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Lotus Motorsport today unveiled it's 2011 Formula One World Championship car at the Autosport International show in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Previously Renault F1, the team has been renamed as Lotus Renault from the start of the 2011 season. The team has returned to it's iconic black and gold livery which graced it's world championship winning car in 1972 amongst others. More coverage and more new cars from Autosport coming soon …


Paddy McGrath



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Thanks for stuffing it up, TOTAL!

Love the JPS look, just wish it wasn't compromised in this fashion.... =/


Thats better, should have done this scheme last year. Brilliant!


stil dont understand whats going to happen with the "lotus racing" team from last season?

anyone care to explain?


a few things need setting straight


At the moment, this is a sponsorship arrangement for the Renault Team. The FIA will still call it a Renault on the timing screens.


"The team has returned to it's iconic black and gold livery which graced it's world championship winning car in 1972 amongst other"


Group Lotus bending the truth a little. Group Lotus/Lotus Cars and 'Team Lotus' were and are different companies, owned at the same time by Colin Chapman. At no time did Lotus Cars race in F1. It was Team Lotus...naming rights for that are being argued between this Lotus-Renault team and the Team Lotus Team of Tony Fernandez


My dream came true!


NICE! such an iconic livery

the red kind of sucks though


Really like the livery on this one great color combo


Rad. I'm feelin that.


Enfain une vrai Formule 1 belle ! :D


Quite frankly Colin Chapman must be turning in his grave. The world is upside down now, and now in Motorsport as well. Renault, a French brand to power a English (as English as they get) car. Seriously. F1 is a bunch of businessmen who don't give a rats ass about heritage. It'd be much more fit to be using a Cosworth, but that's not the point since there are 2 Lotus outfits and it's all politics and business one way or another.

That aside, the car does "look" nice......


Reminds me of the ULTIMATE F1 livery from back in the day.....JPS of course.


GRRRRRRRRR This is not the Real Team Lotus, Danny Bahar is going to destory Lotus

Tony Ferandeze team are the True Team Lotus


think its pretty out of order what Proton have done .... there is only one Lotus on the grid this year ... team lotus FTW !!


Shouldn't it be "its" instead of "it's" :)?


Well the only thing Lotus about last season's team was the name, which they basically bought off of Lotus. Perhaps this year they will be competing under a different name?


Go KUBICA! Go Renault!


The livery is awesome, but F1 cars are too ugly now.


Yeah, I agree the red sucks.


Danny Bahar is going to bankcurpt Lotus with his dream of making it Ferrari like, Colin will defantly be turning in his grave

Reanult will never be Lotus

I hope Danny Bahar fails


tony'team lotus=is nothing but a inheritance history.

this team lotus=is a continuation inheritance of colin'lotus cars...which explain why every one recognise this team as the legitimate lotus..brundel,mansell,the chapman family...


teamsleepnine, sorry mate your wrong

Team Lotus and Lotus Cars were always seperate enitys, at no stage did group Lotus ever hold the rights or ownership to Team Lotus

Team Lotus was created as a seperate divsion to Group Lotus, so that if either company failed they would not effect the other company,

When Lotus was purchased by GM in the mid 1980tys they had the option to purhase the Team Lotus rights and name but choose not to, these were the purchased by David Hunt brother of James Hunt F1 World champion, he gave the Pacific team in 1995 the right to run with the team Lotus name, but after they folded, the took the rights back and held onto them again. This year when Tony lost the right to Race under the Lotus racing banner, due to a Tee-Shirt dispute (Danny Bahars ego getting in the way) he approached David Hunt and purcahsed the rights to orginal Team Lotus form him, if Proton cared so much about the history and passion of Lotus why did they never purchase the rights to Team Lotus? They had several oppourtunitys to but choose not to.

I feel that more people ned to do some reading here:


For crying out loud, F1 managed almost 20 years without Lotus and now there are two teams. Let the bickering begin, cause otherwise it wouldn't be called F1's silly season. Quite frankly I couldn't care less but then again, I never understood the almost religious following some Teams have.


um... you guys do realize that Renault powered Lotus when Ayrton Senna was driving for them right?

Oh also here is another thing to add to the fire. Lotus was black and gold because it was the branding of John Player Special (just like how all Marlboro cars are red and white). So that being said, by bringing back the black and gold livery, shouldn't whatever tobacco company that now owns JPS (I think it's British American Tobacco) have something to say about this?