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It was electrifying. Nothing else could describe the last round of the 2010 season better than that. Carnage was the name of the game as each driver threw all their cards on the table for the last hurrah! 

Vaughn Gittin Jr. drove with every single fiber in his body and took the 2010 Formula D championship then continued to smash his way up the ladder all the way up to the finals where he was finally stopped by the mighty Tanner Foust. 

There was something about Tanner Foust at Irwindale. Either Rockstar/Scion Racing team did some sort of voodoo to make the car insanely fast, or Tanner's blood was somehow replaced with some form of intensely engineered race gas. That car flew under the lights.

After a one more time battle with Vaughn, the judges award Tanner the win. 

Michihiro Takatori drove his heart out and was able to secure the third step on the podium. 

On the Team Need for Speed front, they ended the year with their best results this year. Mad Mike made it into the top 16 after defeating Yasu Kondo but was knocked out by Rhys Millen. 

Irwindale once again proved to hold a special place for Matt Powers. He moved on to the top 16 after defeating Kyle Mohan, then proceeded to the top 8 where Vaughn Gittin Jr. threw down the gauntlet. 

Those of you that attended Irwindale know first hand just how electrifying the gladiatorial spectacle was, as with those of you that were able to tune into the live stream. It was, without a doubt, the event of the year. And what a way to close off the season it was!

We at Speedhunters congratulate Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Falken Tire for winning the 2010 championship and Tanner Foust for taking the overall win at Irwindale!

Stay tuned for more from Irwindale! Mike Garrett will be breaking down the day's mind blowing proceedings very soon. 




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Hav 2 say by far, Larry and Linhbergh, the photos from irwindale are INCREDIBLE! Of all the photos taken ovr the events this year these are just incredible! Gr8 job guys!


wow.. epic feature! 3rd pic is desktop-worthy...


I heard there were loads of crashes. Pity the Bathurst 1000 prevented me from watching this, but congrats to JR!


Tanner was burying everyone in clouds of smoke!! Such a great final.

Great pics Mr. N


The match between Frederic and Vaughn was just a dissapointment in the sense of the judging. It was horrible. Frederic I believe had the upper hand in this battel with him getting crazy angle, creating smoke screens majority of the time and putting a couple of distances on Vaughn. Clearly the judges couldnt see a drifting line if they were riding shotty with Keiichi Tsuchiya. You could hear the audience chant one more time and then boom with boos from the other side of the track after they hear the results of Vaughn's victory. Not to take anything from Vaughn since he is a amazing driver who drives with precision but the judging was biased in mine and majority of the people I talked to. I guess money and sponsorships hold more weight in such competition of skill and finess. Frederic and Vaughn should have gone one more time...

On another note, CONGRATS to Frederic on Rookie of the year! Also Congrats to FSR as well for being Frederic's support team. I am sure Frederic will make his name big in the states. All he needs now to become a power player is some sponsorships since he barely has any...

Congrats again you guys!


Takatori but on the best show without a doubt


Well done Vaughn, and also Jason Plato for winning the BTCC driver's championship, and Tom Chilton for the independant driver's championship


The year of the Energy Drinks ...


love the last pic...


Nice fotos =)


Couldnt agree more with ya Misled Youth!!!


Nice to see Powers in top 8. And congrats to JR!


Good for Vaughn! I feel like it was a long time coming!


Was a good event. Driftstream was sweet. Seems most of the bugs have been removed from the system.

Busy day for motorsport indeed - Bathurst all day, F1 (qualifying after it was delayed by rain & the race), plus FD streaming on the laptop. Good times.


I agree, Frederic handled Vaughn on that ! it was ridiculous, SUPERa > MUSTANG


@ Brendan....I cannot agree with you anymore. you are completely right. I was there and Aasbo definately got cheated out. Even tho Aasbo is my fav driver since seeing him at Red Bull drifts and Long Beach this season, he clearly was cheated out by favoritism. Anyway, this event was by far one of the best and exciting i have been to. also.....PIC 3 for wallpaper plz!!! =D


First off, big congrats to Vaughn Gittin Jr. for a great year and a well deserved championship. I think if you go back and watch the Aasbo/Gittin footage you will see that Aasbo comes into the infield while following very shallow and on a mid line while Vaughn is stuck to the wall billowing tire smoke. Aasbo added angle coming off the bank causing this. If I was a judge I would have made the same call.

I think it's funny how fab boyism superscedes actual judging criteria.

I love Aasbo and think he has a lot to offer Formula D as a talent but it's clear that he didn't win this battle. Sorry.


Can't Wait to see the coverage, wasn't able to watch the livestream. These pictures already look Great!


The paper planes were the best =]


the paper airplanes were the best....i think they distracted darren n made him spin out n hit the wall though...right before he exited the bank a huge paper airplane flew onto the track...then he spun out


How was anything electrifying about FD when it was pretty much like a fantasy football pool.

Vaughn was going to win regardless unless Dai pulled a wildcard out of his ass.


bestt thing in da world i love these pics!!


It was an Awesome event and Tanner drove like a man possessed.


la ultima foto esta muy bacana


Great pics big L


the coverage by speedhunters and wrecked magazine is some of the best of any sport!


Asboo Vs Gittin was pathetic... at least OMT should be called...

liko one said.... energy drink championship...