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Last week I took a ride up to nearby Gardena to visit Formula Drift competitor and RX7 maniac Justin Pawlak's shop – Hot Line. Hot Line has has been doing business in the LA area for almost a year and half now, and I was long overdue for a visit.

Besides the cool cars parked out front, there isn't much that hints at what goes on inside this building. No big signs, no windows full of parts – it's all very understated. Stealthy, if you will.

Inside though, you are fully in the realm of the drift car. If you didn't know, not only is Justin one hell of a driver, he's a damn talented fabricator too. Justin and his main man Ryan have established quite a reputation for setting up and building face-rocking drift cars.

As you probably know, the RX7 happens to be one of their specialties. The shop is quite literally full of FC's.

This FC belongs to one of Hotline's customers from Northern California. You might remember it from our past All Star Bash coverage.

Justin's FC missile car should also be familiar to you guys. Around the shop, these are lovingly known as peasant cars.

This well-used FC is Ryan's drift machine. Under the hood? Tried and true LS1 power. Just like Justin, this guy can drive!

Out back is an FC grave yard of sorts.

This very straight hard top car will serve as the base for Ryan's new build. It seems he goes through FC's almost as fast he goes through tires…

The walls of the shop are decorated with body parts and artifacts from JTP's drift career. Cool.

Here's a look at the very plush "lobby" of the shop. Sources tell me that the sofa makes a very comfortable makeshift bed.

I also found sever examples of two-wheeled vehicles sitting around the shop. Both human-powered…

…and gas-powered. Ryan and Justin say that those little bikes can be just as fun as the drift cars at Willow Springs. I don't doubt them.

Oh, those fantastic little spinning triangle things.

Mazdas aren't the only cars that Hot Line deals with. While I was there David Briggs' S14 XDC car showed up, fresh out of the paint shop. This has been a long-term project for the shop.

Check out the wicked front bash bar the guys fabbed up for it!

Not only is Hotline working on Dave's S14 rebuild, they are also working on his new top secret drift car project. We should have more on this scoop later!

Another customer that stopped by the shop while I was there was Dan and his LS2-powered FC drift beast. By the way, Dan also happens to be the owner of the black Supra that Twins Turbo is finishing up.

Dan brought the FC over for some corner-weighting, another one of Hotline's specialties.

Another one of the reasons I wanted to drop by the shop was to check out Justin's new FD3S project. After the devastating theft of his FC, he's decided to take on this new, very promising project. I'll have a little more on this car in a separate post.

This FD meanwhile, will be put into service as his new daily driver. Yup, JTP does it big.

Cool cars being worked on by cool, talented people. You have to like shops like this.

Thanks to Justin and Ryan for showing me around!

Expect to see more projects from Hot Line on Speedhunters in the future.

-Mike Garrett



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Nice write up. Shame there are no more pics of the 370z


This is awesomeness! Big up to J for that gorgeous FD...mixed with sadness for the FC thats probably in Dubai or some desert ass place by now :(


The wheels on that red FD are way too freaking big.

What's the story on the blue S-197 Mustang parked out front?


I'm pretty sure the blue 'stang belongs to the author.

The wheels on most of the FC's are way too big. A shame.

The silver FD is gorgeous.


Loving the brick building.


It looks like the American version of PanSpeed or R Magic shops.

Very cool cars indeed.

Thanks for sharing.


Can I sleep there :D Keep up the sweet cars Justin and Ryan and everyone else that helps around


Can no one ever say "does it big" or any variant thereof again please?






Haha.......the area looks really familiar!


Crap that car with the Orange RPF01's looks like its using my exact Orange, and its running the same bumper i am! and the Black hoood!~!!!

Nice fabwork though!


Man, FD daily? If only I was JTP, if only. And it makes me sad seeing the green FC parts on the wall. =\


I agree where are the 370z pics?


Wow those rx7 look sick!! Gotta love rx7s <3


fabulous! just fab!


didnt like FC wit LS2 engine,where the rotary????


That red FD is sex on wheels. Feature on that soon!


Gotta LOVE shops like this


I think that blue mustang is actually our intrepid reporter's personal car.


That "daily driver" is the sexiest of the lot by a mile.


Sweet stuff! Any first-gem RX-7's hangin around?


Wow Really great Collection. by Mr. groupon clone


Atleast the white FC with orange wheels is kept clean.


awesome shop to feature, great write up thank you

so sad seeing the hanging fc parts :(


More info on the F250.


I wish I could take my FC to that shop. Too bad it's on the other side of the country =\


@ Dusty Duster

I believe that S197 Mustang is Mikes personal ride.


Were do i sign up at? lol nice cars or should i say bad ass cars !! god job


Justin is a true rotary and all around car enthusiest. Good shop and awesome drifter! Hope your new project turns out just the way you imagine it.


do u guys have the address to this place


dream place.

I love RX7


no photos of the sweet rotary furniture in the break room?


Hey thanks for the kind words everyone, it's been a long year and a half but things are going very well with the shop. I have some very good help with Ryan, and we're making a push to have some very competitive FC's in the pro-am competitions this season.

If anyone is interested in getting some work done you can contact me via our website @

thanks again SpeedHunters!!!


Very awesome to see some JTP coverage. Awesome local guy that really supports the car culture and community.


love these cars with a strong passion!!!! but a passion almost as strong is how much i hate v8s in them...


Wow, intense love for the rotary. JTP should pass one to yours truly. Love the rotary whine, and those classy looks.