Shift2 Unleashed>> Two Toyotas And A Pile Of Rims

Most of you will remember that last October I announced that I was handing over the day to day operations of over to Charles Kha, the former Editor-In-Chief of Auto Salon Magazine. I was simple too busy working as a Creative Director on Need for Speed video games to truly give Speedhunters the attention it deserved. This personally was a pretty difficult decision for me, but at the root of it, I was absolutely determined get further involved in the SHIFT2 UNLEASHED to see if I couldn't help steer the ship a little bit.

While the game that we now call Shift1 was a great re-invigoration of the Need for Speed gaming franchise, it was still a little rough around the edges. And as a professional Speedhunter, I saw that there were many small car culture details that weren't exactly right. To the broader mainstream they weren't noticeable, but to enthusiasts like you and I, they needed to be rectified.

You guys let me know what you thought of Shift1 and what features you wanted to see in its sequel. Armed with this information I knew I could make a difference on the next game project. So around 14 months ago I asked the Need for Speed executives for a spot working on the next Shift game. And they agreed that I could get a seat at the table as a Creative Director, to collaborate with the Slightly Mad Studios crew in the UK. And thus, a year of monthly trips to the UK SMS and Swedish EA DICE studios began.

Some of you will remember that in Sept 2009, I did an in depth showcase of a Toyota Corolla in Shift1, focusing on all the body-kit designs we were debuting with the car.

Something new to Shift2 – and something I strongly campaigned for – was the inclusion of Japanese vintage wheels. In response the good people at Slightly Mad Studios were very happy to add a whole ton of new rims to SHIFT2 UNLEASHED and I was able to put a pretty good list of vintage Japanese wheels together to throw into the mix.

I thought for my first proper article about Shift2, I'd showcase some of the vintage Japanese rims so you can see just what kind of effect you, our Speedhunters audience, has had on this game.

So first up I'm very please to say that you can bolt on a set of RS Watanabes on to your in-game AE86 in SHIFT2 UNLEASHED.

If banana spokes aren't your thing, then how about a set of SSR MKIIs?

BTW we've made sure that the rims are only available in diameters that match their real-world counterparts. In this case, small is good.

As SHIFT2 UNLEASHED is mostly about closed course racing, we've stayed away from stretched tires.

Next up we have the venerable SSR MKIII…

… Which is an absolute must have for this type of car.

Or perhaps the SSR MKI is more your taste? I stuck a pair on just the rear of the car for this shot.

If you wanted to, you could run the MK1s on all four corners – although we know many AE86 fanatics steer clear of running them on the front because of their effect on brake temperatures.

The TE37V was only announced at the Tokyo Auto Salon exactly one year ago, but it seems to have become one of the top new products of 2010.We just managed to sneak them onto our new wheel list, right before the design was locked down.

I'm well chuffed to have these in our game… BTW Anyone figure out where I'm drifting my 86?

Next up let's look at the Work catalog. The Equip03 is an old fav.

Although personally I'm more partial to the Work Equip01.

This image looks almost photoreal!

We decided to upgrade the cockpit of the Corolla for these last set of screenshots.

And took some more shots at Eau Rouge.

Next it was time for some more drifting, down a particular mountain race track in Australia… I should also mention here that this little Corolla is running some big power… I've swapped in an engine from this car:

Yes you guys asked for engine swaps last time around, so we thought it would be best to oblige. So it's possible to take a 2JZ out of a Supra and shoehorn it into a Corolla in SHIFT2. Why not?

By the same token we've made it so that you can stuff the V10 from the LFA into the Supra. And add turbos!…

This is the exact type of car mod we like to write about on Speedhunters, so it obviously just had to happen in our new game! BTW do you like the Gram Light 57Ds?

Anyway I'm getting off topic here… I'm just so excited by all the craziness we've put into the game here I don't know where to stop!

Ok I gotta calm down here and get back to game testing… talk to you in a bit!





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Any conversion kits at the fronts?

Could you change seat and paint the rollcage? that would be great to :)

Is the 180sx in this game as well?


The game look really crazy and I love the vintage rims, but, i'd really loved to have a stretched tyres option in the game =(


I know this is not in your part of the project but can you talk to the people doing the physics?

Last Shift got 5 minutes of my attention because of the way the cars handled, are these games meant to be any fun if you can't drive the cars properly? And i also felt like everything just wasn't finished and VERY rough around the edges. Actually the handling of the cars in Hot pursuit was decent by my standards at least and i actually liked it.

Please, if you can pull this off i may be pondering about buying your game.


that is soooooo cool!


are the physics as bad in this game as they are in the rest of the NFS games? Because if they are I think all of your effort is going to have been a big waste of time. Especially when people who prefer to driver and tune cars on a more realistic level will be playing Gran Turismo or Forza.


I think it's super cool of you to take what people say they want and actually apply it to the game. Will we see S15's and 180sx's with BN Sports aero and big Kranze wheels as well?? Haha.


I think it's super cool of you to take what people say they want and actually apply it to the game. Will we see S15's and 180sx's with BN Sports aero and big Kranze wheels as well?? Haha.


Drifting Mt Panorama?? Awesome!!!!!

What are the physics like? If only NFS would mate with Forza or GT5. That would make one AWESOME game-lovechild!!!


I cant wait till this game drops looks amazing!



Can't f*&#n wait :)


nice when can we by this


I couldn't figure out why the first pic looked to clean until I read the text and realized it was from a game. Looks good, and I love how you have a bunch of cool rims and engine swaps!


Mt Panorama, i.e Bathurst.


It's amazing how good cgi is nowadays.


no stretched tires? -_-


The idea of having motor swaps in a game would be nice


Awesome. Great news. It certainly looks really good. There can never be too many customizing options, you know?


I was feelin it until the engine swaps... Can you do engine swaps that are actually common? I'm not tryin to put a JZ in an AE86, but wouldn't mind a 13B or F20C... And who has done a V10 from an LFA into a Supra?! I'm not bein a hater but, for me, those swaps REALLY miss the point... :/ The wheels look good tho! If you can do different front and rear, how about side to side? (like silver mk2s on one side and gold on the other)


love those jdm wheels. the engine swaps was crazy, though i hope not that much and still fairly reasonable or realistic.

one thing i still can't get the reasoning though from the first Shift was the different tire model on drift and race, it feels i'm in a different planet during drift events and it doesn't feel the same.. yeah, perhaps i just suck..

i play on the PC with steering wheels.. i hope the new one can be more optimized for pc or a version optimized for it and not just a console-port...


OMG thats awesome... NfS is getting true again... Shift 2 could be my first NfS after most wanted again... It will be interesting to see if you are able to adopt the German and American Scenes as good as the JDM scene.

Great Job guys!!!!


WHoa!! Good job on the wheels. My honest opinion Shift , to me, is more of a customize car game and not a racing game. Which isnt bad but I think the racing needs to be a little more real. Suggestion, add a feature when you can choose the width of the wheels along with diameter.


About SHift2 and the hopes to it:

- better physics of the cars

- better career (more entertaining)

- more real tracks

- night racing (weather changing/day to night addon)

- bit more freedom in customizing the rides


this all seems minor compared to the real problem with the first game.... physics


Too bad SSR MkI's don't actually cause any adverse heating effects on brakes. They are designed properly to not do it. The cheap rip-offs are brake-cookers and should not be used for track work...


badass! now add some starsharks, ma86s, and epsilons in 8.5 -10 and we'll be good to go ;)


What about the most popular drift cars and liverys of the drift stars? Would be awesome.

Can we paint rims? Change interior? Like the seats...

What about liberty for HellaFlush style? Widing tyres... change headlights, things like in NFS2...

Some FIA GT1 races with fia gt cars... it's a must in this new NFS.

I'm liking what i'm reading and seeing, keep the good work guys!

But... i see in the cars that they don't have so good detail.

Cheers guys, waiting for this one for sure ;)


that's pure madness... got to have this one.


Wow I can't wait for this game!

One Question are Pits Open this time in Shift 2?



Am now pre-ordering S2U just because of this.

Those RS Watanabes don't look so hot though, they look like they are made of plastic. But still, I digress, this looks freaking AWESOME.


if these screen shots are anything like actual gameplay this thing is gona be awesome!


Ive always liked NFS but the last shift wasnt that exciting.. the story mode was a bit plain and hard to follow if you arent a motorsports guy. Theres isnt the kid fun that it use to have and a cool story line to keep you stuck on the game.

I did love how real the cars felt and the drifting was pretty close to the real thing. The advance tuning was awesome but it needs a little bit more for the drifting side.. ie: more suspension components then just suspension upgrade 1,2,3.. I would like to buy tie rods and LCAs to get more angle.. camber my car to hella stupid flush,.

There needs to be split screen multiplayer!!


Track = Bathurst?


Looks like you're at Spa Francorchamps in Belgium. Let me know!

Keep up the excellent work, game should be a dream with all these new added features. Thanks for including us in the process!


drooling! looks like atlanta in that one picture but I can't tell. any miatas in the game?


looks pretty impressive...but do you guys finally have licensed body kits or are you stuck doing your own custom kits?


Great job of putting the old school rims in the game :D Hope the cockpit view is as good as Shift1


Requesting to add on a Toyota Corolla KE70 please! I would be playing the game for whole long season! Ehe.


Holy Hell! Looks amazing, totally want to get my hands on it already! :-D

I'm hoping for some serious improvements in handling though, Shift 1 just didn't feel a 100 %, especially drifting.

Anyway keep up the good work, the AE86 and vintage rims look killer!


ahhhh my god i think i am going to dish my gt5 for a copy of NFS Shift 2 ahhhhh when it will be reales? date month year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Everything's looking pretty good, and i can live with "all-around", full, fixed bodykits (no mix and match), but for the love of God GIVE US A PROPER DECAL/VINYL EDITOR. The one in Shift1 sucked balls, i could do much better with the Prostreet's editor...

Additionally, the tire options from Prostreet - i want them back. "No tire stretching because it's circuit racing"... And what? Like you've never seen street cars doing time attacks? And drifting, etc?

It would be nice if we could have Drag racing back too, i know it's not to everybody's liking, but the more modes the merrier, right?

About the engine swapping... Please don't make it so you can only choose a single engine for a single car... Give us choices. I want a rotary AE86. Or maybe F20C.

Really guys, look at the other stuff out there and improve your game. Take the better stuff from Shift and Prostreet, add a bit of Forza maybe, and look at some of Genki's stuff like Racing Battle C1GP on the PS2.


Bathurst hmm :)

that'd be fun! might buy it aslong as the cars hanle! (unlike hot persuit)


can we change the license plates this time, please!


Damn, the tuning features look exciting! I wonder if you can also swap an 1UZ-FE into the JZA80 Supra? Or if there is a GX71 Cresta to put those SSR MkIs on? Hehe, maybe not... that's not the kind of car you take to a time trial. :P


Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Haaaleeluuu jaah!!!!


OMG! I thought the first pic was a real AE86, then I looked again and still thought that it was real.

The tires and the rims seem too realistic.


The game looks great........... Looks like Im gonna have to trade in GT5.. lol... Are the any Toyota Mark II's? that would seal the deal as racer of year for me


Looking good. But can we mix and match engine make/car models? IE: Chevrolet LS7 into a Nissan Silvia?


Looks awesome...just please tell me you not only included the drifting, but added tandem multiplayer it was in Underground 2? One of Shift 1's biggest disappointments....


Driftinfg at Spa, very cool !! (Wonder what thats like in a Group C car).


far away from gt5


I hope the driving physics are realistic, something like forza or grand turismo


YES! Good job Rod!


Wooo BATHURST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ive stayed away from the NFS series since Pro Street.. i think the bad aftertaste is still there. That said, i now got my seat inced up to my laptop after hearing about engine swaps ^^

The most important question still remains - Is the physics any good?


no stretched tyres? bummer...but thank God for the watanabe RS! my hakosuka will finally look like an hakosuka, what about camber? will it be visible, or just tuned, like on shift? changing the subjet, will it be possible to mirror the vinyls?


You sir. are a hero




Great work! I love the original Shift and I'm hoping the next one will be even better. This is the only racing game I can think of with engine swaps. Very nice.


Sounds like this game is going to be EPIC!!


Looks mint Rod! And Bathurst.... eeeexcellent!!!!


so where are the 52 comments? i am curious to see what people reaction to this post was.



This is literally the best news I've heard all week.


cool, like the mismatched wheels feature


While you're at it, please make sure that the XBox 360 version of Shift 2 has reconfigurable controls, unlike the last version. Sure you got a few choices, but I prefer playing my racing games Playstation style, using the triggers to shift, and using A for gas and X for brake, and this just wasn't an option in any of the preset controller configs for Shift 1. I've been playing Forza this way for years. I just can't seem to get used to using the XBox triggers for gas and brake...after 4 generations of Gran Turismo games, it's a really hard habit to break.

I stopped playing Shift 1 just for this reason...well that and the controls were too twitchy (something I find with XBox controllers in general) and I couldn't manage to setup Shift's confusing sensitivity setup to find a good balance.


Damn I cant wait. Already pre-ordered it.


the biggest disapointment with all the american title games is the cars are all left hand drive... who wants to drive a American wanna be sprinter? wouldnt you prefer to have the japanese model?

this keeps me from enjoying american games... forza has it right, you drive a R32 GTR and its RHD!

Test drive unlimited fails. BNR34 is LHD, even though they were never released in LHD..


Niiceeee i was lukin for agame like this for ps3 and now my favourite game title has it..... and the engine swaps will make this game even better now we can actually class it up to forza 3


I've always been a big GT-series fan, but these details blow them away. The blackwall tire lettering is real, instead of a generic, illegible blob of characters in the normal map, not to mention the paint dots on them. And engine swaps? Why haven't I seen this before? It seems like it'd be relatively simple to do by copying & pasting some code from one car to another, provided the swap is realistic, as these two appear to be.

Other than a few days on Shift 1, I haven't really played any NFS since Need For Speed II. And since I own a PS3 only, Shift 2 is already looking like the most likely game to sway me away from GT5.




Any Sakura wheels?


Looks amazing! whats the planned release timeframe?


sorry guys. Shift is a joke. it tries too hard to be a racing sim like Forza or GT but the physics are kiddie shit. bring back the NFS:Underground series. that's where arcade physics, like those in Shift, actually belong. if you're gonna try to make a sim, please do it right. far as most people in my generation are concerned, NFS hasn't made a decent game since NFS: Most Wanted; everything from Carbon to Shift 1 was utter crap. i'd very much like to see them proven wrong.


Thanks for including Bathurst in the game, we Aussies really appresiate it!!!


Okay the Graphics on this sucker just LOOK AMAZING!!!! I though at first this was a real AE86 lol. I have Shift 1 and loved competing against ppl in the online drifting. With Graphics and all the mods available I can't wait to see what the final product will look like. AMAZING! I am seriously going to ditch GT5 when this comes out., Love the fun factor in shift1 and I'm sure this one will not disappoint.


If you guys fixed the handling issues, this has potential to be a fantastic game. But if it still drives like Shift 1 or Hot Pursuit, I don't think it will ever get to the level of Forza or GT. Just my thoughts, and the reason I didn't like Shift 1 at all.


Seriously cannot wait for this game to come out. Hopefully the driving dynamics are improved and if they are then this game is perfect.


A few suggestions, being a shift1 player.

- Adjustable Offsets and static ride height drops?

- Availability to adjust depth of con-caved wheels?

- Convert cars to rear wheel drive for drifting? (etc, Tanner Foust's Scion tc, team orange evos and Stis, Nomuken's /Nishida's GTR..

- Individual Body kits? (etc. winged, wingless, C-west front bumper but the rear is URAS)

-Availability to drift even on race/ time attack challenge (THIS IS A MUST)!!

all in all, sweet game!! loving the engine swaps :)

think fusion with NFS Carbon ;)


engine swaps in a game? that is just top stuff.. the shift2 is looking like the most legit racing game to hit the market. well done to the developers for making it less corny


Yer great job with the engine swaps and rims, if you could get them to add more work equips and volk te37 sl's i would possible send you a love letter, are the kits gunna be like shift 1? or can you mix and match?


Also if there is a chaser in it i will send you nudes ;)


Engine swaps? Didnt expect them to be in this. Fantastic. I cant wait to race around Bathurst, this is one of my most anticipated games for 2011. Thanks Rod for posting this up, Shift 2 looks incredible.


This is superb,finally a game that a purist speedhunter can play,i liked Shift 1 and Shift 2 looks promising with added bonuses of japanese wheel of choice and engine swap...was getin a bit tired of the none modifying car games!!


I played a Beta of Shift 2 a month or so ago, and I loved every minute of it. Massive improvement over the first, and I can't wait for it to hit the shelves. The only thing I ask is that the steering isn't as twitchy (though some time in the menus remedies that for the most part...).

Cheers for the info and photos!


Looks like your hanging around on Spa Francorchamps in Belgium.

Awesome updates and thanks for your hard work, and for including us in the process!


MOUNT PANORAMA!!! oh my god... rod... you are the best!

im so proud our best racetrack/public road had an effect on you when you came down for WTAC last year!


If you needed another person to test out that game for you, I'd be more than willing!


WOW; I see shift 2 could be a real good racing game, Just like Shift 1, and unlike HP 2010 crap; My only hope was a improve in the handling caracteristic, manual shifting; no automatic drift mode for the car (any, and definitely the worst thing in HP 2010), but, and, a more affordable drift mode for whose who plays without a Sterring wheel, and obviously; Imprezas; Evos; and Focus WRC style bodykits....!!!!!!


damn man this game looks slick i really wasn't a fan of shift1 but man i gotta say im looking forward to this.


this new stuff sounds awesome!! but i have come across screen shots of a series 4 rx7 stickered up to look like mike whiddets fd or rx8. i will be very disappointed if thats all we get in the way of mad cars. please tell me it was just fan art. rx8 and the quad rotor fd better make it in. along with matt powers mean s14


and we need some work autostrada modenas. just so i can make my s4 rx7 on the game


please tell me that the weird super jerky skipping cars are gone. as long as the car was under a certain level they drove fine, but once you modified it past that level they skipped around the track like pebbles on water


fix the handling first, please




Damn, i really expecting some tire stretch on this game!


Very nice feature to add to the NFS Shift! :)

And I love you also added the SSR Mk 1 as well. How about more rare vintage wheels like the SSR Starshark, Hayashi Street, Hayashi Sakura, Hoshino Impul or even some Phantom Shadows? Would be great to see those under a hachi! :)

I must ask for three features on Shift2:

1. Not only be able to set the width of the rim, but also be able the offset. This way you can create mad dish as well!

2. Be able to play the game on a less able computer as well. I was very pleased with Shift1 at first, but after advancing a couiple of levels the details of the car/track/etc increased and on every new race I had to stop the game and decrease the performance a bit more until every detail was gone. I was very very disappointed about Shift1 after playing it for a week and it felt a bit like a rip off. Since I was playing it on a one year old laptop I wasn't able to change the videocard nor exchange it for a newer model...


Release date is 29.03.2011


Yeah this looks amazing and I will buy it when it comes out. One thing though with the engine swaps keep it to where you can actually do it in actual life. For example having a AE86 with a LFA V10 would just be ridiculous because it is impossible or very damn near impossible to do and no one would have the money to actually drop it in, you get what I'm saying?

Ooh and is there gonna be front end conversions that would be SICK!!!

I totally agree with Naga_Ten let there be drag again and stretched tires.


I thougt the first picture was real until I scrolled down. WOW! Biggest hope for the game is that handling is more realistic. All the rims look absolutely spot on!


I only want to say a thing about tires. Everything 'bout wheels themselves is great,but did you thought about getting the rubber much more streched than in previous NFS? It's very important when it comes to general look,especially when your car is wearing some retro rims.


1) Physics - Broken in PC version - had to resort to community patches for proper handling and feel.

2) Drift - Broken (not sure about other console version) Unrealistic at best - I feel there is no need to create seprate physics just for drifting - give us the options to tweak the suspension to make the car to slide or grip

3) Bodykits - AWESOME! it was the best out of all car games

4) racing AI balance - so often I saw all the cars crashing into each other in first corner -

Regardless, I WILL buy this game, I will think of it as my annual subscription fee to SPEEDHUNTERS -

No really, thank you EA for giving us the best car culture site with NO ADS and SUBSCRIPTION.

This will be how I pay back.

Thanks :-)


Nissan syilvia s13 that would be super cool but if not be able to pick your own side skirts,bumpers,wings and stuff like that witch would be cool


I thought the first Shift looked brilliant, and basically got an XBox 360 just to play both it and Forza. But I'd have to join the physics debate and say they're pretty horrible. I've spent most of my time trying to tweak the controls to see if I can get it remotely pleasant to play, but I just can't get it anywhere near. It's a real, real shame, because visually and aurally it was just about ideal for people who read this site (the only game I've ever seen that understands fitment!), and the tracks look really good too. I just don't want to play it anymore, which is a real shame. Back to Forza and LFS I go...

I suspect it may be easier said than done, and I also appreciate that it's probably not in your 'jurisdiction' either, but MAKE IT PLAY LIKE FORZA! If you don't get the physics right, the game will fail. Simple as that. Shift 1 is one of the most frustrating 'nearly-there' games I've ever seen, and I've been around them longer than I'd care to admit.

So, yeah, PHYSICS: get them right ;-)


shift1 was definitely eye candy but the physics wasnt up to par... specially the drifting... hope it doesnt disappoint like the last one.


Yes Yes Yes!

Proper Tuning, and Bathurst track. Now tell me that the driving physics are great and i finally have a substitute for Rfactor.


Yes Yes Yes!

Proper Tuning, and Bathurst track. Now tell me that the driving physics are great and i finally have a substitute for Rfactor.


Whoooooooooot !!!! Niiiiice, love the TE37V, and those toyotas wow, awesome !



How are they? :)


Wow. Shift 2 looks sooo realistic.


Hell yes!!! Very nice to see an actual enthusiast in charge and not forgetting about the classics. Consider me SOLD. And BTW, I give you permission to add the KP61 Starlet to the game as well with a BEAMS 3SGE swap if you like ;)


Styling Options were okay in SHIFT 1, but the

-bad drive physics

-bad drive feel with steering wheel

-cheating drive assists (AI drivers clearing a corner 30km/h faster with the same car because of cheating stability control)

-hopeless multiplayer mode (online only, too few options)

were what made this game worse than e.g. GRID.

Since ProStreet, the NFS series has been totally overstyled UI-wise, while the drive physics really came short. Best drive physics of the series were in Underground 2 imo, even though you could not switch off all assists there.

Those styling options you are presenting are really nice, but worthless if driving is no fun in SHIFT 2.


,maybe it was answered already,but i wonder,will be ingame some kind of japan street racing? like a wangan,and some touges?


NFS Shift was good when it came to cars, graphics etc but the main problem I've had with NFS Shift was the handling of the cars. So much so that I just didn't play the game. The psuedo sim handling of the cars was very frustrating and drained all the fun from the driving experience. I think a decision should be made to go full simulation or more arcade with the handling.


Good stuff!


Bringing back the "adjustable offsets" from NFS Carbon would be the cherry on the sundae.


Hi! :) That game looks awesome! :) I hope the game are easier to drift with than shift1. There are way unrealistic in shift1. A little more realistic and this game will be perfect! :D


I clicked the SHIFT2 UNLEASHED link and went over to see the car list.. You mentioned an LFA, they didnt list an LFA.. You leaking info? xD If so, more more more!!!


Nice! You are drifting at Bathurst (Mt. Panorama). Vintage wheels, cool. Engine swaps excellent (be sure to make it an option to put an RB26DETT in an S-chassis, or any car for that matter). More improvements I believe you can make is to make painting/powder coating wheels an option, and being able to install more than two styles of wheels on any car. For example, I would run a (grassroots, street legal) drift spec car with the TE37V's at the rear, a Watanabe on the RF, and a stock wheel on the LF.


One thing I forgot is to fix how the car handles when you go off-track. In Shift 1, if you found yourself off-track, the car would seem to bounce uncontrollably. I know that cars do not handle correctly once you go off-track, but I have yet to see one bounce.


So Rod. How does you AE86 feel when drifting? Is it like driving in Grid, or Forza?, Or is it like Shift1 where you barely touch the throttle and the rear end comes around without any hope of pulling off a sweet drift?


the graphics look soo shitty compared to gt5, looks like we're in year 2000 or something. and if shift 2 could have tolerable physics unlike the first one it would be great. i know cool cars and rims will be the reason for buying this game but real car enthusiasts who drift real cars too can't play unrealistic games like this. especially when you're playing with a proper wheel like g25 or g27. sorry but thats my 2 cents..


hopefully the drifting in this games gunna be better than the first one.. the first shift was so fake.. it wasn't even fun to play..


- main thing to improve should be the physiks while drifting!!

- the drift mode should be more like in FM3 or GT5.

- some new bodykits, like D-Max, URAS and so on would be nice, too!!!

- Matt Powers and Mad Mike's Cars should be in Game!!! :D


I was originally going to get this game towards the end of the year but the phrases "engine swap" and "why not" literally(figuratively) blew me away. Shift1 was a good game but it didn't compare to GT5 which I've been playing nonstop since it came out.The game is almost flawless but I'm saying almost for a reason. The things that I want in GT5 just happen to have been mentioned in this post about Shift2(some of it at least). I guess the gaming industry has won again, stealing my hard earned money. It's going to be worth it though.


really really cool,. looking forward to this game because i really liked shift1. but why, please tell me why is the 86 a LHD? 180sx LHD, supra LHD? i dont like that ;)


strech please !!!!!

exterior swap to, would be great to put a s15 face on a s14 !


Engine swap, thats sweet! wish u could change a cars drivetrain FD to FF, or FF to AWD, and bring back the tuning stuff from nfsu2, choose if u want a compressor or turbo and what size and when it wills tart to spoolup and when u have max spool, changing the suspension and stuff would be nice to! :]

I hated shift, cars behaved strange, did not work all that great with my g25 setup, cars did not brak, if i crash the car @ 250km/h into a wall i want it to be totaly fucked up not just to drive along like nothing happened.


It looks like you are steering te ship in the right direction, sir. PLEASE though, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dont release a half-assed game like "SHIFT1". So many glitches, so sketchy, so all over the place. I really hope this game kicks the ass off the first, and I will give you guys another shot. It looks like you are going that way, so Im pretty excited, I cant lie. Good luck, and keep up the good work.


Looks cool, Got to be better than the EPIC failure GT5


Wait wait wait. Theres drifting in the game but you decided not to include tire stretch because most of the time your circuit racing? Boo


Now,all you can do is add the S13 to the game..And maybe some more bodykits,and choice between front;rear bumper and side skirts!It would be damn better than GT5 and FM3 together!! :))


i must say being a GT5 fanboy myself that the details in the tyres are quite impressive and the choice of rims! one thing i really hate about GT5 is not being able to put on a certain set of rims unless its in the preset menus!!!!

But i wont be buying this.....TDU2 is GOING to be an epic game........EPIC!!!!!!!


swap is cool! i wait SHIFT 2 and buy it! the game needs a swap 2JZ-GTE and RB26DETT in the Silvia S15.

I agree with the comments, that the game needs old school cars like Toyota Cressida GX71, Toyota Mark II, because only the AE86 will be a little.

Old school JDM rims is FANTASTIC!

Also want to see in the game Ebisu North Course and Ebisu South Course for drifting and famous wall, kiss the wall =)))

Sorry for my English;)



wait a second.

are this ingame screens ?

some of em look pretty real


BTW. car request. FT86 II. Nuff said.


sick! can't wait to get my hands on that game!


is the track spa?


Hey I'm really into NFS and the tuner car culture, I thought it would be great if you guys included some old school ENKEI wheels, BBS, Sprint Hart wheels, Volk, and SSR wheels into the mix of the old school wheels.

PS. I'm only 15, keep up the great work Speedhunters, you've really inspired me to buy an old school car when I get the money and time.


As long as I can get a set of Watanabe's and put Fujiwara Tofu Shop on the side... I really don't care.


how did u get the job u have ? id love to get into designing cars and the physics/graphics behind them.. i spend most of my time drawing them


looks awesome!! although, the nfsu2 concept should of kept going (my opinion), that has the funnest gameplay overall, lol, im still playing it now, since it's release, purely for how fun it is. and free roam!!! that is the best part!! no time limits, no course, wherever you wanna go!!


game needs to have correct visual response:

- if u change the wheel offset, u can see the difference.

- tire sizes should also be made custom. hell, if i want to put 295's on a hachiroku, why not!? ill make it fit...

- same thing goes with lowering. if i lower it by a lot i wanna see it. i wanna also see the negative effects and feel them on the track (tire rubbing for example and fixing it with enough camber)

looks promising. loved shift1, will def pick up shift 2.


Love the rims and the engine swap option now we just need a S13 rocket bunny kit.


In last Shift physics of tyres and all around handling failed the was EPIC FAIL for those who though it's going to be real simulator.......

p.s. as some ppl said.......It going to be DOUBLE FAIL if they guys going to do nothing about grip.... hope they will change it to like some Hard Core modes was maiden by fans to SHIFT(1)


I am a bit of a Gamehunter as well as a Speedhunter, so this is all good news, and If anything the Development team at DICE are not one to skimp on quality Gameplay, I know for a fact that Shift 2 is aiming their sights at the Big Boys in the commercial sim racing scene (Forza and Gran Turismo) so I expect we will see a pretty damn vast improvement in the Physics department, after all they have Licensed GT1 right? I doubt they would get that endorsement with the funhouse physics we got in unmodified Shift1. I am looking forward to it.


There is no excuse for not including stretched tires or negative camber. I DON'T CARE IF IT MAKES MY CAR HANDLE LIKE SH*T!

Haha, but good work really looks like its turning into what NFS should have ages ago, a real driving simulation. Im going to have to agree with the physics though, can you compete with Forza? Much less Gran Turismo? Let's hope, because I sure do love speedhunters.


S13 silvia please??