Random Snap>>circuit Euro R

Here in the states a watered down version of the Honda Accord Euro R was sold as the Acura TSX. As you can see from this example from Japan, when done right the Euro R can be quite a mean looking (and functional) machine.

Hmm, I bet prices on these have come down quite a bit on the used car market. Just another entry to put on the solid daily driver list…

-Mike Garrett



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You should have bought a TSX instead of that porky-antiquated Mustang.


I bet my mustang will run circles around front burning mommy car!


That's actually a car sponsored by a company called M&M out of Japan. Not sure if the guy works there or if he's the owner or something but that car is a full on NA beast. Sure it won't beat a mustang but who needs a 5 litre torque monster to have a little fun...

Check out his vids here - http://www.youtube.com/user/BLUECL7


looking pretty good, just imagine how awesome honda would be if all their cars were rwd.....


Don't know what rock you have been under Garret but the TSX had been on that very list for at least 3 years now.


I think this car was on an episode of Best Motoring. I remember Tsuchiya saying it handled very well, and not just for a sedan.


sniff sniff Hondas last double wishbone suspension, youll be missed


Shhh... Us TSX owners are loving the fact these awesome cars are overlooked.


Looks like a good set up. PHASE?


LOL @ Alex

Hell, for that kinda money he coulda had an Altima!


I see you guys are import lovers. Why din't didn't you show my post? You must drive a front burning mommy car! Put ya shit in reverse and pop a wheelie! FAGS!


@ Eli, no this isn't the Phase Accord Euro R this is the M&M Accord Euro R. Here's a pic of it in its current spec - http://mkimg.bmcdn.jp/minkara/photo/000/002/466/271/2466271/p2.jpg - and again - http://mkimg.bmcdn.jp/minkara/photo/000/002/466/271/2466271/p1.jpg - and an engine bay shot - http://carview-img02.bmcdn.jp/minkara/photo/000/002/134/655/2134655/p2.jpg - all in all a great build and it's full of Mugen, Toda and M&M parts


I'm from Malaysia, and for some reason Honda imports the US-spec car which is way uglier than this.

Love seeing one of this overtake me, all the time.


Euro r it's super, honda pleas new generation


This is what we need to see more of! Instead we get features on non-running S Chassis run by hipsters who can't get them out of driveways...