Event>>sema 2010: Day One

Immediately after the debut of the RTR-X yesterday, I set off to begin my coverage of the 2010 SEMA show – armed with my camera and my most comfortable walking shoes. By the time the day had come to a close, I'd only managed to hit one hall of the massive event.

Here are a few highlights from my first day of hiking around the Las Vegas Convention Center.

It's great to see Ford promoting the new Fiesta as an enthusiast's vehicle here in the US. There were several tuned Fiestas spread around the Ford display, including this tasty example by FS Werks.

Overkill has never been so cool. This 'Cuda was found in the K&N booth.

Outside the Central Hall, Source Interlink Media put together a big display of vehicles featured in its publications. Everything from this radical S13 street car…

…to this Golf on BBS LM's…

…to this pair of lowriders. The diversity of the American scene is unmatched.

Typically, I'm not a big fan of wide-body show car builds, but I thought this M3 was pretty cool.

Check out those wheels!

Cool RC car sighting!

One thing I noticed is that there were lots of retro drag cars spread around the show. This Mercury Comet gasser for example.

Or how about this all original Willys Pickup found in the Motorbooks booth?

These guys always have cool stuff for car nerds like us to check out.

The 2011 5.0 Mustang is one of this year's most popular platforms at SEMA. Great stance on this one in the Eibach booth.

Lots of new Camaros out there again this year. Here's GM's Camaro SSX concept.

The Honda CRZ is another car that's being featured heavily at the show. This one was sitting pretty on Volk TE37SL's in the Seibon booth.

Also sitting on SL's is this Genesis Coupe in the Hyundai display. I'm really starting to like the styling of these cars.

This S14 in the Megan Racing Booth looked pretty normal as I walked up to it…

But then I saw the kustom-inspired interior. How cool is that?

H&R Suspension brought out this Mazda2, sitting perfectly on the re-released Enkei J-Speeds.

I'll finish up with the bitchin' stance of this Lexus GS in the Air Runner booth.

Alright then, time to head back to the show for another long day walking. More SEMA coverage coming soon!

-Mike Garrett



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Thanks Mike for showing us all of the good stuff SEMA has to offer! I haven't seen any of these vehicles on the other sites! Very nice.



You rather have a ricer? Hellaflush is awsome!


That poor s13 :( this hellaflush fad has to stop


That s13 is actually driven HARD just like that... (scope team kamikaze from hawaii when you get a chance) while I agree hellaflush is hella GAY, the drifters that actually drive their cars are ok in my book.

all the hellaflush subaru and evo owners should be castrated however. bunch of tools they are


fuk off, their love for hella flush as well as all the other trends. stupid haters that just stay enclosed in one aspect of car culture never come to appreciate styles versatility. wtf

but i should say, that megan s14.5 looks awful like the custom interior, but what's with the bucket seat. u cant drift nor drive fast sitting there


that's awesome pictures man, hope for more to come :D


I love the fucking aristo/gs !!!


MOARRRR of that Barracuda!


More More SEMA !!


M3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but the rear bump and fender don't fit properly


That last Lexus is the one built by 5-axis right? It looks awesome


I smell RICE fest!!


I damn love this BMW, Wheels are sick tho.

have to say that the new fiesta looks tight as well.


Couldn't care less for that Mopar trash that you usually see. But dayyum, that S13, Golf, and GS look amazing. But wtf happened to that poor S15? Those DISGUSTING wheels NEED to go. Murdered an overall nicely done car. :|


that 14 is terrible. I couldn't scroll down fast enough...


dude why you hatin'?


What are those wheels on the Fiesta?


"overkill has never been so cool." Really?! If I saw that thing I would just laugh! Let me guess, it only goes straight? I am feelin that S13 though, especially if it really gets used! Rad.


ya, cus buying a car and building it for looks its just dumb....right


that S14.5 in the Megan booth is perhaps the gayest looking car at all of SEMA this year. I'm prepared to stand by that statement even though this is only the first SEMA post lol.


Thanks Mike! Any chance of a desktop of the Lexus in the last shot? It is so sick!


great stuff! I love the subtlety of the mk4 GTI, and not just because it's the same colour and generation as mine ;) there are at least nine things i can spot that have been changed on that car.


also the E92 with the widebody is a Vorsteiner GTRS3, as can be seen being loaded onto a truck for SEMA here: http://jonsibal.com/blog/2010/11/sema-bound/


That black S13 is my friend Ray's car and trust me it gets drifted in that current setup. But you wouldn't know anything about that because your name is SRT4 FTW.


anyone know the rims on the BMW?


I dont stay in one aspect of the car culture, I tend to find something intresting about all style's , Hellaflush is just something i think looks stupid , its a fad , its not a culture. It will be over as quick as it came in. Thats just my opinion.


Great pics, thanks - I agree on the Hyundai - they have come a long way!


More pics of the seibon booth??


Wow That Genesis Coupe looks disgusting..

Why would Hyundai keep giving out cars to companies who don't know what they are doing?

and that's supposed to be a time attack car ? lol


S13 looking fresh. Drift cars was rocking HellaFlush before the name was even "popular". Hellaflush ain't for everyone, so step off.


I have to agree with Braydon. Yes, I feel everyone in saying HellaFlush looks awesome, but unless you can drive it, and you do it hard, DAILY, then it's all G, but HellaFlush is just the updated SpoCom section of the drifting industry: nice to look at, but not too much functionality in it. Again with Braydon, if you drive the ish HARD, then mass props to you. If anyone has the time, go to MotoIQ.com (sorry speedhunters) and listen to what Mike Kojima has to say about HellaFlush vs. HellaFunctional. Again, looks gangsta, but I'll have to stick with HellaFunctional.


WE GET IT, YOU DON'T LIKE GOOD FITMENT. Feel free to keep rockin your 7j racing harts on your mom's civic with stock suspension and claim its for functional/performance reasons. From the rest of us who appreciate what it takes to get a stance like the one on the s13 or the Golf, PLEASE STFU ALREADY. DOMO


is it me or there is something with the lexus taillights?


Mike Garrett:

the guy that was so inspired by the Japanese culture that he decided to marry a Japanese women. Not only that, but he moved to japan for some time ! The guy the swear by JDM trends. The guy that covers (or used to cover) all the JDM races at Tsukuba and all those JDM meets in Tokyo; now covers crappy Chinese knock off companies (Seibon and Megan Racing). Can you say sell out?

Jesus Christ what's happening to this industry?


stj hellaflush is the new rice


That black S13 is actually my roommate Ray's car. It gets driven on the streets and on the track exactly how it sits there. It was driven from our house to sema exactly like that also.




Everything that is cool and everything that is crap about the US scene in one post. The diversity is amazing, but some people really need to stop and look at what they are doing. That S14 is wrong on so many levels that it defies belief.


whats up with people just throwing Te37s on every sema car. The Te's on the CRZ needs more concave for it to look aggressive also the stickers placement is horrible... or just get rid of it all together


OK, that Fiesta is absolutely perfect, I love the mesh-style wheels, it just looks right. Also, does anyone think that the Camaro SSX may be Chevy's late answer to Dodge's ACR Viper ?


oh yeah, that Lexus GS is HOT!!!


Is it me or is that M3 looking VERY similar to the game Blur's M3


faaaaaaaackckk rainers 240 lookin sick


I love that S14! I'm not usually into drift cars, but that interior makes it! So much more unique than your typical carbon-swathed Recaros, etc. Lovin' the bomber seat! The wheels are a bit too big for my liking, but hey, that can be changed easily.

That Fiesta looks nice, please feature some more of them! As a Mk1 Focus owner, I believe that the current Fiesta is a more adequate successor to the original Focus, not that bloated thing they call the USDM Focus.


Camaro SSX, Lexus GS, 5.0 Mustang, S13 coupe are all hot imo. And F the haters, I love that 'Cuda. Would love to see more pics of it. Idk what they were thinking with that S14 though. Barf.


Sweet coverage! I love seeing all the other types of cultures that the auto world has to offer.


hahaha people are having war online! Get a life people. Leave this space for others who appreciate it. Go out and do your stuffs. Stop wasting your time here to criticize others.


ARK Genesis looking as good as ever. I saw this in person, the pictures do not do Justice.


Hi which rims does the fiesta have ????


The S14 is awesome! Thats something creative and unique unlike all you other jdm fanboys. I give it two thumbs up