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Last night the local JDMST end of month meet took place in Queensland, Australia. Due to severe thunderstorms the meet was held at an undercover parking garage. Despite the weather, there was a good mix of cars that attended.

Charlie is a regular, attending each and every meet in his little red roaster. This time, lower than ever. Keep an eye out for a spotlight coming up.

As the night progressed more and more cars rolled in. These RX-7s grabbed a lot of attention when they came, which has to be expected when you have the sound of rotaries bouncing off the walls of an underground parking lot!

This RX-7 sported a staggered set of Volk CE28Ns and a large carbon fibre diffuser.

To the left, a cleaner, subtle rendition.

This one particularly got my attention with a genuine set of Advan Tri-Spoke wheels with a blue inside lip to match the deep blue paint.

A car that has been around for quite sometime is this 2005 model Subaru RX…

…which was sporting a new look thanks a set of new rims.

The few S15s that were on show all looked stunning. Even with standard aero Silvias still look fantastic, as this CR Kai-equipped example demonstrates.

Black Volk Racing TE37s always look good as well.

It was good to see Chris Pang out in his white on white S15. If you haven’t noticed he’s fitted a new rear spoiler.

This AE71 wagon was a little different from the rest. Not too long ago the car received a fresh paint job which looks great in contrast with the 13″ matt silver SSR Mark Is.

Another car with Advan Tri-Spokes was Kyle’s FC3S RX-7.

There are always front wheel drive cars that attend, whether they are Hondas…

…or even Nissan Micras. This is another one of John Dollison’s cars.

The car has had quite some work to fit the 14″ SSR Mark IIIs.

My camera and I both agreed on shooting many photos of this S14.

The car was sitting on a set of Work XSA’s which aren’t too popular over here, but I’m sure will take off very soon.

Right before departing, this black, imported R31 Skyline arrived. The Volk GTCs tucked under the rear guards perfectly.

Until next month, enjoy.

-Casey Dhnaram



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nice coverage, and im glad to see a DC5 in a thread!!!


Another thing Casey.

Proofreading should be done before putting up a new thread. There are lots of non-sense phrases and mistakes.

Asides from that, you don't have to mention every single wheel type a car is sporting; we can all see that. Stating the wheels is a bit redundant and obvious.

Instead, talk about something we (the readers) can't see. Something particular about the car, something unique.


You should edit the post and change "Work CE28N" to Volk CE28


Alex: I agree with the proofreading part but I like how they always name the rims. The fact is, there will ALWAYS be somebody who is a first timer to speedhunters or JDM culture in general who sees a post like this and wonders "What rims are those?" hence why it is great that it is always mentioned.


Great write up!!!

Check out the Forzamotorsport 3 edition of SpeedHunters that I'm glad to be a blogger on here:


MOAR R31 PL0X!!!


Wow... BAdass man, thanks heaps for the several pics of my 14 :-D


Sick murdered out FD :)


That R31 looks great, got anymore shots of it?


Amazing shots! :)


bbs's look like booty on that wrx, hellagay brew.


:) Nice to see different car like that Micra!

More info about it?


Every single car is stuning on this post :D


All= Rad. I'm feelin the 'roaster'! LOL


I love the way cars look after being in the rain....


The black FD sports Volk CE28N, not Work.


Cheers for the Photo of the fc man. Awesome Photos


"Work CE28N"?


that black fd is just perfect.


mmmm Australia...


Hey can we get more of the R31 Skyline. It looks great.



Where's your blog? Maybe if you added something to the mix rather than hating on almost every article, you could be of some use. I don't know all these wheels, so thanks, Casey, for filling me in.


wow! i never though that Australia would have so much JDM goodness!!! those S15's look gorgeous! oh and the FD's and all the other nice post!


i agree. ALEX , a lot of us would love to see your car, your blog, whatever it is that gives you such a cocky disposition.

there are plenty of accomplished tuners here who are humble and appreciative of the photo documentation. what the hell do you do besides complain?


guys.. as the photos show.. the weather was quite poor .... these regular JDMST meets gather around 200-300 of brisbane and the coasts finest.. this was by far the quitest JDMST meets i have been to.. yet the quality by no means was lacking.... i wish to see a regular JDMST meet posted on sppedhunters.. showcasing what us queenslanders have to offer.. u will be amazed... thanks heaps to the boys who get behind these monthly meets and thanks heaps to casey for this worlwide display from the land down under!!


FD3S and S15. Great, sleek and sexy car designs.

Either way, parking lot pictures are always cool, especially if there's water all over the place. Don't you have any more shots of the R31? That last picture doesn't give a good idea on how the car looks overall.


@Nikhil We get so many Japanese car's its almost unfair on other countries!


Thanks for keeping in the EXIF data in the photos. I really appreciate it as it is a nice way to learn from these shots.

I love it !


did i spot a flat black rs500 focus tucked away in one of those corners?


fapfapfapfap @ those advan tri spokes. I searched for AGES trying to find some good offset 18's.. but never could :(


@ seaninc and troll patrol:

My blog is under construction: (it should be ready to go within a month or so).

I have blogged in the past for Ben Shaffer's THE REAL JDM, then life got in the way,and I had to quit; but as I stated, I will have my own blog up soon.

Here is the link to my threads from THE REAL JDM:

As far as my project; it's a black 2004 Toyota Tacoma Regular Cab. (yes a truck. I thought, why not? Nobody has never done it, and I like the challenge). There is literally no aftermarket support for those trucks, and I have to fab everything on my own. These days it seems too easy to buy a sport car, open a catalog, chose the parts, swipe the credit card and bolt on those parts. ANYBODY can do that. Custom fabbing is more challenging and rewarding.

Anyway, below is the link to my flickr account, with TONS of pics of past projects and/or projects that I helped out and/or currently helping out, and other car related stuff:

Feedback are ALWAYS welcomed.


you are leaving out a few very crucial cars........


i like tacoma's and i hate you less


those RX-7's look wicked.. weould've loved to have seen more of the imported R31 Skyline.. even that little Micra looks like its hiding something special. quality


awesome cars, awesome coverage!


good to see an AE71 there, looks really clean. and the hachi's. im now starting to believe the "Built, not bought" style of cars. starting to appreciate the older types. not saying work and effort doesn't get put into the later cars, but you get what i mean. i understand not all women appreciate these type of cars, and will most likely say, "its just an old car." but who cares, you've gotta go for what you really want in life!! living in queensland myself, there are plenty of jap meets going on all the time, it's good too see over here in aus we appreciate these truly amazing pieces of machinery.


Love that we are a RHD market and can import car straight across from Japan. To much to choose from: you can hardly move on Parramatta rd for all the import yards (banana benders have their own version out at Coopers)

Hoping to be at the next EOMM in Sydney with the little beastie back on the road.

More '31 love!!


It`s always quite a pleasure for me to watch all the amazing stuff you (speedhunters) upload on your page.. keep up the good work. This the best site ever!!!


Nice set of pictures, would have loved to see those cars.


the nissan micra rocks!.


such style!!!


That silver rx-7 is mint!


Last night a friend of mine happened to mention there was a Euro meet on. Taking up his offer and heading