Car Spotlight>>the Derelict

As I walked around the massive SEMA Show, I kept my usual eye out for Spotlight-worthy cars. There's never a shortage of these at the show, and I happened to find a few which fit right into our current Haulers and Sedans theme.

This '52 Chrysler Town and Country known as the "Derelict" is certainly one of those.

Typically you don't see a whole lot of old rusty cars at SEMA, and that's why I was drawn to this car. Also, the simple fact that old wagons are damn cool.

From an exterior prospective, the car looks like one of those things you'd see sitting in a field somewhere rotting away. Underneath though, it's a different story. The old wagon is actually sitting on a custom Art Morrison chassis.

With the modern chassis comes modern power – a 6.1L Hemi from a Dodge Charger SRT8.

The rusted out Chrysler FirePower valve covers are an awesome touch.

Another piece that hints at the car's underpinnings are the 18" wheels, styled like original steelies.

The unrestored theme is carried on inside the car, with all of its steampunk-approved, retro goodness. 

The original SUV!

When you think of SEMA, you don't picture paint like this. So cool.

Imagine how fun it would be to cruise down the freeway at 80mph with a few of your buddies – in a car that looks like it literally just came from the junkyard.

Perhaps somebody was a little crooked during the construction of this car, and that's just what makes it so cool.

-Mike Garrett



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I think that the "rust" was probably a clever paint job.


That is a fantastic car, the rusty colored steel wheels really make the car haha, long live the rat!


oh yeah. I just love the sleeper style. so slick and its a wagon!


Its kind of like a Zombie that can run a 4 minute mile. Looks slow, but is dangerously deadly


Now this is a really interesting creation, I had no idea of the new underpinnings and drivetrain when I started reading the article and saw the first few pics. Freakin cool as hell and I bet it gets a lot of funny looks as people try to figure it all out in person, hahaha. Great feature and pics!



When do you find us an Eldorado-Castilian-Kingswood SW ( anyway, something large and mean) or a Grand Wagooner with some tasty bits??


I love it. The car is soo deceiving. From the outside it look like a POS but everything inside is wonderfully restored. The wheels are deceiving as well. I can tell the rears have been widened as well. The front cap on the front wheel shows Willwood so I would image it has some serious brakes and hubs.


and thats why i love the usa (even tho im a brit)


That is absolutely sick! Just needs more aggresive stance to b perfect.


What a piece of ART )


Specs of the car:

-Custom Art Morisson chassis

-6.1 litre SRT8 HEMI

-545RV 6-speed gearbox

-6-piston disc-brakes on all four wheels.


nice.. in its own way. well detailed [if you look hard enough]..


At last year's SEMA Show, we saw a ratty, yet modernized Chrysler wagon known as the Derelict. The Chrysler was built by Icon (the same shop behind the Bronco posted yesterday), and this year at SEMA, they showed another Derelict - this one built