Builds>> Team Nfs D-mac Ae86 Pt.vii

Back once again and our Falken Tires have arrived for testing! It feels pretty good to be at this stage as we know we're getting close to finally driving this beast.

We are also at the stage of getting the aero fitted. Our Work Meister S1s' are gone for powder coating but we have kept one behind for mocking up the aero fitment.

All the aero parts are produced by us and available at The N3 aero kit is making this one of the widest AE86's in the world.

And man it is wide! The larger rear spoiler will suit the car much better than the regular spoiler because of how extreme and wide the car has become.

Crazy wide! I can't wait to get this out in the daylight and admire the stance.

The quarter windows are polycarbonate and have three ducts per side to take air to the rear mounted radiator during forward motion. The three vertical slots that are marked out but not cut are for taking in air when the car is sideways.

Here I am trying to get the roof in place for Paddy's pics. He caught me out with that one !

With the rear spoiler removed you can see how the GT Wing mounts. The spoiler will be slotted and place over the mount so the wing stays come neatly out of the spoiler with no visable mounts.

The wing should be plenty wide enough to compliment the N3 aero.

And here we have a shot of Paddy's camera bag complete with handy pockets for stickers, lenses etc LOL

Here is the bonnet / hood we are using and the FRP door in place.

This is a shot without the N3 overfenders on …

… and here we are with them in place. This car will have a lot of presence.

Oh Lord, can someone from Need for Speed please call and tidy up as we dont have time !?

It had to be Work Meisters for me on this project. They are such a timeless wheel and look great on old skool as well as modern machines.

Got lock ?

You can see why the custom A arms had to be made, even with the tension rod moved inwards the wheel still gets very close.

Right well that is it for another update. I don't know where we will be when we update you again, but hopefully we will be making noise …





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Everything looks good except those goofy roof vents in front...


nice.. im huessing your not going to run those tires though?


you lost me at N2 Flares? Heh!?





That wing killed it for me.


simply Awsome!


AE86 ftw

jaws have been dropped @ an 86 like none other!


damn looks so awesome.


Good job Darren.

Do you know approximately how much the car will weigh once it's finished?


I keep saying that you all need to fix the links on this thread and the ones before it. I cannot see the images on my browser like I can see the other threads on here and I am thinking that it has to do with how these images are posted. please fix as I want to follow.


is there an authorized dealer for D mac aero parts? they look sick just like this build good luck


I get your going for power and light weight, but it just looks stupid.

I get that you dont care if it looks goofy but really, bleh



this is going to be Legen.......... Wait for it............................. dary!


:O...... So phat.




its well on its way, with some interesting features:- those arches look mean.. never seen that roof mounted vent piece before.. certainly not on a AE86, i like how looks, the purists might shoot you down though - keep us posted with the build, i really want to see the finished project and what you'll be doing under the bonnet too!! Go D-Mac..


Now it looks like a bosozoku.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Its not a show car. Its supposed to be the most mental looking 86 drift car ever.

Mission on the way of being accomplished.

If you want rice you better get some sweet & sour with that!


All of this great fab work and then... Ridiculous stretch. Why? Why go through all the trouble of making such a fantastic machine and then saddle it with some ****ed up wheel and tire combo? If you're putting wide wheels on, get some tires that actually FIT. I can't wait for the day this stretch crap dies a fully-justified death.


you'll soon find that that you'll be lacking in the power department with your selected builder, not a dig or a personal jibe, just someone who has been there :)

good luck, looks an awesome machine


Was so keen to see this thing in its new skin but the n2 body although timless

Just looks terrible and a wing that could make a skyscraper take off its lookin

More like a hotwheels toy car , i think a little r and d could have gone along way

With this hardcore hutchi little things like a steel wide body/guards and a dif

Wheel choice maybe could have produced international eye sex !

Good luck with the build ,lookin foward to the finished product :-)


crazy-looking car... love it. cant wait to see it running. ooooo, lookey, i see an fc in the 4th pic. whats up with that?


wanna keep the regular or similar styled spoiler rather the the gt wing 4 more old skool luv... =(


where can i find that gt wing?


where can i find that gt wing?