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I've been very impressed with a lot of the reader-submitted collectable and model collections that have shown up in the inbox this month.

Here's another one from Scott, who lives in Santa Barbara, California. Scott likes all sorts of cars, but VW's are his specialty, and it definitely shows in his collection.

He's got quite a collection of plastic model kits.

Of course plastic models are nothing if you don't break open the box and put them together. This Scirocco looks like it's coming along quite well.

Look at all those cool die cast aircooled VW's! Scott says he has about 2,500 cars in his die cast collection.

Golfs of a few different generations.

Die cast VW's of the watercooled variety.

Shaved down to bare metal, just like a real car.

More die cast action. In case you wondering what Scott's real life vehicle is, it's an '09 Rabbit dropped on 19" BBS Wheels.

This flat gray Mk.5 looks pretty fresh as well.

A selection of Golf die casts from the height of the tuner car craze. A little nostalgic.

R32 showing off the goods.

More plastic projects in the works.

Thanks for the photos Scott! Keep up the good work.

-Mike Garrett



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this guy has a VW thing going on! :D


could some1 tell me were i can get my hands on these vws?


Thanks for posting some of my collection on your site. I'm a very big Fan of Speedhunters so I can't express how stoked I was to see my collection. But before I get flammed big-time by his fans, the Lead photo of the MKII and MKIII are not my work. Both were done by M-Tuning, a builder at a level I only aspire to be at. His amazaing work can be found here

Thanks again. I'll email you some updates once some of my kits are finish...

Thanks again and keep up the good work.


Nice collection Scott! Thanks for sharing it with us/


This is pretty cool,

but I come here for real cars not model kits and RC cars.


Nice work ! I like the under-construction look of the Scirocco.


A pic of his Rabbit would be awesome!


i love thos vw it makes me wanna go back to hobbie cars





thats sick love vws wish i had all them :L


You guys are really slackin on posting peoples model cars :/ Its the 20th and weve seen like what..only 3 posts?


Just a awesome collection, please feature more!


Danfitz, depends on wich of the VWs you are after. The 1/64 water cooled are Maisto. The MKIV GTIs are 1/50 Hotwheels Dubs/Grides that a very hard to find, the other 1/64 MKIVs, MkV are Jada Toys. The Larger scale dicast R32s are Maisto. The MKII model kits are Revell and Fujimi. And the Grey MKV is also Fujimi. The old-school Scirocco kit is a Rare and now pretty expensive 30yr old AMT kit. Most can be found by just googleing the brand and VW. If you have any other questions just hit me up.


you r the man wow wooooow im so impressed i want those collectables


I used to have that same Scirocco kit! Wish I still had it...


I love this months theme! For me Models are important and fun.... bucause as much as we would like to... we can never own all the machines we lust after... and thats where modeling comes in.

I look foward to more!


what brand and scale is the scirocco and the mk1?


Nice to see 1st and 2nd gen Golf"s !!

The trick is to get all the AMT and Revell boxes to stack flat so the Fujimi & Tamiya boxes are level.

The Scirocco is very difficult to find & and Tamiya is reissuing the Vw Golf race car (also rare).


@Scott, thanks man. I already got a 64'Mustang Kit Car. And then I got a Nissan Skyline R34 Nismo Z-tune They were pretty awsome!


I collect all the 1/64 th die cast as well all the vws and the nissans hondas toyotas all that im curentley doing the same thing but im custom makin an Altezza and making a custom cage From a Tamiya Skyline model... I found a really cool thing in the Hobby Lobby in Austin TX it is this carbon fiber sticker stuff its awesome i covered my difusers with it it looks so dope. thought you could use that....Keep it up


I'll dish out some cash for that AMt Rabbit in the second pic on the left. Same for the Avex-Dome NSX...just saying.


It´s a great collection. What about VW Caddy MK!??? I´m a fan of this beautifull pick up!!!!


Thanks for posting a pic of some of my golfs.

Although it's posted as not mine.

I don't mind, you can find more here ( if you guys want a full feature


Protree. The Scirocco kit is an old AMT kit. (30yrs old.) I got lucky and found 2 at a decent price from I don't know if they have any more. Best bet is Ebay but prices are pretty high. I wish they would re-release them.

TougenoMikado: That's exactly why I build. I'm an automotive fiend and there's no way I'll ever own close to what I want in 1:1 cars so I can at least build them in scale to find some relief from my automotive obsession...


Nigel: Thanks. I saw that Tamiya is reissuing the MKI Golf Race car, I've already pre-ordered 2. That kit has been #2, (Revell Germany VW Corrado is my most wanted kit.) most sought after kit so I was stoked to see it reissued.

FJAY1er: Yeah, I've got Carbon decal on the hood of one of my MKII kits. It's also on the rear diffuser of the MKV GTI.


M-Tuning: I emailed the original link to post collections @ speedhunters yesterday morning letting them know the 1st photo was yours, I haven't heard back yet wether they are going to remove/replace it. Speedhunters should definatly feature your builds, you do amazing work. (I like your updated site! When are you going to finish that MKIV and Corrado?)


FJAY1er: Yeah, I've got Carbon decal on the hood of one of my MKII kits. It's also on the rear diffuser of the MKV GTI.

mattman: Sorry buddy. I got lucky finding the AMT Rabbit for a decent price and it's a current work in progress so I can't let it go. Modelempire still lists it in their catalogue @ $59. Not sure if they are still in stock but the Rabbit and 2 Scirocco kits I bought from them were still in original shrink-wrap so even @ $59 bucks, that's pretty cheap considering the amazing condition they are in. The NSX I kit-bashed so it's a very incomplete kit.


love the collection.. The Corrado is a hard one to find - VW never gave up the rights for the shape/design of the corrado to be copied, but you can search some models out there - they are not usually very good replica's.


Thanks! One of these days I'll pony up for one. Revell Germany made 2-3 versions. Stock, Stock w/rally/race decals, and a convertable Zender version. There was one on ebay last year but the bidding ended at $200. That's too much money right now for a kit that I will build. I shouldn't have opened my AMT Rabbit, & 2 Sciracco kits as they are worth so much, but there's no way I could look at any of them sealed in their boxes...They had to be built.


Where do you get these model cars? I'm quite a Model Car junky. I'm based in South Africa, what would you say would be the quickest way to get my hands on some of the Models?


I also have that copper Bug. It has scissor doors.