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The Vauxhall / Opel Corsa is a car not readily associated with motorsport. Although there is the more than potent VXR variant, it's a car primarily created as a reliable and economical grocery getter. Back in one of our earlier posts from the 2011 Autosport International, I asked you guys to name what car an F20C was sitting in …

… I think only those of you who attended got it right. To be fair I made a small error, although it may look like an F20c, it is in fact a Honda K20 engine. I'm going to put this one to the experts out there since I'm not too up on my Honda engines but that does look like an F20C cam cover, are these interchangeable or can you fit an F20c head to a K20 block ?

Regardless, the car is a 350BHP supercharged, rear wheel drive rocket. The entire rear end has been transplanted from an S2000 and the power is transferred through a Kaaz differential.

The shell is a single piece kevlar item which helps keep the weight down to a very respectable 950KGs.

Compomotive wheels have long been a favourite on the UK scene.

Inside is as basic as can be, no frills in here just the absolute essentials.

Since Rallycross is pretty much a contact sport, an extensive weld in rollcage is required to meet regulations.

The car also features fully adjustable Ohlins suspension. The car will be competing the 2011 Rallycross championship which I'm hoping to at least try and make a round of in 2011 !


Paddy McGrath



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Good to see some rallycross coverage!


Covering a round this year would be awesome Paddy, it's properly great racing to spectate at - supercars especially. Spotlight on the Evo by any chance?


awesome ..But why the k20?. There must be some F20 block- K20 head weird honda combo like the old days i high school .. wow.... . at 28 i feel old now... do kids in high school still build cars or just wear skinny jeans.


yeah pretty nice rallycross example wierd swap


Thats definitely an F20C head... cant see the bottom, so i cant say.

But not too sure how you'd setup the K20 block for RWD.

Seems more probable that its just a simple F20C, why go through all that trouble for a K20 block?

Cute little monster though, any video links?


definitely a f20c, but badass none the less.


Wow, they should time attack this beast, and maybe gymkhana. I would love to see it on the Gunsai Touge


Not sure about the head swap but you can bolt up a K20 to a F20 transmission.


The speedometer look like the ones in the Koenigseggs ...


Man that things looks like it can take a beating ! Awesome !!


Looks nice


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Thats definitely a F20c, but there is a S2000 from Colorado that runs a K24, using a F20 tranny.


@ddd2017 lol im in the 11th grade and i think the number of skinny jeans wearers and ricers outnumber real car enthusiast. i only know of a couple in my school


Having been around both the K20 and F20C quite a bit, I seem to recall that the F20 block is quite a bit longer than the the K series block. Of course, that could just be because of the way that you view both of the engines in the bay, one of them longitudinal and the other transverse.


Very cool indeed!


Yeah,that is an F20C head, and I highly doubt that they would go through the trouble of try to mate the F20C head to a K20/24 block. I mean where is the logic behind spending all that money just to get rid of the iVTEC system?? So, I think it's safe to say that is an F20C sitting in that engine bay. The car looks like it could be a real contender! I would like to see some video of it running some courses!


I spoke to the owner of this car at the Autosport show! He was a really nice guy and I challenged him about the printout saying K20 when in fact it was definitely an F20C block.

He said that the organisers had done his printout wrong! Its definitely an F20C guys! I promise!