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We've all see pictures of Nissan Stageas fitted with front R34 or even R35 conversions. But honestly, is that even necessary when the stock car can be made to look like this? It's not everyday that you see a fully stripped out, track-prepared station wagon unless you happen to live in Osaka where Final Motion is located. This is one tuning shop that hasn't succumbed to the tightening regulations that have forced most tuners in and around Tokyo to go, well, a little soft. Things are very different in the Kansai area of Japan, extreme is still the order of the day when it comes to personalizing cars, after all this is where VIP originated from.

Kawamoto-san, the owner of this carbon-Kevlar bodied WC34, wanted a time-attack car a little big different from the norm and so called in the help of Morita-san of Final Motion. Morita has built some wild Skyline GT-Rs in his time, but never was he asked to go this wild on a Stagea.

Kawamoto-san wanted a true Final Motion look, so the whole front section along with the side skirts, rear doors and fenders were all made in lightweight carbon-Kevlar. What makes this particular composite unique is that it's not only lighter than steel or aluminum but is far stronger than regular carbon fiber. To highlight the hard work that went into creating the special body panels the unmistakable black and yellow fibers have been left unpainted, protected only with a couple of layers of clear, a great match to the yellow boy color. Kawamoto decided to go with a set of SSR TypeC 17-inch white wheels shod in semi-slick Toyo R1Rs.

The project is based on an RB25DET-powered RS Four version of the Stagea, but under the bonnet you will find a modified RB26DETT from a BNR32.

The engine retains the stock turbines and with modifications on both the intake and exhaust sides it is able to develop 450 HP thanks to a specially set up Final Motion ECU. The stock 4-speed automatic transmission was replaced with a 5-speed unit from an R32, fitted along with an OS Giken twin plate clutch.

Not much going on in the interior, everything that wasn't needed has been removed, including the audio system and A/C.

Helping stiffen up the big, long chassis is a Cusco bolt-in roll-cage.

The large roof-mounted spoiler and diffuser help generate downforce through long fast corners and are of course made in carbon-Kevlar. I can't wait to see what Final Motion will have for us at the Nagoya Exciting Car Showdown next year!

Final Motion 

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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may be too much but love the craftsmanship


Yesss , finally ... I was so hoping to see this car here this month. I adore the styling of it. I first saw it in the UK Japanese Performance magazine a while back , and absolutely fell head over heels in love with it. I have also been hoping to get wallpaper size pictures of it. Sooo.... would it be possible to get shots from front and rear . Also an engine shot would be great as well. Thanks for the spotlight and the cool pictures. What a way to get your mind off the snow . Living in the northern part of Europe , we dometimes get a lot of snow. Also helps to roll the day on at work :D


Flashy on the outside, relatively tame on the inside. I'd rather have a pristine BNR32 with bolt-ons than that. And I love estates/wagons.


1) props for using the stock style front end


3) put in a real roll cage...."yeah this is my dedicated track car......with a shitty bolt in cage" :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(


Pretty awesome setup.


its all going on outside, little bit subdued on the inside.. i'm kinda getting into these Stagea


even full on time attack cars from japan have shoddy cages compared to other parts of the world. different regs necessitate different cages.


Props for spell check... Speedhunters going downhill fast, not cool.


The interior is dissapointing.......


For just a little more on this car, it is also featured on page 78 of the December 2010 issue of Modified magazine. It really is a nice car.


the kevlar could stand a paintjob. and real men dont do bolt in cages. aye me. but it is baller in most ways. just a fair amount of badass that still needs to be installed.


Not interesting painted... =(


Why would they put so much work into lightening it up, but then keep the stock door cards?


Hell, I dig it just the way it is!!!


Stunning Stagea!!! Thank you for the spotlight Dino.


Please, please, please, Please, PLEASE either do all the panels in the same weave or paint the whole thing. It looks horrible as a whole.


Fuck the paint...carbon kevlar is too beautifully light to be covered...and as I see it the less you have inside the better it is...


I think its awesome!


Why so much hate towards this car?! We should be spreading the love.