Photos Of The Year 2010>> Casey Dhnaram – Pt.ii

Here is my final post for 2010. Looking back on these carefully chosen images really does put a smile to my face. This year has been like no other, travelling so many miles  for something that I love doing – I really couldn't ask for anything else!

MSC Challenge, Mobara Twin Circuit, Chiba, Japan

D1-Street Legal, Tsukuba 1000 Circuit, Tsukuba, Japan: For this capture, I happened to be in the perfect place at the perfect time. Here I was, face to face with one of my all-time favourite cars that lives in Japan. Naoki Nakamura sans PS13. I took as many shots as possible at the time, it was such a perfect scene seeing this vibrant car and the sun setting over the hills of Tsukuba Circuit.

D1-Street Legal, Keiichi, Tsuchiya, Tsukuba 1000 Circuit, Japan: This shot was taken at the D1 Street Legal event as the three judges applauded Nakamura for taking out the D1 Street Legal competition for 2010.

Porsche Track Day, Queensland Raceway, Australia: The sound of a Porsche Cup car screaming around 'The Hairpin' is something you don't get to experience so often.

Ray Box, Willowbank Raceway, Australia: My interview with Ray Box, the man behind Australia's well known Jamboree drag racing series.

Autum Drift Matsuri, Minami Circuit, Fukushima, Japan: A shot of Minami Circuit from above, the best grassroots event I attended.

Nikko Drift Day, Nikko Circuit, Utsunomiya, Japan: Kouki vs Zenki battling it out at Nikko Circuit.

Yo's AE86, Yokohama Bay, Yokohama: A D1-GP AE86 plus a crazy 4A-GE = this!

Jamboree testing, Heat Treatments R32 GT-R, Willowbank Raceway, Australia: Reece McGregor piloting the world's fastest GT-R on the 1320 prior to Jamboree.

Yoshida Yuichi's S15, Nikko Circuit, Utsunomiya, Japan: One of my favourite cars I got to shoot whilst visiting Japan.

Porsche Track Day, Queensland Raceway, Australia: A solitary Porsche Cup car screaming into the first corner at Queensland Raceway.

Autumn Drift Matsuri, Ebisu Circuit, Fukushima, Japan: This 180SX, as I've stated several times was a standout to both Dino and myself at last months Autumn Matsuri.

Bosozoku Meet, Ebina Car Park, Japan: Once again we were at the perfect place at the perfect time to witness a Bosozoku meet at Ebina Carpark. Totally unexpected.

Jake Jones Feature, Barossa Valley, South Australia: Jake Jones's Onevia looking quite menacing in the Barossa Valley. I have to say this was one of my favourite locations during the year.

Mitsumori Manabu's JZX100, Nikko Circuit, Utsunomiya, Japan: Probably one of the kindest people I've ever come across. Mitsumori Manabu posing in front of his JZX100 Chaser.

FOSC, Mt Panorama, Bathurst, Australia: As I stated in my previous post,
I was lucky enough to shoot Mt Panorama this year. As i strolled
through the pit area just as the sun started to rise I spotted this
driver stretching against the pit wall. He was more than happy to pause
for the photo.

That's it for me for 2010, I look forward to the new year. I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday!

-Casey Dhnaram.