Collectables>>a Visit To Prestige Hobbies, Pt.2

Now to continue where I left off last week with my visit to Prestige Hobbies in Anaheim, California.

The place claims to be one of the largest die cast hobby shops on the West Coast, and with the amount of items packed into the store, it's hard to doubt them.

One of my favorite parts about visiting Prestige is looking through the massive selection of plastic model kits, both of the vintage and current variety.

You can't help but feel nostalgic while looking through the stacks and stacks of model kits. Check out Rosco's police car from the Dukes of Hazzard!

They even have a few Japanese model kits kicking around. I found this awesome kit of Haruyama's A31 Cefiro. Classic D1GP at its best.

This AMT '62 Catalina looks straight out of the '60s, but it's actually a modern reissue of a classic kit.

You can build it as drag car or a lowdown custom. Your choice.

No matter what type of vehicle you are looking to build in scale form, you'll probably find it here.

How about this old school AMT Lexus LS400 kit? This must have come out when the car was first hit dealers…

If I had to pick a favorite kit though, it'd probably be this Monogram IMSA Mustang. Pure '80s awesomeness!

This should be super fun to build.

The Super Van is another one to put on the list.

Remember the Hurst Hairy Olds? Here's a scale version.

Back in the die cast section, I came pretty close to buying this Corgi Mooneyes transporter. I wonder if it's still there?

This TrueScale BRE 510 set was incredible.

Amazing detail for it's size. I don't think my shelf is worthy.

You'll also find things that aren't scale replicas of cars. Things like t-shirts, signs, or these cool drag racing patches.

There's even a small assortment of magazines, books, and calendars. If you like cars, you'll dig this place.

More 1/64 scale!

Since a lot of the items are on consignment, you'll find some pretty random things, like this Hugo Boss Porsche.

One thing you might not expect to find at a shop like this are slot cars. They stock a surprisingly big selection of Scalextric sets and cars.

Most of these cars are detailed enough to be static models!

There's a good chance you can find some of this stuff at big online stores for a little cheaper, but you can't beat the experience of walking into the store, physically checking out the cars, and making a purchase.

You can easily kill a whole afternoon at a place like this, and it's the perfect place to go on a cold winter day.

-Mike Garrett

Prestige Hobbies



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Oh Man, If only I knew this place was within walking distance of where I stayed when I was in Cali!!!


that datsun BRE kit is making me drool :D


I love walking around hobby shops


Support your local hobby shop !!

(I have two Japanese versions of that LS 400. AKA Toyota Celsior.)


Mike, I'd personally like to thank you for uncovering this gem in anaheim. After reading your last post on the shop, I had to take a day off work and trek down the 405 to prestige.... and boy am I glad I did. Picked up some gifts for others, as well as afew for my collection hahaha... This store is a dying breed, and to be able to go see something like that in person, I may as well have just checked my wallet at the counter as I spent a good hour drooling. $275 later,it's the best holiday season I've had in a while. Thanks mike, I don't know what I'd be hunting for if it wasn't for speed!!!


Dam... I dont know of any places that cool in NorCal..... just as well though as I dont needing to be wasting the kind of cash I would if I made my way into that shop.... best I stay away.


OMG I would go crazy and wanna buy everything if I went there. Wish we had a shop like that nearby.


Hey Mike, I stopped by this place today. (I've actualaly driven by it many times and only saw the WHite House. lol)

The Haaruyama Cefiro is cool. I built one up a while ago.


It was really interesting after seeing this part 1 and 2. So,is the price of all the collectibles are reasonable? Just asking,and,I need to go there from Brunei to this shop,it's kinda cool.


Damn I haven't been here in forevers. I think I'll go tomorrow...


I totally had that LS400 kit, it was only a curbside (no opening hood or engine) and was very atypical of AMT kits of that period, it seemed as though it was actually someone else's kit AMT slapped their name on.

I painted mine sort of a gunmetal color, came out real nice. :)


hmmm very addictive.. collecting, cherishing.. knowing you got something that others may or may not have, but that 'we' all want. if your not careful it can cost a small (if your lucky) fortune. - that shop is well stocked - thanks


Zakspeed Mustang (Capri) FTW!!!


This hop is very cool!! I do believe that whenever I make my way to SoCal, I will be stopping by to empty my wallet. Btw, the AMT Lexus is actually a re-boxed Fujimi (or Aoshima) kit, and the dacals in the IMSA Mustang may be a little bit, well, bad, due to the kit's age. Did they have the Miller IMSA Mustang?


Hey guys. Thanks for the props. It's a lot of work to keep this store going. We generally carry a huge variety of diecast cars and plastic models. We've been here since the early 70's and I've owned it for the last few years. Come on by and have a look. You won't be disappointed.