Event>> Battle Evome In Tsukuba – Pt1

This year Tsukuba has been quite the busy little track. We've so far been there for the Rauh Welt meeting, the Omega Oil soukoukai and now we are back at everyone's favorite Japanese track for the Battle Evome time attack session. The BE-Circuit guys usually hold six rounds from December to February, the coldest months in the Kanto region. This is the best time to shoot for lap records as the dry winter usually yields optimal track and air temps, just what you need for high grip and max horsepower.

We all know the kind of cars that usually participate at this event, cars that are just as extreme as full-on tuner demo cars. With the slowest one out of all the rounds posting a 1'05' lap, you know drivers and cars entering this series mean serious business. Above you can see the notorious Suzuki-san, a.k.a. "Under Suzuki" due to his understeer-plagued early days, checking over the engine of his Scorch S15. He has spent a great deal of time preparing the car for this final round, ready to try get that coveted 54-sec lap. 

Horikoshi-san was of course there too, ready to push his Exceed Moat S14 to the limit.

However the day didn't start off too well. The freezing temperatures of the previous night gave way to a very cold and frozen morning, the sun barely providing enough heat to melt the ice out on parts of the track.

Most people were on the paddock at the crack of dawn, unloading cars and beginning to set up for the two short hours they would have on track.

The organizers scheduled the event one our later than the usual 8 am to 10 am slot, a good thing as that extra hour would be necessary to dry up the track.

On the other side of the paddock a second group of cars began to gather, there for the M-One soukoukai that would begin after the BE-circuit trial. It was great seeing so many Honda's present!

I noticed an evident lack of rotaries at the Omega Oil event earlier this month, but things were quite different this time round. This Super Now FC3S look like it weighs quite a lot less than 1000 kg, striped down to bare metal where possible with most of the body made out of FRP or carbon.

The heavily ported 13B powering it was mated to a rather large HKS T51R blower which sounded like a vacuum cleaner on steroids while being gently revved and warmed up in the pits. I'm not sure what is more impressive, the size of the Top Fuel intercooler core or the diameter of the piping! Despite very evident traction problems coming out of the tighter corners, "Mr. Lexus" at the wheel recorded a very respectable 57"647 lap.

Possibly the coolest color ever to be used on an FD? It's hard to get the effect to show in the pictures but this dark brown paint job had wild metallic bronze reflections depending on how the sun hit it. Bronze CE28Ns for total perfection.

This is Dr. Wada's Garage Kagotani built FD, in it's current "Ultimate" spec. Not too happy about the conditions the Doctor only took out his FD for five laps, probably not impressed with the cold and slippery track conditions. The car looked and sounded great out on track as he machine-gunned through the 6-speed Quaife sequential.

The very orange T-One's 0,1t FD was yet another sub-minute RX-7, with a best time of 59"151 

People kept arriving with some very nice rides, some to participate, others just there to observe the action

Garage Work showed just how fast you can really go when you focus on lightening a car. Their little EG6 lapped Tsukuba in 1'00"826 making it quite a lot faster than half of the cars present on the day. I'm pretty sure the driver wasn't even braking for most corners! 

Bayside Blue BNR34 love!

Out of 30 entrants 10 cars managed sub-1-minute lap times, which is simply incredible when you think that these are all amateurs. This Aqua tuned GDB did rather well with a 59'285

Yet another crazy looking Silvia, the "Pretty teru teru" S15.

I decided to walk over to the other side of the paddok as in a very short time it had completely filled up with a wide variety of participants of the M-One track session.

Honda's with clear taillights and spoilers may be instantly classified as rice but this pair of Civics had pretty built motors.

Sacrificing a headlight for optimal intake temperatures is always a sign of the upmost dedication.

CRX love!

This Silvia stood out like a sore thumb, not so much because of the color but the fact that it's an S13 set up for grip!

The AE111 Trueno doesn't quite have the same presence as an AE86 but these FF cars are still pretty fast when properly modified.

This RSR replica was prepared by Euro-R. The stacked RWB-type GT-wing is a very common sight on track-going Porsches in Japan. I can already hear the purists cringing.

Next up from the Battle Evome session is a look at some on track-action so make sure you don't miss Part 2!

Battle Evome 

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Ecstatic that this event is on SH!

The Doctor rules!


Bayside Blue BNR34 ROOOCKS!!! =)


Very eclectic group of automobiles! I am feeling that Honda love!


This is amazing. I'd seriously give my left testicle just to go to one of the amazing events you guys feature.

I hate Missouri so, so much.


Exceed Moat = s14.

I would love to see more info on the "Pretty teru teru" S15


That s2k, wow!!


Loving the coverage! Hope to see some more racing Hondas, and maybe even some spotlights on some of them?


Is there any better looking car than an RE;Amemiya kitted FD3?


Awesome! Would love some more pics of that "Pretty teru teru" S15...


Sweet. Can't wait for more


Anymore pics of the yellow S2k?


Actually, the stacked wing and (if you look closely) the hood-vented front oil cooling is quite common on track-going Porsches all over the US and abroad. I believe the wing was originally a 993 piece. Its commonly available and is a favorite in the Northern California spec-911 racing scene. The front canards are a different story :)


i like the first pic of the yellow S2K, with those flared arches.. and last pic of a classic.. keep the coverage coming


are those white r32 rims on the the green civic :o


So many beautiful rotaries in attendance... However I wish there were more shots and possibly a desktop of that brown paint it seems like a wicked cool color to play with.


Loving the rotaries. More please.


More from the two Civic Coupes please, they are definetely hot, and not a common sight on trackdays in Japan.

Thanks Dino for the feature!!!!


amazing job on covering these events, so many cars to shoot.

please, more pics, more pics, more pics!!!!


That 911 is a narrow body with what looks to be a Ruf rear bumper, front of the tub has been cut to allow the oil cooler cooling flow to vent through the hood, Typical 3.8RS wing with extensions as seen on many fast aircooled porsches around the world.


I Love posts about battles like this!

Some reports of FF cars, or that AE111 are welcome :)

Good job, waiting for PT.2


Anymore pics of the yellow S2k?


Awesome event dino. loving the eg and ej civics you featured. is there a chance of a spotlight on that crx?


Spotlight the AP1 and FD!!

They're incredible!


I want to see more S2000's!!!! Any more pictures of the yellow S2000 with the Mugen front bumper? Awesome pics as always though.




wow f1.2 photos man! haha you are awesome


Is that yellow s2000 laughing?


That first S2K looks so happy with that front bumper


pls more s2k pic !


Lovely pics man!

Looks like an awesome event, i'm jealous..


Another fun look into the world of Time Attack in Japan!

But Dino, more Hondas please !!


Would love to know more about that S2000.

Also, why is the stacked wing on the Porsche attributed to RWB styling? Using wings like that has been around on Porsche developed cars as well as in the club racing scene for quite some time before RWB became a hit.

Thanks for the great pics.


More Toyotas please.


Spotlight that brown FD Dino!!


Awesome pictures, i like very much


i noticed the rx7 and opening pic s2k both have fenders curving in behind the front tires...

what is the purpose of this? brake cooling?

it doesn't look half bad either :P


Come on... why are these shots not on the Desktop Section, at least the yellow S2000, and the FCs...

BTW, any more info/pics on the blue FC, I know it was featured on Super Street a while ago but I want MOAR!!!


sorry, I should have said FD before...


Lovin that simple grip s13 boom


time attack.. i'm lovin it!


Under-Suzuki... catchy xD


Tsukuba is a pretty technical track. Its combination of tight corners and hairpins connected up by short


Please post moar CRX on another article or on my email: budyn3@gmail.com !


I would love the last pic of the fairlady as a desktop!!