October Editorial>> It’s Time For The 1320

Three Images from three continents… The first from the UK, shot by Paddy McGrath.

The second photograph was snapped by Casey Dhnaram at the Jamboree event in Australia.

And finally we have a photograph from shooter extraordinaire David Lister. He captured this image at the California Hot Rod Reunion two years ago at Famosa Raceway in Bakersfield, California USA.

These three very similar images depict a one of the most important racing scenes in the world. A competition style which, like drifting unifies street car culture with professional motorsports.

I present to you our theme for October 2010: Drag Month.

We’ve been preparing for this theme for quite a while now.

And have been shooting a lot of cars from around the world since May of this year.

Some of you will recall that Dino and I visited a few drag racing shops in Australia while shooting the World Time Attack Challenge event. This included Croydon Racing Developments…

Gas Motorsport…

… and rotary kings Pac Racing.

Pac Racing had a mind blowing number of vintage style drag cars under construction… We’ll showcase all of these shops soon…

… as well as a range of drag car features and spotlights.

The centerpiece of our drag racing showcase this month will be the California Hot Rod Reunion on Oct 15-17. With a massive field of nostalgic funny cars on offer, this is IMO the coolest drag racing event on the planet.

These 3000 hp funny cars are fully capable of exceeding 240 mph and getting into the 5s.

Believe me, there is no greater show and if you live anywhere in California this is a must see event. Don’t miss it!

To kick off our California Hot Rod Union celebrations, next Wednesday Linhbergh and I will be heading over to the NHRA museum to shoot car features from their dragster collection. I can’t wait!

Of course drag racing is for all shapes and sizes of cars. We’ll be showcasing a full range of machines.

Some history lessons will also be on offer and we’ll do our best to look backwards into the past too.

We also plan to hit up a few local drag meets to showcase a typical weekly drag meet. A few of us will be going to the Irwindale Thursday Night drags next week.

You never can tell what is going to show up at the Thursday night drags, so we’ll see what we get!

Of course next weekend is going to be the Formula D finale at Irwindale Speedway.

This is the world’s greatest spectacle of drifting and is an event I always look forward to.

The battle for the 2010 Formula D championship will be between these two Falken Drifters: Vaughn Gittin JR and Daijiro Yoshihara. The championship is really JR’s to lose as he only needs to get into the Top 16 to seal the deal. For Dai to take the spoils, JR would need to be eliminated from Top 32 and he would need to win the event outright. That’s a tall order, but stranger things have happened.

There will be no Red Bull Drifting World Championship this year, but if it had happened, I seriously doubt that we would have seen any of the top Japanese drifters participating.

It’s really hard for me to say what would happen if these two giants of the sideways scene ever took each other on.

Oh well… you will be seeing our coverage from the Fuji D1GP in a few weeks and I’ll leave it to your imagination as to if the Japanese or the Americans are now top dog. Bring on the coverage!

I also need to announce that this will be my last Editorial post on Speedhunters. While I’ll be still overseeing some aspects of the Speedhunters project, my day to day focus will be moving over to my new creative director role on the Need for Speed franchise. The operation of the site will be taken over by a new person who we’ll be announcing shortly. I’ve been hard at work on a 2011 release video game for almost a year now (not to mention Team NFS!) and just haven’t had time to give Speedhunters the time and energy it deserves. So it’s about time the site receives a bit of an overhaul and we take the project to the next level.

Working on Speedhunters has been a life changing experience for me, and I’d like to thank each and every one of your for how much you’ve taught me about cars over the past 2.5 years. I’ll keep in touch!


Rod Chong



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YES. Drag month, let's go, yeeeeeehaw!


Thank you for the hard work on the Speedhunters project, Rod!!!




Wallpaper of nr 7 from top.

gold? copper? how?

Gittin to japan for some asskicking.


"We've been preparing for this theme for quite a while now."

.......and I'm completely OK with that!


im looking for a john shepard dsm feature




We'll miss you Rod. Good luck. Thanks for what you've done with the place.


I like your style... you definitelyndid a great job! Good Luck in your future!


Congratulations on the new job! You did a really good job with the site.

Also, that picture of JR & Daijiro drifting together is my favourite drift picture ever.


going to be looking forward to this month =] cant wait for the Australian features!!


Wow... can't wait for the upcoming stuff, Speedhunters. October looks like it's gonna be one hell of a quarter mile.

Also, best of luck with your future endeavours, Rod. You better keep in touch with the site, and post once in a while!


Good luck in your new role, Rod, and I hope you are leaving speedhunters in the hands of someone capable of continuing to build on the fantastic work you have done here.


Good luck on youre new venture rod, being how great you're input to this blog has been, i'm sure I'm not the only one that will miss your posts. Hopefully you can come back every. Once in a while for some coverage.


You're awesome Rod. Always been a fan of your editorials and photos!


What's going to happen to your page in NZPC New Zealand Performance Car mag?

Will there be someone taking over that too, I've enjoyed reading your page in the mag.

Best wishes!


The second picture sums it all up..


Now that's what i call a theme. I wish you the very best Rod.


It is going to be a lovely month. Please do a cover on some iconic dragsters like the HKS R33 GTR Drag car and the Titans Motorsports Supra. By the way,thanks for the good times you've given us Mr :R


Rod you've done an amazing job revolutionizing the internet automotive community. Good luck in your new venture and I am sure whoever will be replacing you will be equally as awesome!


Great theme for the month. That BMW 3 Series drag car is crazy with all its gold plating. Rod, you've done a fantastic job at Speedhunters! I really appreciate that you try to cover all aspects of car culture here. I wish you the best of luck at your new job!


Thank you rod for making such a great site. And what a great theme to end on. drag racing. So i can expect to see nrg tech eg6 honda and lots of pro street and pro stock cars this month then.


Wallpaper of the Queen Street customs motor. Isn't that thing rotary powered?


Best of luck for the future Rod!




looks like it'll be worth the wait!!


winged express!! Can't wait for vintage drag coverage!


Tell me there is going to be some JDDA action!!!



Yeeeee-haw! Bring it on!


Thanks for putting up a great site!




Thank you, Rod, for this fantastic site and all the hard work you did for it. For me this site is easily the greatest internet discovery of last couple of years. Keep changing lives of people for better in every new project you do! We'll miss you here!


The most dull form of motor sport, sigh. Well, good job on the work though, I can really appreciate the work from what i've seen so far. But i'm excited for the Formula D finale, but Japan will ALWAYS reign supreme when it comes to drifting, D1GP, yes please. :D

Off topic: Queen Street bimmer engine bay... Did anyone else shit bricks?


Charles... Yes the Queen St Racing BMW is Rotary powered... 26B 4 rotor

And its more than just the engine bay to be 24k gold!!


Wow, Rod

You've done amazing work with Speedhunters in so little time. Considering you were the original instrument in Speedhunters it is amazing to see you go. I am very curious to see who will take your place in the drivers seat. I'm sure you'll make the same impact on Speedhunters as you will on the videogame.


We better see some representation of drag racing from the east coast! That's where the fastest cars are in the U.S.!


Rod Chong is the man!


That black BMW is HOT!!


I expect a Bergenholtz topic or two! Oh btw, if you guys end up Ohio for some odd ball reason, the Stangbangerz crew would be willing to show some hospitality!


You've done a wicked job, Rod! good luck in the future and i'll keep an eye out for your work!


Good Luck in everything that you do, Rod!!!

I look forward to seeing Speedhunters.com only getting better :D (I hope)


Been coming onto this site since day 1. You and the team have done an amazing job. All the best for the future Rod.


Hope to see one of you guys out at Infineon on a Wednesday night! There's always a good crowd of cars, and lurking in the back garages there are some real treasures to be seen. They are usually back there, wrenching away while the boys are drag racing.


Thank you very much Rob for all of your hard work for Speedhunters.com!! I just hope that the person chosen to take over things here at Speedhunters won't have some crazy ideas that will destroy this site the way we know it....

Sadly, that happens often when management changes so...

Anyways, good luck with your projects and hope to see you back on Speedhunters as soon as possible :)