We featured this 350Z owned by Edafe Omosowofa more than a year ago but a lot has changed since then. The feature created quite a stir with comments saying it couldn’t ride and/or drift with this stance.

Now we have some more moving shots of this car thanks to the guys from AWOL.tv. They have really stepped up their game and are creating masterpiece after masterpiece. The video shows the 350Z with a new set of wheels and the new Zero Clearance suspension system made by Stanceworks and AST Suspension.

Check out the complete video at the link below

AWOL E3S2 Profile: Edafe’s 350Z from AWOL

-Jeroen Willemsen



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Hahaha i was looking for that feature for soo long yesterday and the today there a link on the homepage fml


beautiful car....I love those wheels


Looking even better now with the Kranze! BUT.. FIA cars can do those cool driving tricks at a TRACK too. But as soon as they drove on the street, they'd get two blocks before they ripped off a splitter.. All this video proves is that dude has an ill Z, not that he can make it to the grocery store.


Thanks Speedhunters!


@latenights - He does daily this car, and as you can see it is quite intact. The roads are pretty clean where he lives if I recall correctly, and driving a car this low just requires a lot of attention. If it was so ridiculous and impossible, there wouldn't be so many people doing it.


ive actually seen footage of thus thing drifting.hard to believe


@latenights... I agree


I love that 350. My only complaint are those stupid headlights, I think they look silly. Not my car though.


Thanks AWOL for the footage and again you guys put out nothing but the best.. And Thanks SpeedHunters for the post up, you guys keep bringing the fire.. And yes I daily this thing every day, and if you see it you would know by all the paint chips and missing bumper pieces,,lol But thanks all for the kind words.. also @beto do you have link to me sliding would love to see. thanks


Edafe has been daily driving on the Zero Clearance Prototypes since April of last year.. this is his daily driver, and he drifts at that height as well.

Hats off to AWOL for the video and Edafe for building a great car. Thanks for the love SpeedHunters!


i'd like to see it do a full lap of drifting, not just a 180 spin....


wow a U turn....