Random Snap>> Jon Sibal Scion Tc Illustration

Fellow Automotive Artist Jon Sibal contacted me after we announced Fredric Aasbo was joining Team Need for Speed and Papadakis Racing for the 2011 Formula Drift Season.

Readers may have noticed the Seibon bodykit Stephan Papadakis is using was originally designed by Jon and shown at SEMA.

With the original artwork at hand, Jon has recreated our new Team Need for Speed livery with these amazing results. Jon’s render shows off the Matt Black and Rocket Red finish perfectly. Jon chose to use Black wheels on his interpretation with silver lips. Great to see the design in virutal 3d!

Be sure to check out Jon’s site has lots of speculative renders and designs.

Thanks for the image Jon!

- Andy Blackmore

Jon Sibal's website

Team Need for Speed on Speedhunters



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first! looks good!


looks awesome! quality from a master!! - even the rims look 'notch'..


i dont think ive evert come across a Jon Sibal rendering that i havent liked....!

awsome work once again Jon!


That tC looks aggressive :D Nice Job there guys !


Can't wait to see this thing going sideways, looks epic.

Also, I love how much nicer the comments are here than on the same rendering you guys put up on your Facebook... Heaters will heat.


does it get any better than this.

Jon Sibal render, Andy Blackmore livery, Papadakis team and Fredric Aasbo.

!Team Need for Speed FTW!

wish it wasn't a Seibon kit though


Great livery, ugly car.


I'm really not the type to hate. In fact I can see good in almost any situation. HOWEVER, there is something I intensely despise about scion tc's DRIFTING. Perhaps it's the fact that they're faking the funk. I have yet to read about an owner of a TC that has actually done this RWD conversion. It's a bit insulting that a manufacturer would try to sell cars this way. What a C@K tease.


man they should have made the tc a rwd car it would sell so much more


Looks great. I was worried the red was a bit orange-ish but in Rocket Red, its a keeper. Team NFS liveries are some of the best on the planet and are making other designers play catch-up. Awesome.


A bunch of hypocrite people in this industry !!!

Everyone talks so highly about Japanese product (JDM for you fanboy), then partner up with China-shit Seibon !!!

I was reading an article a while back on European Tuner mag. about the meaning behind Seibon.

Apparently Seibon means "racing" in Chinese (either Cantonese or Mandarine). When was the last time you saw Seibon racing anything?

What's even worse is that JDM-wannabe kids these days still believe the company is legit and is JDM !!!! Not only they rock that crap, but they're proud of it !

Much like those folks that work for tuning mags (Super Street, Import Tuner, Modified), who constantly remind their readers NOT to buy knockoff-Chinese crap because it hurts the industry, and they plaster on their mags advertising of such Chinese crap.

To all of you hypocrite people, I say thank you.


The wheels are meh, but the livery should look amazing in person! Can't wait to see it in person


love the image. I really want to learn this style of illustration.


I thought Andy designed this Scion tc? or did Jon?


@Alex -

looks like your the only one who cares buddy.


Cool beans!!


Allthough I can understand the fanboy hate on the TC, I can't say that I care about the car being FWD or chinese or whatever. Drifting is not a JDM fad anymore. It's a competitive motorsport. It's about building a competitive car that looks good and can achieve results as well as attract sponsors. Is the Nascar Camry originally a RWD V8? Is Ken Block's FIesta originally 4WD? As long as the rules allow custom builds, it would be stupid not to build the best car you can within the rules. I think the car looks bad ass and can't wait to see Fredric kiss the wall with it :D


Robbie, as stated. Jon designed the bodykit for Seibon last year and created this rendering based off the livery and launch shots posted last week.


i wish aasbo stuck witht the supra.


Brutal Warpaint!!! Progressive & Appealing, Awesome job