Car Spotlight>> A Serious ’69 Camaro

Out of the cars that came out to the Irwindale Thursday night drags, this Chevy Camaro is another that stuck out from the crowd.

Even though the car looks like its still an original body '69 Camaro, there's been a lot of chassis work involved.

As, for the engine itself, its hard to tell what V8 exactly is lurking underneath when there's a giant scoop protruding at the top. 

The office. I'm surprised to see that there's still some carpet in the interior AND wood panelling! Though, let's not forget to mention those two giant nitrous bottles. 

When you see a tubbed rear end, wheelie bar, and a parachute you know this car means serious business.

It's hard to deny that the Camaro looks amazing.

Now, just imagine being in the driver seat with this launching off the line. Say goodbye to your innards!




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why do you guys refuse to add images to your rss feeds?


shitton of bandwith wasted if your not interested in the article. just click the ones that sound interesting. not so hard


what times did it run?


It staged. What were its times?


yep it can't be denied.. car looks like it would put down some mad times.. there's a theme here!!? what times did it put down broh?


beauty, wonder what kind of times it would run


nice muscle car, I want to know the specs !!


It's a Big Block Chevy. You have to be fully mentally retarded to not be able to figure that out even if the scoop was on the car.


hermoso auto, como puedo hacer para mandar fotos de mi auto a esta pagina web?????


maybe mid 9's


Nice ! The sky on the 2nd picture perfectly matches with the site's background. : D


1st pic for desktop!


Ive seen it run.... it usually does low 5's on the 1/8th but I have seen it pull a high 4 once


Mid 9s would be all show and no go on that thing haha. Seriously, when you do an article on a car like this, find some specs. At least cubes, fuel introduction system, manufacturer of heads/crank/rods/block. It is clearly a big block, if you're a bloody automotive journalist you shouldn't have a problem working that out!


Ok let's get back to my LA Speedhunting adventures from a couple of weeks ago. As previously mentioned, I was in possession of a German Hot Rod for the week: a 500bhp V10 Powered, BMW M5. You know, this car had an odd effect on me. I kept wanting