Car Spotlight>> R34 Fronted Stagea

The R34 GT-R front is probably one of the most iconic car faces of our generation. It's no wonder it's been grafted onto a host of varying makes and models but one of the best executions was always onto the Nissan Stagea.

The conversion kit was carried out by Masa Motorsport using their own M-34R GT kit which is composed of bumper, wing, bonnet and lights.

The Stagea is quite close to it's Skyline family member as it also utilises a similar 4WD system to the GT-R (although without the ATESSA system from what I vaguely remember)

The car is currently sitting on 18" Rota GTR's.

The Carbon Fibre wings have been painted to match the rest of the car.

Long gone is the original RB25DE and in it's place is the much more potent RB26DETT.

GT-R Brembo brakes have been marked with the M-tune logo.

It's quite an unusual sight to see an R34 fronted Stagea anywhere in the world, let alone in the Irish countryside. A nice addition to this month's theme I'll hope you'll agree !


Paddy McGrath



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Except for the wheel...i think i'm in love~~~


This is the closest one can get to an R34 GT-R wagon. And that means pure win!


Wheels and all, that thing looks vicious


I want to like it.

But I definitely don't.


This is pretty close to what I would do to a Stagea if I could get one here in the states! Thank you for posting this Paddy, it literally just made my day!


I read this article and thought it was one of Dino's from Japan. Then I noticed the Carlow plates.

Mental, just mental, the metal that's in garages up and down this country…


This is insane :D ..



why you hatin on the pinoy made Rota's it's still a decent wheel


i dont mond Rota wheels. what gets to me is when people buy them and parade them around saying they're genuine LMGT's or TE37's. thats what i hate


From what ive heard from workin with a few irishman all last summer the last thing you wanna do is roll round irelands wheel crackn roads on a set of $3000+ rays etc

An the stageas run the ATESSA system, jus like all the skyline gtrs/gts4s some a31 cefs, c34/c35 laurels, bluebirds, pulsars an som others i cant recall


hmmmmm! not really my cup of teeeaaaa, but i do like the wheels...


I wish he would have spent more time on the engine!!!!!


I didnt even cop the Irish plates there - I can only imagine the presence this has on the road here. Cool car, nice work Paddy


my favorite bastardization of a nissan ever


vented wing is fugly imho, doesnt match the lines of the car. otherwise alright. maybe nicer with a more factory looking bodykit too. Rotas are still fail!


I'm with the dude Alex rotas are good wheels and cheap so save money for the engine or other needs.Just the people that say there legit wheels when there just replicas in fact I like rotas I'd even buy a set!!!but great car I wish we had them here in the states!!!:)


...Of course it has ATTESA !!