Event>> Skyline Owners Battle – Pt2

It's time to conclude our look at the Skyline Owners Battle now with this final selection of images from the last event I covered in 2010. Judging from the response to Part 1 it's obvious these older Skylines are still very much loved and appreciated by enthusiasts.

It always surprises me just how many parts and products are readily available in Japan for older cars like this, and when things aren't available off the shelf you can always count on the ingenuity of tuners to come up with something special and create cars like the R30 above.

And best of all is seeing these cars get driven, and when I say driven, I mean driven hard! Even the Hakosukas, and that lonely Kenmery we saw in the previous post, were sporting race-spec dampers and street-legal semi-slick tires for optimal grip.

Out of all of the S20 powered jewels at Tsukuba that day it was this four door that was without a doubt the most special.

The vintage 2-liter 6-cylinder S20 masterpiece powering it was not only modified with fully rebuilt internals, wilder cams and a set of bigger carbs but it somehow sounded very different. The unique howl these motors have was still there, but on top of it there was an additional concoction of mechanical noises. This is so far the only S20 I have heard fitted with the OS Giken gear conversion kit, which replaces the chain drive over to gear drive. The owner was kind enough to rev it for me and the sound was simply fantastic! Hear it for yourself here.

A bit more R30 love.

Hoshino Racing wheels, oh yes!

Looks like Nakai-san over at Rauh Welt is applying his unmistakable touch to an ever-expanding variety of cars.

The RB26 powering this RWB widebody BNR32 was mated to an externally gated T78 turbine, which made it one of the fastest cars during the session.

Hakosuka heaven! 

Nothing like modern wheels to spice up the looks of these classics. This 4-door was running on BNR32 16-inch wheels with obligatory lowered stance.

And it's coupe brother!

Possibly the most in your face R30 out there!

With only 197 ever made this remains the rarest of the GT-Rs…

…so seeing one out on track is quite the treat.

The various sessions continued throughout the afternoon…

…so the entertainment never really stopped.

I ran across what looked like another authentic Hakosuka Hardtop parked up behind the paddock. I'm sure the carbon hood is very light but does it look right on a vintage street cars like this? What do you guys think?

Gotta love these replicas of the old seventies race cars that personalities like Kurosawa Motoharu made famous. But where is the bumper-mounted oil cooler?

That pretty much raps things up for the 2010 Skyline Owners Battle. I hope you enjoyed this look back at the cars that helped make the seventies and eighties such an unforgettable era in the JDM world.

Skyline Owners Battle – PT1

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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desktop of picture 11 please PLEASE please

it such a amazing picture of a perfect car


much love for the R30! now...when's the 31 love?


Hey Dino!! desktop in HQ of second picture!!! love me wide rear arches of that R30 :)


That 2nd photo (R30) is so dope! It'd be rad to see a story on that thing!


Desktop version of #3 please! Tsukuba and Hakosuka in one photo is too much hotness!


Desktop of picture 11! Or any of them! PLEASE! They are too cool for school.


That R30 is sooo sexy. Best looking one I have seen.


RWB BNR32 = instant love!


Sport versions of old cars like Opels, Simcas had matte black hoods to reduces sun glare, so a carbon hood doesn't look too much out place.


Watanabes gallore I LOVE LIFE


Whenever I hear about kenmeri GT-Rs it's always either that white car or the ones Nissan has, where are the others?


Soooo much awesomeness all at once. My brain is melting out my ears!!! Great post!!



Where are "R34"s?????!!!


Carbon hood on a 2000 GT-R? Hell yes. Id do it.


carbon hood is functional no doubt but would look best painted, or even carbon kevlar would match the colour a little better! RWB everything FTW although the wheels (still very nice) are a little tame by his standards lol


the sound clip of that S20 is mental! it made my eyes water for real, feel like i was born into the wrong generation... great cars, nice write up and pics dino!


i think i might have passed out if i was there....skyline overload...


every one of these cars are beautiful, I honestly can't even pick out which one I like the most. I wish I could hear that S20 roar though!


ooooo kenmeri!!!


i think im in heaven!

could you do a feature or tell us more about the R30 in pic 2, it looks insane!


The carbon fiber bonnet doesn't look bad at all, it's a nice change from the "usual" Hakosukas with body colored ones. But if I had one of those, I wouldn't do that. It's better to keep genuine classics in the most original state possible. On the other hand, the Office Tomitaku S30 looks pretty damn cool with it's orange and black paintjob, and so do xE70 Corollas with black bonnets.

Of course, thanks for sharing with us such a great event! There were not enough R30s in SpeedHunters, and that S20 with the OS Giken gear kit was a bliss to hear! Now, we need more R31s, don't you think? : )


How about some R31 love? only 1 photo?


I'm really liking the R30. :D




the look of the hood inst bad at all


Sup guys what is the name of the lips yall put on your R30 skylines?, the front bumper lip or chin spoiler as they say haha, i cant find it anywhare and really want 1!!