorities in order.


Game looks incredible, just hoping handling is much more improved from shift 1, hopefully we'll get to play demo soon.


This just gets better and better! The only thing I'm left wondering is whether, as in the previous Shift, the pictures we take on the consoles will be much smaller and lower resolution, or will they match these (what I would assume are) PC shots?


Just give black box studio the rights back to make Shift 3, and i will be happy. we all will.


I like GT5 and Forza 3, but these games still have alot of room for improvement! I rate GT5 as the best sim physics wise, and Forza has good customisation of cars, but it could be alot better. You should be able to choose from a selection of body kits and mix and match to create unique cars. Also, would it be that hard to 'autosculpt' things like the arches? So you could drag the wheel arches out as much or as little as you wanted? On NFS Pro Street you could adjust your wheels size, diameter and offset or even have different wheels on the front compared to the back, that was a nice a touch. I think this latest NFS does look good, and I can't wait to get my hands on it, but like most racing games, I am sure it will let itself down somehow! I just wish I had tried harder at school and then maybe I could design games! Lol! Another thing that pisses me off with car games is the selection of cars. In GT5 you could race a crappy Ford Ka, but no Cossies!!! Or in Forza you could drive a nasty Peugeot 307 that is basically just a normal, mundane family car yet there aren't any 205 GTi's!!! I understand you can't include every car, or every wheel or bodykit. But please, don't waste effort including shit cars with no personality. I'd sooner have a game with 200 bangin' cars that I wanted to drive, than a game with a 1000 cars, most of which you couldn't care less about (I'm looking at you GT5 with your Nissan Primera's and Citroen 2CV's).


Hey Rod, are engine swaps interbranded?

Would I be able to make something like an SR20 Levin?


true racers can control a car whatever engine / configuration was done.. for this, THIS IS SICK! i've been looking for cars that are way far behind from the 2000.. featuring FCs make this game really sick! be the first one on the store to grab a copy of this game!


Son of a bitch!! I baught Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 and just picked up Test Drive Unlimited 2 and haven't had the chance to play either of them yet and now Need For Speeds coming out with a new Shift? I just can't catch a break.


The fifth image has made me so happy. THATS' MY CAR!!! It shows that all my hard work hasnt gone in vain. THX U NFS!