Car Spotlight>> A Crossbred C35 Laurel

Japan has brought me nothing but surprises each and every day. Take this drift car for example: the love-child of a BMW 5 Series and a Nissan C35 Laurel.

From front on it looks just like a regular BMW 5 Series…

…While from the rear it's all Laurel.

This Frankenstein creation is owned by Japanese drifter Yuske Moriyam.

The deep-dish Work wheels are a snug fit within the guards.

The Laurel's engine has been swapped to a GT-R's RB26DETT pushing out a solid 400ps to the rear wheels.

Yuske is quick to point out that the RB26 still retains the stock turbos. 

The car is not only made up of a Laurel and a BMW; it's also part S15 Silvia. Trainspotters will notice that an S15 dash has been fitted with Defi gauges slotted into the air-con vents.

A Bride bucket seat keeps Yuske in control of this weapon.

Some of the sound deadening has been removed, while the rear seats have made way for a bolt-in roll cage.

Obviously this BMW/Laurel/S15/GT-R mash-up is still a work in progress. Yuske's plan is to paint the car in a deep candy red.

I'd like to thank Yuske for taking the time during his practice session to let us shoot his creation. This car is definitely one of a kind and hopefully we can revisit it once it's complete!

-Casey Dhnaram



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That pretty sick looking IMO. Any chance of a desktop of the first pic?


I like that they are being unique but , this car dosnt have flow , it looks wrong imo. But props for doing something differnt.


Why! The C35 laurel is ten time better looking that the bloated E60.


not so sure its a good match but i will reserve that for a finish product with some paint and final bodywork. right now the front is just so off it not even funny i,e sideway pics.

good to be different but this will be an acquire taste.


I dig it! Without the deep Works in the rear the car looks really off, but so long as he keeps some deep rims on all 4 corners and gets that paint job done, it should look really good!


That front really looks.....WIERD. Unique car nonetheless!


THIS IS AWESOME!!!!! totally sick!!!!


looks terrible.

I dont care if it is "unique"


??? ????? ????? ?????!!!! ??????.......shit


my suggestion would be to get a front bumper that would have about the same ground clearance as the skirts. the car would 'flow' much better then probably. awesome none the less!


Don't really see the point in making a custom-bodied drift car when all you're gonna do with it is burn up tires and crash into walls. It may get better with a uniform paint job, but right now it looks like a hack job


Considering the cosmetic shape of most hardcore drifters machines, and the wanting to build unique looking cars for the track, could this be the new direction of drift culture style?

Anyone can add a million stickers, bodykits and spoilers, but those cars will still always be recognized as a GTR, RX7, 240Z etc.....but wtf do you call this thing though? I'm up for seeing more examples of "unique" builds like this - so long as its backed with proper mechanics, a big turbo, and a dedicated driver.


It's Yusuke Moriyama.


Nope, definitely not my cup of tea...


that its just unbelievable !


I can dig it but I don't see me putting the time or $$$ into that kind of thing on my drift car.


Two words, ute conversion.


Great project to learn a lot and do mountains of custom parts but design-wise I have to say that that C34 nineties boxy body lines don't really match with Chris Bangle's "flame surfacing" E60 front. (I also have to point that C. Bangle isn't responsible for the "flame surfacing" name.

As a purist I would've started with an E60-or to go a step further with an E61 (that's the Touring version)- M5

Then I would've ask G-Power to fit their 800PS worth bi-compressor kit, sorted the chassis and all the other stuff, and finally I would've been able the best DD ever.

Of course in this life I would have the real money allowing me to actually build the car..

Going the other way, I guess you come up Koyama Racing Lab upcoming C34.


so sick now cut off half the roof and make it a Ute

now that would be crazy maybe a little too crazy


im not liking it


I just found out what was shocking me about this car : The side skirts are lower than the front bumper ... :''D


sorry guys im gonna be out there and say that's foul, just wasn't meant to happen, love the guy for being an individual though


WTF is going here? Talk about different...


that is just an insane idea very good that must of cost a bomb


I can't really judge it until I see it all in the same color. Right now it just looks borged.


props for matching it up, but you have two completely different lines going. the back is dead straight, and the front is flowy as hell. looks terrible


Not a big fan of the BMW lights but it somehow pulls it off pretty well, 10 out of 10 for indiviuality


i agree it is a little weird looking.

but, maybe it will look better once its fully painted.


i think once he figures out the fender/light fitment hes probably gonna kit the front so it flows better and i bet it looks great but deffinitly has a frankenbeemer work in progress look to it now


I actually think the frount works well! lines although can be argued dont flow the best i feel do somewhat merge and work together,mabey an added lip to the frount? Cheers for the spotlight Casey wicked car


The one positive here is the RB. The difference in bodylines makes this abortion burn. An earlier BMW front end would of been proper. The front belongs on the Silvia where they snatched the dash from along with that gemmunder the hood


i want to see this painted!! do a part 2 with the car painted and get some sweet action shots!!!!!


The car was a cool idea,but it doesn't seem like it fits, the m5 front doesn't look right. maybe another combination?


I can guarantee once this thing's painted it will be SICK, just looks out of place at the moment


ugly is the new black


I can appreciate the work and the over all shock and awe... The car doesn't flow well. Kind of like a 180sx with an S15 front end. Something doesn't seem right. Or like Inada-San's 370 or whatever you want to call it. I think it needs the original front end, well, keep the RB26 of course! The "facelift" looks too small (and round) for the fenders-back.


This car is fantastic, shows what ppl can do with cars and shows a true car fan by creating it. Good luck to the owner!



I hope it's not gonna develop, and I think it's important for people to identify to existing model even if under the skin it's nothing but tubular frame. Take for example a DTM C-Klasse or a Nascar Taurus, both have nothing in common with street legal cousins, but it's good for marketing and a lot of people think of them as a prolongation of the cars they're driving on the street. It also makes the gap between grassroots drifting and pro smaller. Also street cars often have coherent designs in term of brand identity and and visual identity so it would be more hazardous to build a car then paint or "draw" a completely unrelated front grille and headlights on it. Finally I've a question, today we see more and more drift cars sponsored by official car brands (take Vaugn's relationship with Ford racing), so in "our" case, how do you ask at the same time Nismo and Motorsport (BMW) for support on a single car?

I don't want to appear polemic, angry or something, I just enjoy to discuss...

PS : For the car above, IMO, as the chassis is still C34 and the engine is an RB26, I think you still call it a NISSAN. Here BMW contribution is only cosmetic.


needs more front lip to match the depth of the rest of the kit


I think the 5 series bodywork actually works except that the headlights now look wierd to me...again... just like when the e60 was just released.



japan is awesome


definitely something different..i like it..

obviously not a common conversion..i would imagine that the E60 front would cost a bit..

but again it made me look twice! =)


So custom. i dont care if u dont like it. Just the fact that its on there and havent seen it done. Thums up. Super dope


WTF?! Realy shit!


This is the crashed laurel with the white rims, 326 power car? i think, not so sure on that. But this is the resurrected version.


sickest car hands down


I CAN FEEL IT, it's wrong and it's damn good that way!


A full report on this car when finished please... nice!


Wicked , love the combo . and the wheels are just perfectly in place for this crossbred .


i would seriously love to have that as a missile, id even drive that in public, who would of thought a bmw with a laurel????? it looks powerful, its god bride buckets, its 4 door, its dirty, and it drifts, why not? i say good job speedhunters for finding this one!!


Throw the M5's V10 in there! mmmmmm...torquey!


A lot of hate towards this car.....but the great ones cause a stir and make people have an opinion.

I reckon the scene needs dudes like this... surely true gearheads would rather fail at innovation than succeed in imitation. Personally, I think this car is dope. Whats even greater is the fact that something has been done that was never seen before. Would have rather seen a different grille conversion myself, but hey, if you have some BMW parts in your possession then why the f**k not? he just spliced Euro and Jap together successfully, with no existing kit for this. I'm impressed.


Yeah! MANIACS! =) please install MAN truck exhaust =))))))


Some conversions look good, this doesnt @ all. Maybe I'm a little biased as an e60 owner.


wow. looks nice, didnt expect for this combination, something new =)


??????))?????? ????)))?? ???? ??? ???? ??????)


What has he done to that poor 5 series?!



The reason it doesnt "flow" is becuase the hood still needs work to flow to the grille curve

and is needs a front lip that flows with the massive side skirts...

I like it!


low class and gross.


Shit looks NASTY... I like.


No he didn't!!! He should crash that so it burns with him in it!! Please, take that poor car out of his painfull misery!!


this is the most rad car I've seen in a long time. mad props to the owner!


Needs a more aggressive front bumper




Remember this car from May 10 Doriten. Love it


put some kind of front lip on this and it'll look super fresh (also w/ said paintjob).


The most hideous front in motoring history bolted to one of the dullest vehicles. Result: the ugliest car I've ever seen on Speedhunters. That engine should be taken out of this abomination and put in some decent car.


What a terrible, ugly heap. Front end transplants are bad enough on cars from the same manufacturer, let alone the stupidity of sticking someone else's on their instead. Why not just buy a 5-series and turn that into a drifter if you want that front end? It would be both more interesting and better looking.


Ugly ugly ugly. At least work on making it so the 5-series panels aren't so warped and closing some of those gaps. But even then, it would only be an oddity.


reminds me of one of those nasty shits you take after a visit to taco bell