Builds>>rtr-x Progress: Part Nine

The RTR-X made its way over to Auto Explosion in Gardena, California for final body work and paint. This team was recommended to me by multiple people as "THE MEN" who would do an incredible job within the two week deadline we had for paint.

Incredible is nothing short of what we need the product to be.

And due to all the custom metal work, the body men had their work cutout for them for sure.

Estiban (the owner) and his son Damian are all about the project and I am happy to be working with them.

It's really challenging to get the details nailed from 3000 miles away, however, with the right team, good communication,and a kick-ass
photographer like Mike Garrett, we seem to be doing alright.

The RTR-X looks so sad and empty without its heart!

As you can see they are no joke here, everything is done meticulously and by hand for the most part. No corners have been cut!


Stephan from BASF sent me a text after the first time he stopped in to
see the project and was very happy and impressed with the progress and
the overall quality of work. That sure is saying something from someone that
has been in the business for as long as he has!

Smooth like a babies bottom!

Estiban is admiring his teams' work.

After about six days of making sure the body was perfect, the first coat of primer was laid.

Then the team goes over it all again hand sanding every inch.


In the mean time back at the Bat Cave AKA Twins Turbo…

The Twins are getting everything prepped for final assembly.

They built our Work Meisters after receiving them from Liquid Powder Coats in PA. I cannot wait to see the body
dumped on these! I am pumped on the scheme Ianded on for the wheels and to think a lot of people said it wouldn't work…

Koz is showing our custom header flanges he had made.

Our beautiful custom heat exchanger from the team at Griffin Radiators and of course the Kinsler ITB manifold. I swear I have turned into such a metal nerd; now I just need to continue learning how to work with it to make some stuff like this!

I am very excited for everyone to see this! you might say, "I have already seen that months ago." Well this is not the mockup engine my friends. This is the bad boy I have been waiting to tell you all about. This is the new Ford Racing Boss 302R crate engine (Kinsler ITB manifold not included).

Out of the crate with the Ford Racing control pack, this beast offers about 440 HP, serious torque, and will rev to 8000RPM all day long with no problem. Impressive for just under $8000 if you ask me. I mean, up until now,  just heads for a Ford mod motor to rev to 8K would cost close to that. High-five to my friends at Ford Racing for making horsepower and RPM's affordable! The MoTeC crew will push the limits of tuning this thing with our MoTeC M800. I am hoping for some nice torque numbers and somewhere around 450-500 rwhp. Unfortunately at this point, we will have to wait until SEMA to spend the time needed on the dyno to ensure I can drive the RTR-X on the street and get nuts on the track with it!

SEMA… here we come!!!

- Vaughn Gittin Jr.

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so amazing! has the paint on the wheel centres got little metallic flakes in it or is it just the picture?


I don't even like Mustangs and I think this thing is going to be pretty fresh once its done. I can't wait to see the final product at SEMA.


im not a mustang (or ford) guy normally and i didn't think this would turn out that great.this changed my mind. this thing is gonna be beautiful.


i hope this wins the GT awards at SEMA


Stoked to see everything coming together. Looking forward to seeing it at SEMA next week.

Vaughn will you be appearing with Ford again this year?


hahahahahahahahahah Makes me giddy. Such a cool project. So stoked for you Vaughn.


What a great project! I can't wait to see it completed.


Yes it does it has a dark green to light green metallic flake that simulates the green on the barrels.


what happens when it crashes...back to the old mustang?


This is going to be pure madness ! I'm already in love !


"to ensure I can drive the RTR-X on the street" you're gonna STREET this car???

I think it'll cause accidents from gawkers!!


s'gonna be sickkkkkkkkkkk




So Sick nothing but respect for all the guys on this project respect !!


First off, let me say, I love the car Vaughn. I love the body, the paint its eventually going to be, and of course the engine. I do however have three gripes: 1) I was hoping to see a bit more power out of the engine; I know the 450rwhp you're looking for is nothing to scoff at, but I was expecting something a little more insane (maybe upwards of 500rwhp?). 2) The wheels look great and all, but I can't say I'm a big fan of the ENORMOUS lip on them; its a little excessive. I believe a wheel on a car this size should have a lip size of four inches at the most. 3) The paint on the wheels. I'm aware my opinion might change once I see them on the car, but c'mon, lime green? Last I checked, you already had a car with Monster Energy's colors splattered on it.

Regardless though, its still coming along great and I can't wait to see it completed; and be sure to post a good video of the motor's first start up for us!


nice! keep yer Ford Ford powered!


Finally..there's two badass drift cars at the track right now!Hey Mad Mike,your Badbul gets accompany by now!Hahaha

This is a really masterpiece of a drift arts!


Auto Explosion does phenomenal work. Can't wait to see the final product in all its glory


Any more info on that red Supra in pic #16? :D


mmm, sexy =)


VGJnr, i think, you might well have made the first yank tank i've ever liked... you go girl! amazing!

Syn (how clever with a y) Shitee :/ sth the F*!$ up man. too much dish? ffs.


Simply outstanding! The wheels are beautiful!


Love those two-tone wheels, so professionally done, just like the rest of the project! Thank you again for redoing the flares, and I forgot to post this on your previous update, but I couldn't help but notice you stopped calling your brake ducts NACA ducts ;) Learn something new every day.

Also, as a hobbyist metalworker, those welds are gorgeous.


needs a passenger seat and 50 dollars per 2 laps donated to a charity like the AMA does. Then it can be shared win.


440 HP.... 8000 RPM..... it even has computer controlled anti-lock brakes!!! hmmm..... needs more VTEC yo!


Need to say that I do not normally feel those american muscle cars, but hats off to you guys building not only my favourite muscle car so far, but maube one of my all-time-favorites out there! I was really pleased watching that the fender flares changed alot in the progress, as now they look n1. Seems that readers' feedback IS important after all! Anywayz, as this turns out to be one of my favorite machines, I'm a little worried of what could happen to a drift session, namely touching or even bashing into something (concrete wall, other car, you name it). Have you considered making moulds out of the replaceable body panels, such as fenders/doors/hood/trunk? Then maybe you could carbon-fiber those parts, for not only having spares, but shaving off a significant amount of weight. I know you prefer everything to be in metal (so do I), but thinking about it doesn't really makes a lot of sense, right? After all, this bulid is more of an up-to-date modern muscle car than a classic Mustang, so using carbon fiber might contribute to that, plus as the RTR-C proved, it wont look cheap... Just think about it! Can't wait to see this masterpiece rolling guys! Keep us informed!


why would you be interested in that red supra when that white supra is right next to it. lawlalwalw


Car is sick no doubt about it but i have a few gripes. Must be nice to be able to build whatever you want for the 2011 fd season and the new rule book has not come luthier. Sure not many if any of the rules will change and secondly how the heck is gitten getting away with no x brace for the door ? Am I th only one that sees it is just a single door bar where in the rules it clearly states it needs to be either NASCAR door bars or an x. Must be nice not to have to fall the rules


i demand a vid of the engine firing up and dyno runs!!!!!! i cant wait to see the throttle response


Can't wait til it's done so I can say casually "you know I voted on the design/livery of that..." It's already awesome!


@joss.......your silly. This is not vaughn's new fd car! Hating is so 2009


ur might pioneer the next mustang movement u know?

kinda like the next "eleanor" thing