Shift2 Unleashed>> The Second Coming

I'm sure all my collegues at Criterion Studios in the UK are rather excited right now, as it's a rather big day for them. They've taken on the challenge of building a Need for Speed game from scratch and by all accounts Hot Pursuit is the highest rated NFS racer ever. And today it was released.

I've tried NFS Hot Pursuit out, and am extremely impressed with the results. It's a highly focused and addictive racing game. There's no doubt it's going to be one of the big hits of 2010.

So I'm sure countless people around the world are engaged in high speed video game police chases right now! However when Need for Speed fans across the globe put their gleaming, mint Hot Pursuit discs into their gaming consoles today, there would have been an unexpected preview movie which greeted them.

This movie announces a project that I've been diligently working on for the past year which has been pulling me away from my regular Speedhunting duties… to the point that we've had to hire Charle Kha new Editor-In-Chief to run the site now.

So I'm quite excited to present this gaming project to you as it brings together almost everything I've learned about car culture during my time at the helm of Speedhunters and funnels it directly into a racing game. Yes my friends, I'm happy to announce that Shift2 Unleashed will be dropping next spring!

Have a look at the film as it gives some sneak previews of the racing content coming up for the title… It includes many items that we've followed this year on Speedhunters.

Also look out for a cameo appearance from our own Matt Powers…

This is not a photograph BTW… it's a 3D version of Matt…

Fellow Speedhunter Linhbergh Nguyen also makes a little appearance.. blink and you'll miss him though.

You recognize the track? The car?

Enjoy the Shift2 Unleashed trailer… it's probably one of the most interesting projects I've had the pleasure to collaborate on ever!

More to come…




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man that looks awesome. hopefully some of the cars we see on this site get in the game!



top of the list for sure :D

the Car is the #23 Sumo Power Nissan GT-R R35 GT1 racing On Spa-Francourshamps ( Eau rouge/Radillion <3 )


nice trailer :) I only who thinks that still only good game from Need for speed was NFS 5: Porsche Unleashed?


Maan, me and my G25 can barely wait!!!

But please please please, let the developers know they should actually get the suspension ride height to work in this game. Adding the ability to visually see changes you make to suspension geometry and the ability to properly choose tire and wheel combos would be awesome! Let me get some poke on my hatchi ,goddamn it!

Oh yeah, the performance tuning system in Shift sucked bawlz. For a car targeted at more sim oriented people, having "stages" of performance tuning is so 10 years ago. If NFS wants to be the Forza of PC games, it should act like it and allow people to actually choose individual performance parts. At least!


Shift was a let down, lets see what happens here.


Holy flamingballsoffire this looks cool as hell :D


Only thing I'm looking forward to is Gran Turismo 5,


OMFG, Jizz in my Pants !!!!1111


Yeeha ! Looks really really cool ! : ]


Sumo power abu dabhi?


Also, SIIIIIIICK trailer.


Got one word..... GT5


I really want to have a better driving physics and high variation of car setups!


yea NFS Porsche was the best NFS game I ever played...When will they (developers) come up again with the idea of merging sim like physics with street like racing environments?


The game looked cool, but after watching my mate use his GT-R to literally go under cars and shovel them out of the way, I went back to Forza. Shift looked cool but that's about it. If your going to make a sim, do it right.


haha NFS ent got S*** on GT5!!!!

GT5 will be the new benchmark for all furture racing games!!!!


i already pre-ordered >< ohhhhhhhh!


Oh yes! I assume since Matt Powers in in the trailer, that we'll also get to see the rest of Team NFS?


FIX THE DRIVING DINAMICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You guys didn't really need to improve on the graphics of the game; Shift 1 had flawless graphics. The problem was that the physics of the game and the way the controls were set up made it too numb to play- even with my DFGT.


I'll consider this game if you put the badbull and matt's 240 in it...otherwise it looks pretty similar to the first shift, which I passed on for Forza. The first shift felt so fake to me, like GRID.


So.. is this a demolition derby game?


If the handling in this game is anything like it was in the first Shift or in Hot Pursuit I'll be passing on it. The graphics are great and all but if the cars drive like crap then it kills the game.


amazin trailer but i dont think the game will be up to much, shift 1 wasnt great



Looks cool, but can't wait for bunk physics and arcade gameplay.


Real Need For Speed was from 1 to 5... maybe 6 too. High Stakes owns all.


mind = blown


awesome trailer.

the shot with SUMO Power GT-R, is it Spa circuit?


Awesome! And I love all the speedhunters references


I thought I was watching Transformers.


that looks sick! if the in game is that good, id consider getting it.


Short trailer looks very great!

Just make sure you have the full nurburgring in the game!

Online multi player round the ring would be awesome :)


I was highly addicted to the first Shift, and I have hi hopes for the new one. I just really hope you guys took care some of the minor issues in the first game like the lack of customizable parts. I love need for speed games but the lack of kit combinations hinders the players ability to diversify him/herself from other players...that and wall bumpers piss me should definitely put extra damage for those cheaters.


i want drifting races in shift2


oooh I can't wait, I should have beaten GT5 around that time bahaha... but I'll probably still be playing GT5 more then any other racing game!


Wooooooooow! AWESOME!!! ^^


Just watched the trailer, looks amazing, Spa by night with these GT cars ! but please is this the new official FIA GT racing game ? he its abvious Spa 24 Hours with FIA GT1 and FIA GT3 !


can't wait!!!




"Val_N said:

Maan, me and my G25 can barely wait!!!

But please please please, let the developers know they should actually get the suspension ride height to work in this game. Adding the ability to visually see changes you make to suspension geometry and the ability to properly choose tire and wheel combos would be awesome! Let me get some poke on my hatchi ,goddamn it!

Oh yeah, the performance tuning system in Shift sucked bawlz. For a car targeted at more sim oriented people, having "stages" of performance tuning is so 10 years ago. If NFS wants to be the Forza of PC games, it should act like it and allow people to actually choose individual performance parts. At least!"



Once you've tried iRacing, it's hard to go back to consoles.


Yeah, video is the friggin win, shame the game isn't even near those standards... More like the physics.


You guys should focus more on gameplay than cool trailers.


Hopefully the drifting feels better in this version... The last one was so bad I traded it within a week.


hopefully the drifitng isnt as terrible as it was in the first one...


need for speed games are not what they used to be. this will be another overhyped game that no one will buy. Only racing game worth buying will be gran turismo.


Honestly, Im not a gammer. But I am a person that purchased a PS2 for the soul purpose of playing Grand Turismo 4 in order to stay home more regularly. I was going out too much and really wanted something to rivet me to the couch at night. That failed miserably, I never stayed in and the console was collecting dust within weeks. After having a chance to see what Shift 2 is about I feel it would not only mandate the purchasing of a new console but also entice me into staying home more often. Way to go in creating a new way to detox!



Do it 4 the little ones.


Instead of Shift2 why not Most Wanted 2 or Underground 3?

I'll bet this will be dissapointing...


MAAAAANYAAAAA,, aunque nadie me entienda, este juego va a estar locaaaaaasoo....maaa chevere!


Gettin' money! hype!


Will this have 24 car racing and all of the cars from GT1 and GT3. If so, I just jizzed my pants like everyone else.


Ive played all the Need for Speed games. I have found that Hot Pursuit was the best in its era, followed by Most Wanted. After that however the series just divebombed. Dont kno why, but Im guessing financing, cuz u can see the intent by the designers, but not the quality. But I still have to say that the NEED FOR SPEED game series is the best racing game, (ignoring simulation) of ALL time.

I do hope that the new games uphold or try to bring back the high quality, goosebumping, cold sweating, jaw dropping, pants jizzing, racing game as before.

Keep up the good work guys, but please dont let us down!!!


the people incharge of nfs are such fools we dont want shift we want underground 3DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i hope it sounds better than the last shift, and i hope the developers of pro street are on board with it, if so, it will make for an epic game


Video looks fantastic, let hope they make the game playable this time. Shift is still the ONLY Xbox game I have returned. And I bought Viva Pinata!


Awesome trailer !!! Sick realism !!!


So, cars can flip and will show damage? Ok... But focusing on the driving should come first. I have a feeling GT5 will make this game irrelevant before it even comes out. Sorry... :/


AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHggggggggggggggggg , NFS shift 2, mother of god THANK YOU!!!!!!

I love the first so bad, the 2nd will be a BLAST!!!! any feat of mad mike or matt power in there?


man! the track is Spa i tink:D and thk for the type about release date!!:D GamePads here we go again:D




I like the less is more buildup feel of the trailer. Can't wait to see more footage.


graphics look great, the cars will probably be nice too, but... the AI still can't get through a corner without crashing


Holy S***!!! wallpapers of First 2 pics and the 2nd to last one!


Holy Sh*t! That looks awesome!


Please, PLEASE NFS, learn from the errors of the first Shift. While I played over 200 hours of it, there were glaring problems. Customization was terrible, no more "stage" upgrades. No night racing...please have in this one. Releasing the accelerator in Shift was the equivalent of hitting the brakes, the cars immediately slowed like you were using engine braking. Make the damage at least as comprehensive as rFactor (a 6 year old game now), not just visual. As one post above said, GTRs should not go under any car and shovel them off the road (one great example of a Shift error). If you guys are gonna have Team NFS in this, I hope that means we get to play with real GT cars instead of upgraded street cars, for both GT1 and GT3. The drifting really REALLY needed work in Shift. I thought it had many outstanding points, but overall the experience turned too many people off. If you had only added in tandem battles, it may have had some legs for online play, but the solo drift was a total cop-out, as well as the steering in the drift cars. Please model real car physics and handling this time, don't just make a game aimed at 14yo console users, some of us have cockpits and wheels hooked up to PCS, dreaming of the day when we have a good drift game and can finally leave the terrible graphics of simulators behind.

That being said, I am eagerly awaiting this game and more/better trailers with actual game footage and not a CGI wet dream. Please PLEASE NFS/SH, don't blow this.


i agree with ryan the only thing im looking forward to is gran turismo 5,


I'm gonna have to pass on this.


drifting better be more realistic in this than the last one. shift 1 was terrible.

nfs underground 2 for life.


First two NFS were quite fun during mid 90's, Porsche Unleashed was awesome and the first Underground was lot's of fun for a weekend.

Unfortunately all the others, including Shift were useless junk, so not really high hopes for this one.


Awesome trailer looks crazy, I enjoyed the previous game in both forms arcade style with friends and with almost sim handling with lots of homemade mods on, developers should try to include both kinds of driving models on the same game so anyone choose how to have the experience, shift have lots of potential if they accomplish this, and please tell me you're including the potrero de funes, ARG circuit along with the fia gt championship since is one of the most beautifull circuits like spa and other natural roads tracks, good luck with this project, See you people at potrero on december Sale carrera y asadito


If you're going to base this off of Shift 1 you definetely need to make some changes.

Car customization needs to be at least to the level of NFS Underground (i want to be able to choose front and rear bumpers separately, choose my exhaust tips, my wings, everything - NOT some preset body work...) and of course, the performance customization would gain a lot with something more along the lines of Prostreet, not a "deeper" system like Shift that ended up being a little unrewarding...

Also, i know people are going to hate, but this needs to be multi-disciplinary like Prostreet. BRING BACK DRAG! Keep drifting, keep time-attack, keep circuit racing, the more motorsports in, the better!

And for Christ's sake - DO A PROPER GRAPHICS EDITOR, Shift's was TERRIBAD.


oh damn....oh my lord...yeah that's all I can say.


gran turismo 5 is the real driving simulator, the nfs shift sucks and this if will be the same i bet.

gran turismo 5 is fukin better


overly dramatic...


The fisrt shift was an arcade game to me ... i tried the new hot pursuit yesterday night and i was not impressed by the ''drift'' button ( square on ps3 ) and by the sound of my STOCK evo x ( tought i got a formula 1 engine )

so.... i dont think the second one will be amazing ...



For all you who were disappointed with the game play of the original shift, Shift 2 has been greatly improved. I had a chance to play it a couple weeks ago and I was really impressed with the gameplay compared to the original.

The graphics are even better than the first so this game looks to deliver.


Nice graphics, but nfs has always been nfs. Car physics is SHIT.


uhhh another need for speed -_- all of them are good looking on the pics and trailers, later on they realease the game and its full of sfit...idk about this...another arcade


i'll definitely be checking this out, the quality of that trailer was top-notch


cool trailer..

i wonder if shift2 will be as crappy as the first one..

hope not cuz NFS shift was absolute garbage.


Loved the real driver stuff from the last Shift Rod, but this trailer is even better, epic stuff !!!.

.....just a little too short ;)

Hope you got more of this kind of stuff, prior to release,


Hopefully this game isn't terrible like Shift was. Seriously, what were the developers thinking? Apparently they had people working on Shift that also helped in the development in R factor or GTR (I forgot which), but somehow they still got it completely wrong. NFS, don't just jump onto the newest automotive bandwagon, just make a game that is fundamentally RIGHT.


Not just GTR - GP79, GPL, GTR, GTL, GTR2, RBR, and many other people who worked on games like the test drive series and forza 2. The biggest error they made was in assuming that console users would be smart enough to switch on assisted steering if they needed it. Of course, they aren't, so instead of lowering the difficulty they swore at it as the game singularly failed to automatically stabilize their car or find the best slip angle to use for each corner automatically. It really is quite amazing how adamant people were that it was the game somehow making their control of the car horrible rather than it very literally interpreting every stupid thing they told the cars to do.


My advice- is to not take advice (including all the above). Don't let it be a committee driven game that the first one turned out. Do a game you've (yes, you SMS) have always wanted to do. Turn Patrick Soderlund into your lab rat.


I always find it a bit strange to do these Photos of the Year posts. The reality of taking these shots has faded away, leaving just a bitmap; a collection of RGB values which form some kind of automotive related image. And as I look through these photographs