Car Spotlight>>tuned Mazdaspeed3

The MazdaSpeed3 is known as one of the best bang for the buck performance cars of the last few years, but you don't  see a whole lot of modified ones on the street.

When I saw this one at Cars & Coffee the other day, I knew a quick spotlight would be in order.

Without overdoing it, the owner of this MS3 has managed to improve his car in a number of areas. As usual, one of the first things that caught my eye were the wheels…

…18" Advan RS with Brembo brakes visible behind the spokes.

A peak inside shows a mildy upgraded interior with a fixed back bucket and Takata harness for the pilot.

Not sure exactly what's been done with that rear spoiler, but it looks more aggressive than the factory one. Also note the rear mudflaps.

Finally, one more view of the front with the front-mount intercooler and subtle chin spoiler.

All in all it looks like a great packcage, and one of the coolest MazdaSpeed3's I've seen yet.

-Mike Garrett



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Nice MS3 !!!... any hp #'s ?


This is engine specs or engine bay pics? The job's like only 50% done lol


things d4nnnnkkkkkk, so clean too. mazdaspeed 3's are an underrated car


Freakin awesome, i agree with thecastiron these things are fast.


arent those still FWD?


niiiice. speed3's are awesome!


I honestly must be missing it ... but does Speedhunters have something against COBB tuning? This car looks good but my first thought was that COBB's MS3's look great and have won many autocross events. Then I started thinking if any other COBB car's have been featured on here and I come to the realization of no. I think you've mentioned COBB here and there and you guys have posted JDM legends stuff before so I'm guessing no. Those are some great cars your missing out on. Oh well and on topic, the MS3 here is a little too much show for my tastes but it does look good. Seems like a fun grocery getter.


im normally not into the mazda 3's, but this thing is sexy


No Mazdaspeed 6's showing up to cars and coffee? I shall show up ftw. 2 more years and i think my car would be worthy of speedhunters.


Certainly one of the nicest MS3s I have seen yet.


If you have never driven a Mazdaspeed 3 or Mazda 3 MPS as we call them in Aus, do it. Just for the fun of it. I've been told they are faster from 80-120 than a 911 Porsche and after driving it i don't doubt it! The torque is just ferocious! So is the torque steer mind you haha. Great looking car this one though!


Looks very cool.

Do these things handle? Must be some reason behind them not being overly popular?

I;d drive one if it handled!

The base model was shit. Hence i bought a 2010 rolla for a new daily....i should send some pics in when i get her back ;)


i own a true red speed 3 aswell, this one is the DG Motorsports car, complete with:

DGM fibreglass hood

DGM carbon side skirts

DGM carbon front lip splitter

DGM carbon rear spoiler extension

it is also featured on under the 2007-2009 madaspeed 3 DGM vented hood

gorgeous car none the less


Still think it looks like a imitation Sti 5 door. if you give it a glace. Its a sexy car tho...


Downside; this looks EXACTLY like a MazdaSpeed3 that's owned by someone near me in Buford, Georgia, US. These need more variation to stand out.


@ Alex Sanchez:

I think the mazdaspeed3 was introduced a year or so before the STI hatchback., but i might be wrong, I'm not 10% sure


FWD yes: and with a set of coilovers, wider rims and decent rubber, half the torque steer is dialed out and these Speed 3's are insane on the track...


You go to Cars & Coffee and feature this?


Ha Ha! Wow, I thought it was pics of my MINI JCW Clubman, has the same color combo!


puked a lil

shopping cart WING


what kinda driving seat any more pics of inside


ms3 equals new srt-4, so are the owners. and why would he need a hood scoop with an fmic layout?


Hate on the wing, and I doubt the owner actually tracks his car, but these do suffer from rear lift at high speed. Turn 1 on streets of willow would get pretty hairy due to this in my speed3.

We are around, the speed is a very capable road course car, I have surprised many people with how fast I can get around in it. With a better driver I have no doubt my car is capable of a 2:00 - 2:02 at buttonwillow, or a sub 1:29 on streets of willow.


Beautiful car, any idea how these perform on the track?


picture #5 shows lisence plate #.


i think its only an imitation of that wrx sti:


What makes this MS3 with different wheels and aftermarket seat tuned?


This guy should have just bought an Impreza.


Well Max he obviously didn't want to follow the crowd! Excellent MS3 if only more people knew they exsisted here in the UK!


Nice & clean... =)


Too bad there aren't many Mazda 3 MPS / Mazdaspeed 3s on Speedhunters.
People don't recognize it is a true bomb if tuned properly (even in stock form, I assure you that, speaking about my own experiences with my own car... :) )...