Car Spotlight>> Bmw Z3 @ Word Up

The Fatlace WordUp event was filled with the usual drift friendly cars with various S-chassis and Corollas. There were some sprinklings of Cressidas, Miatas, and a Camaro. But the car that caught my eye the most was this BMW Z3. 

Rarely do we ever see a Z3 done up in this way as these roadsters suffer from the same fate as the Mazda Miatas: they're very feminine cars. 

Though, in recent years, the Mazda roadster has moved on from its girly side and has proven itself to be a capable car for tuners and enthusiasts alike. The Z3, on the other hand, still holds onto that stigma.

This Z3 is looking to break its curse with its extremely low ride height and, dare I say it, flush wheel fitment.

The 16×7.5 +20 BMW Style 5 wheels on the car look fantastic on it. 

The interior is as stock as can be. Though, I do like the silver exterior with red leather interior combination.

This car caused quite a stir on our Facebook page with the dent on the passenger door. But if a car is out at an event like at Fatlace Word Up, its not a dent, it's a well deserved love tap.

It took a while for the Mazda Miata to gain its present mass appeal. As these Z3's prices start to drop even more on the second hand market, I'm sure we'll be seeing more and more of these things sliding. 

This particular Z3 is a good start.





The only thing that caught my attention was that the car needed an oil change