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Oh what a difference a year makes. Last year we were dodging puddles and shivering at the Mooneyes X-Mas show at Irwindale Speedway. This year though, it felt more like mid-August than mid-December. Temps were climbing into the 80's, the skies were clear – and the hot rods, sleds, and race cars came in droves.

In fact, I think in most of these photos you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference from the Mooneyes Summer Show, which was held in July. The parking lot at Irwindale was packed. Only in Southern California…

Drag racing and rain don't mix, and the track was quiet at last year's event. Different story this year though. The staging lanes were filled with hot rods, gassers, and A/FX cars.

As always, there were a number of bands cranking out cool rockabilly and instrumental tunes throughout the day.

But first and foremost, we come for the cars. There were lots of vehicles from previous events, but also plenty of new ones.

This mega clean traditional roadster caught my eye. Great body color.

One thing I noticed this year is that there seemed to be more VW guys participating in the show. Very cool to see.

This wild altered-wheelbase Nova was running in the drags. Funny looking, but very sweet.

This coupe had had an interesting mix of the modern and the traditional. Shaved and bagged with white walls and chrome steelies.

There's always something right about seeing big fendered hot rods on the drag strip.

This flamed out '56 Chevy wagon was majorly cool. Very 60's looking.

Speaking of the 1960's, here's a fine looking trio of Rivieras.

A beautiful lead sled shining in the California sun. What more do you need?

Pinstripers doing their thing.

Smoothed and slammed Pontiac hardtop looking great.

You just can't make patina like this. It would be a shame to paint this car.

'49-'54 Chevys. The standard.

You can do no better for a cruiser than a big coupe from the late '50s-early '60s. This Oldsmobile is the evidence.

Nice little Nova coming off the line for its run down the 1/8 mile.

If shorts, t-shirts, and hot rods don't get you into the holiday spirit. I don't know what will.

More on the way from Irwindale!

-Mike Garrett



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Sick looking cars!


Some amazing cars there, and the sunshine, oh the sunshine............


Is it weird if these remind me of the brave little toaster?


Simply amazing, must be a hell of a good time.


More pics of that silver '64 Belvedere, please!


Very Nice story with matching photos!

I would love to see more!


i have a thing for nomads and gassers. i dont know what it is though


Love the Hot Rods


I'm still kicking myself for passing on this show for another "event" that was forgettable compared to this.


Great event especially with the good weather this year. Check out more pictures from the xmas party here:



looks like a good time was had by all - some top notch Chevys in the mix too - liking those Rivieras too coool as fan.. man!


the funny looking nova is what spawned funny cars as in the NHRA class of drag racing


The olds is so damn COOL! Looks more like a future car than a 50's car!


A/FX and gassers RULE!!!!!!!!!!


The Xmas party this year rocked and the weather was perfect. Just hanging track side as all those vintage rods roared by made the holidays extra special. My shirt after the event smelled like gasoline, sunblock and cooked meat smoke.


Yeah, it was waaay warmer than I expected. I got myself back to the cool coast quickly haha. there were quite a few great Rivieras there, and the twin engined "International Harvester" hotrod. haha.


i have a lot of nice cars in these events but i haven't seen a chrysler new yorker


Love that Nomad! Looks like a life-sized Hot Wheels car.


Upon arriving to Irwindale Speedway, for the Mooneyes Xmas Party, and being greeted with summer-like


Mike, do I see some post processing?