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This 1930 five window Ford Model A sat in a field for over 40 years in Snowville, Utah before Wayne Hami set his eyes on it. When he went to purchase the car, the previous owner pulled it out with a chain and a tractor. That resulted with the c pillar tearing straight off the car! Fresh from the field, the Model A was a rusted body with no doors, trunk, or glass.

Wayne found most of the body parts from swap meets, like the re-manufactured 32 ford grill.2

Wayne custom built the 2×4 steel frame with its 20-inch kick in the rear so the body sits lower. He used a Ford nine-inch rear end with four-link suspension, coil overs and a panhard bar. For the front, Wayne used a Super Bell four-inch drop front axle with a standard buggy springs and a 1936 Ford split wishbone.

Wayne dropped the body five inches then channeled another five inches for a significantly lower ride and roof height.

The roof was, of course, chopped for that classic look

Wayne fitted the interior with a 1936 Ford dash and military spec Humvee seats.

Seeing how the car came with almost thing, including the engine, Wayne chose the Chevy 350 as the car's power plant. The engine is beefed up with a Voodoo Lunati cam, flat top pistons and is running a Turbo 350 automatic transmission so his wife can also drive it. How sweet of him. :)

Wayne chose the Offenhauser tri-power intake manifold with a set of three two-barrel Carter carburetors which produce a good amount of power and gives it that classic look and sound.

The Chevy 350 features a custom build sat flat header.

Wayne had a plan for this Model A, a salty plan, but a plan nonetheless. He plans to run this car at the Bonneville Speedweek later year. Though he's not chasing any records, the simple act of actually building a car then running it at Bonneville is quite a feat in itself.

We hope to see it run on the Salt in August and shoot a full feature on the completed car then! Best of luck, Wayne.

Thank you Ryan Rudd for supplying the photos!




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Linhbergh were you drunk when you wrote this? The spelling makes it very hard to read!

Otherwise, awesome article. I would KILL for a rod.


GM powered Ford? Sacre bleu!!


...forgot to say....this is an excellent build regardless of my above comment! :P


putting chevy engines in fords is like screwing a fat girl you just don't do it besides a 427, 5.0 or even a 289 would have been better choice


SOOOOO sick ! Nice photos too


You're going to want to do some proof reading on this article.


I like it!

A Chevy engine is the best way to improve a Ford!

Ooooohhhhhh, buuuuuurn.


Humvee seats...Is there a coat of Olive Drab in this rod's future? :D


i like the engine [purists may be more vocal] it looks like it would pull a house.. good luck my man, want to see and it when its complete!!


it looks awesome, and the amount of work involved seems staggering.But does anyone feel like rat rods are getting kinda standard? I guess its all relative its not like i never jumped on the stupid 240 bandwagon. Id just really like to see something crazy. Like build a ford 300 st8 6 in a smashed up oval track 51 chevy business coupe ?

what do i know im a tard.


Itz kuztum werdz fore a trew kuztum kar artickle.


YEAHHH WAYYNE!!!! this thing is sick.


Now thats a cool build. You guys should post more of those !

Different than the usuals imports, not that I don't like them but there's about 20 000 of em.




Brand loyalty purests please get off your soapbox. GM powerplants in 30s Ford vehicles are second only to SR swaps. This is a great build and I hope it receives paint instead of rust.


The car actually will eventually be painted. Although i am also i paint kinda guy my self, i think the car looks pretty cool as it is and i also am somewhat attracted to the rat rod style cars, that being said i will always paint my cars because that is just my preference.


I know his car is going to look sick


hell yes lol dats a nice car so far kneeds a paint job tho


ddd2017 this is not a rat rod, its a hot rod!!


bottom line : its an alternative take on a traditional take -of modifying a badass car. And its awesome..!


ya this car is clearly no "rat rod" its an actual hot rod.rat rod is quite the derrogatory term. its the equivalent to referring to your stanced tastefully modded mk4 jetta as a rice burner.


Before Ryan Rudd contacted us about Wayne Hamil's Salt Flat racer , he originally sent a photo of

boosted un busted

how did he do? hope it went well....