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At the recent Modified Live event, Sumo Power pretty much pulled out all the stops with a team display at the event.

Sitting pride of place was the #22 GT1 GT-R driven by Warren Hughes and Jamie Campbell-Walter. The #23 car was away testing for an upcoming GT1 event. For a lot of people, this would of been their first opportunity to get up close and personal with the car.

600HP of normally aspirated V8 filled the paddock with it’s low beat as the car was warmed up for a systems check.

It’s no secret that we at Speedhunters are big fans of the Sumo Power crew and when you get to see their GT-R in the flesh, just as the sun is rising I think you’d also fall in love with this Japanese mistress.

From early in the day, there was always a crowd of people snooping around the car, just taking it all in.

A rare look into the office of Mr.Hughes and Mr. Campbell-Walter.

The car was present for more than just to look good and would make several demonstration runs throughout the course of the day.

At the wheel would be Warren Hughes.

In the first morning session it was a case of building the lap times up slowly but surely.

Even at what would be considered a leisurely pace for this GT-R, the commentator reported it had run a 1:07 laptime. Some four seconds faster than the BTCC record.

Back in the pits, the GT-R was joined by a host of Evo Xs and two other GT-Rs.

The car garnared more attention as the day went on.

A glimpse at the impressive roll cage in place.

I think it was Jonathan that either GT-R runs different wheels, the #22 runs on RAys Wheels whilst the #23 runs on BBS from what I’m trying to remember.

I wonder would the Sumo Power guys do me a special rate on those brakes for my van ?

Some scrubbed in Michelin slicks …

Also present in the paddock was the Sumo S15. The SR20 has long been dumped in favour of the much respected Toyota 2JZ.

Paul Conlan managed to navigate the car to first place in the final EDC round held during the course of the day. I’ll have a spotlight together on this over the weekend.

During the lunch time break, the entire grid of Sumo Power cars took to the track for a set of demonstration laps. The idea was to show the assembled spectators what was possible with the GT-R and Evo X cars.

From the GT1 GT-R …

… to this 700BHP+ street car.

The Evo Xs ranged from mildly tuned track cars to Group N rally cars.

Andy Barnes was out in his relatively standard street GT-R.

Welsh rally legend Gwyndaf Evans put on quite the show four wheel sliding his rally car.

In the afternoon, this was about as close as I could get to the Sumo Power team putting on a full pitstop for the crowd. Sticking to GT1 rules and including a driver swap, their first attempt was a rather impressive 25 seconds.

I had to leave the team to it as I had other duties to attend to but credit has to be given to Sumo for engaging the public so well and putting the epitomy of a professional display.

I just hope it’s not the last time I get to see that GT-R …

Paddy McGrath

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Nice work, I'm somewhere in that crowd in the last photo. Right near the right hand side pole of the GT1 tent. I personally can't wait to see the Sumo car again, hopefully it'll be at the Autosport Show in January!


never tire of seeing these bad boys..


desktop of the "rare shot at the office" pic plzzzzz!!!!!


Desktop of the fourth photo is a must