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The team behind the World Time Attack Challenge have officially announced the dates for their 2011 event. The WTAC crew are currently visiting Tsukuba, Japan to discuss 2011 with some of the big Japanese TA players. Who would you guys love to see in the line-up at Eastern Creek Raceway?

Remember to mark your calendars for the 5th and 6th August 2011 to witness Time Attack racing at its finest.

-Casey Dhnaram.



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tarzan yamada in the impreza. cant wait


FXMD, sierra sierra, GST, AMS, Cobb tuning, and both of World Racings cars for team USA. Maybe throw in the C-West/ BC S2000.


Any north American dates?


spread the word maybe more team would join..Their still alot of time left


some of the locals, ie. Mark Berry's insane R34


I want to know if its WORLD time attack (yes i know teams from the world comeher) but why is it at eastern creek raceway? think of all the other tracks this take place at yknow?


ahh i hope i dont have any exams then cos i loved this year's event and i definitely dont wanna miss the next one!


Really its just the organisers called it the world time attack, and if australia can build its time attack base (teams/ cars) up then we can then go to Japan, US, Uk etc. to take on the other guys. So really its a win/ win for the entire TA world community. Plus its a good track ;) .


I'll be there, again!

Hopefully someoen from the UK pulls finger this time


So wait, Tsukuba and Eastern creek? Or just Eastern Creek again?


i love everything Togg said. I would also like to see harmon motive, tage evanson, crawford performance, and what about forged performance with their GTR monster?


It takes place at Eastern Creek because thats where the organisers decide to hold the event. Sure there are plenty of tracks but imagine trying to organise an event of this size...


I would love to see some odd balls like Realtime Racing... or the usual suspects HKS EVO, Cyber EVO, and Sierra Sierra. Long live TA


Why not have it at eastern creek? Absoulutly brilliant race track


The Garage Ito R34! It's supposedly potent enough to make the Cyber Evo and the HKS CT230R cower in submission...if they ever button it up and put tires to track!


I'm still spewing that I missed out on this years event!!!!

I'm so not missing out on next years event WTAC...

Booking accommodation and flights right now!!!


Get AVO's Japanese store car out with the other Japanese work shops


Such an awesome event!


Not going to happen for us, but i would give my left nut to see the HKS CT230R with Nob behind the wheel take on The Creek... *sigh*

I will be there for sure again this year, regardless of who turns up ;-)


i wana see Nobuteru Taniguchi (NOB) driving the new HKS evo X or the CT230R evo 9


would like to drive down from brisbane but yes toggs and john covered the list


I'd LOVE to see the Revolution TA-2 FD3 out here. I don't think it was allowed last time due to body panel changes? Either way it is just as much a road car as the V8 "supercar" that ran last year.


Should be in the UK


to make it half decent you have to have a decent spread of countries taking part, personally id like to see

chris rados TC

rodger clarke impreza

norris design evo

sierra sierra evo


GST impreza

RC developments evo

to name but a few, personally, i dont think the UK or even japan to some extent is ever represented well enough in these ´world´ events


Our main man and the top guy from Yokohama Australia are currently in Japan promoting the event and watching which cars are currently the fastest at Tsukuba:)

Of course we would love UK teams to come - we'll be sending the top guys invitations just like we did last year, but it's really up to them. We'll do what we can from our end to help them come here to compete but it really is up to them.

To answer your question - why Australia not UK or the US, well the event was conceived and to a large extent financed by Ian Baker - the organiser of Australian Superlap. Since we're are based here, in Australia it was only logical to host the event here. The fact that it is hosted in Australia does have other merits too - the most important one being - it's a neutral ground. So neither the Japanese teams, nor the American or UK teams can claim the "home advantage".

And while you may rightly point out that the Australian teams do have the home advantage - if you ask anyone who has attended this year's event and they'll tell you that it didn't count for much:)

Logistically, Eastern Creek is a great International Grade track, with plenty of parking, top notch facilities and good access via road or public transport. All these things are really important in this type of an event when you have so many international cars coming in on container ships.

It also provides excellent spectator facilities, with the pit buiding rooftop being one of the most popular.

We hope to see all there in August!


desktop of this image?


Omg Wallpaper PLEASE!


Trouble is, for the UK guys is it is slap bang in the middle of their season, so if they go then they have to forget about any hopes of winning the UK championship, which (imho) is one of the most competitive in the word now and continues to grow every year.

It's a big ask for them to travel to Australia, which I'm sure everyone would like to see but the timing just makes it impractical.


Nice this one is really cool!