Car Spotlight>> 20v Ke70 Corolla

When we begin to prepare for each month's new theme, I spend a lot of time thinking (dangerous, I know) about what cars I can source to show to you guys and girls. I just love when you happen upon a car completely by accident that just happens to perfectly suit the monthly theme of Haulers & Sedans. 

At the recent AE86 Trackday at Mondello, I spotted this KE70 Corolla mixing it up with it's '86 brethern on track and in the paddock.

It's actually one of the first KE70's I've seen in the flesh and it's definitely the best looking.

When the car rolled out of the factory in Japan in 1982, it was equipped with a rather whimpy 1.5 litre engine and an automatic transmission.

Thankfully, over the course of it's life it's evolved into quite a respectable motor.

It's capable of putting in respectable lap times …

 … whilst also not afraid to hang it all out. Check out the front splitter, it's actually a boot spoiler from a UK spec AE86.

 195/50/15 tires on a 15" Watanabe rim (unsure of rim width) AE86 brakes hide behind all four wheels.

Pieces of tire rubber residing in the wheel with lumps of grass caught in the rear of the arch. Surely a sign of some fun laps !

Usually we hide registrations but I think you guys can appreciate this one. At the rear of the car is an AE86 axle with a TRD two way differential and TRD rollbars.

A Nardi wheel is pretty much the timeless choice when it comes to choosing a steering wheel.

See, you can have solid stance whilst retaining performance. TRD Shocks and springs at the rear with coilovers up front.

The original 1.5 litre engine has been replaced with a much more capable 20 valve blacktop 4AGE mated to a T50 gearbox with a TODA lightweight flywheel in between.

The engine is pretty standard but still supplies more than enough power to propel this KE around the track and streets.

Am I the only one that thinks car designers should bring back proper wing mirrors ? The car has got some proper creature comforts too with central locking and air conditioning too.

You just got to love these accidental finds !


Paddy McGrath

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Definitely sweet!


sweet & zero fuss. its now clear why this car was at an ae86 meet.


I do love this Paddy , probably one of my favourite classic toyota's...


3rd pic is Desktop worthy!

Love KE70's!!


This is dope!!!!!! Guess I'll start looking at corollas now


wide rim

thin tire


that's what I love.


wow so nice!


Oh got please desktop atlest one of these, this thing is sick

mayb the fourth shot?


Nice spotlight Paddy, You should do a spotlight on his mint 16v turbo one as well.


Rad. I'm feelin this for sure.


such an awesome KE70!! the EDZACT specs i would have, nardi steering wheel, watanabe's, flared guards, a nice stance and a black top 20 valve!!

Well done Speedhunters, nailed this one, great find!!


good old days...


Beautiful car. Flush and functional, the way I like it. Oh, and props to that clever front splitter idea.


very creative of him to use a rear spoiler as a front splitter ;D reminds me of putting a Chevy S10 splitter on my buddy's old VW Fox. basically, you do what you can with what you have, so if nobody's making the part you want, see if you can find it somewhere else ;)


Wallpapers PLEASE!!

ps love the blog, keep up the amazing work


Very nice ,reminds me of my car.

AE71 are a very fun platform


Pic num 6 Desktop FTW!!!


Looking at this toyota sedan, it does not make sense to put in so much effort. Putting on wide fenders, new engine and all and not creating a lot of power. What's the point?

But there lies exactly the point. Even in this "ordinary" KE70 something extraordinary can be felt! It may not be a 2000 HP Dodge viper, but it's so heartwarming to see love, attention and good taste applied to the car and it really shows and rocks! It's heartwarming to see this car as it represents going to the core of enjoying motorsports.

You don't need high HP to have a good time! Well done!


Nice, but look at the flare fitment in image 2, it's terrible. I know for a fact that these flares will bend so there is no excuse to have them overlapping like that, it looks cheap! Looks great from the front and rear + 1/4 angles though.


Would love to see opening pic as wallpaper, definitely a great shot.


nice job todd


classic shape.. and yes.. real wing mirrors! lovethose arches and w



there's so much of these cars going around here in the phils. but not in anyway close to this condition. i hope with this feature people here would appreciate the value of this car.


I've fit custom flares before. Look at pic 7. Past wheel center the flare is already showing signs of folding. This means they probably bent them as you suggested, and the plastic warped. If you think you'd do better with those non-matching flares, you're just dreaming about being a great fabricator - like all the other kids in the comments section.

I could be wrong tho- If you have actually built a better flare fitment, please post a link, and I'll apologize.

Shit-talkers need to show their skill, or sit down and watch.


Damn cool as!

Love the wheels and the bolt on flare guards.

4AGE 20V is awesome.


could we get a few desktops of the car moving or of its fenders.


does anyone have the contact info of the owner of this car? i'd like to send him some e7club stickers! email me please,

-Lucky *e7*club


can anyone contact the owner? i want to send him e7club stickers!


@ZEB to me that flare looks like its split, possibally due to a crash?? the other side is perfect, as you can see in pic 9, thats why i think its broken. wicked little machine, i wish more people in NZ would slide around in these, as opposed to the common as muck "SAMELINE" aka R32 skyline haha


No, you are not the only one... wing mirrors look very nice! Especially on the 240Z.... but here as well :)

although I'm curious as to their functionality compared to the now standard mirrors


the 4age is only a 1.6L


The flare is split to allow the back doors to open.


sweet car getin one just now


KE70 only went up to 1.3L motors.. the 1.5L motor was in trucks and junk. Doesnt that make this an AE70 or AE71? They had 1.5L 3A-C Engines..


This KE70 is really nice..i love the wheels,i love the classic look of this ke70..we have a lot of this in the philippines..the 4age 20v gives a lot power to this beast..


any one know the name of that fender mirror?