Car Spotlight>>shelby Meets Mad Max

While most of the Speedhunters team is busy covering exotic automotive events on opposite sides of the globe, I'm back here in good old California feeling slightly jealous of those global trekkers. No worries though, because there's plenty more cool stuff to be found around here – like the flat black machine you see above.

The car is Factory Five Racing Type 65 Coupe, a replica of the infamous Shelby Daytona Coupe. The minute I saw this flat black beast rumble into Cars & Coffee, I knew I had found another car to spotlight.

This particular coupe is sporting parts from Levy Racing, meaning there's a very hotted up Ford small block under the hood.

What thing that really sets this car apart are the wheels – Weds SA-70's from Japan. Not the typical choice for a car like this. Also, check the side pipes. Awesome!

Here's a look inside the cockpit. No unnecessary bling in here.

Love the raw look of the 5-speed shifter. Amenities? Forget about it. Just how it should be on car like this.

The great thing about replicas like this is that you get the iconic Shelby race car styling, but can take your own creative license with the build.

More importantly, you can get out and enjoy the car without the headaches that come with owning a museum piece.

It certainly put a smile on the face of everyone who saw it last Saturday, including myself.

-Mike Garrett



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incredibly sexy. many wallpapers please.


Saw this at Facebook, was the firstone who knew the Name!! IAm so cool!!! Everybody though its was a Datzun!!! OMG iam so Awesome


I like the ear plugs on the center console


the wheels totally kill it for me. If you're going to do japanese some equip 18x10 and 12 might work


The wheels don't look right on it.


I agree with everyone else, should have gone period correct on the wheels.


Should go with period correct american wheels imo. but the weds are at least super light. I think it needs a little more tire tho and a little less wheel, but to each his own!


Re: My name, they ruin the whole look of the car, could have been so epic.


Sweet Sweet car, but the rims kinda kill it for me, and I mean kill in terms of fail. So many other choices out there that would've fit the body and gone with the style of it that would've made this look badass! These wheels remind me of when my buddy put Enkei V1 wheels on his 2003 Mustang GT...


That is one bad ass looking Daytona!


lame - flat black is childish. then again this car is a hodgepodge of things that make no sense like the wheels


Can i please have a desktop pic of that gear lever photo? thanks


Bowing down!!!!!!!!!




beautiful interior, hanging exterior. also, shame about the steering wheel. how are you sposed to grip that?


Awesome, i love this thing. Every time im at Cars and Coffee, Im lucky enough to see this monster, Nice replica... funny how they gota wear ear plugs when its running.


love the ear plugs for driver and passenger sitting in front of the shifter


That is rad! Needs wider wheels/tires in the reaer to fill out those wheel wells. But shoot, who am I kidding, that thing must haul it good!


Always liked the Cobras... but not exactly the plush interior of more modern rockets


What a spartan interior!


The build quality looks superb, but those wheels just look dumb.


love the Weds Sports wheel that is very very unique..i bet the owner is into jdm car before he bought that car because a muscle car head know nothing about light weight wheels haha just need some bride or recaro seats


the matte black is tits......the rest of the car is meh.

it's probably because my friend has a seriously kick ass version of this car (same factory five kit).....makes me look at Daytonas differently nowadays....takes more to float my boat


I love this car!! Like everyone else has said, wallpapers please!


Great car,NOT digging the wheels !!!


Desktop backgrounds. NOW!

First, second, third, seventh. Any of them. All of them.


Bad ass! This is what replacas are all about. Like Mike said you get the original beutiful shape but with your own incredients! Awesome!


So damn sexy!

But, like some people already said: The wheels should be classic american


Wow... I thought I was totally over matt black on cars since it has been so overdone recently but that just looks plain awesome.


The wheels are all wrong for that car. It would be a cute nod to what was in the engine bay had the owner built it around an RB or a 2JZ just to get the purists' (is there such a thing where kit cars are concerned?) panties in a bunch. But as it is, doesn't look right. Color does not match the bronze of the wheels, needs something that says "I trace my design heritage to the cars that crushed Ferrari" instead of, "You may have seen these wheels on your pizza delivery boy's 240sx, lol."


Factory Five Flippage. Hot Sh*t....