Random Snap>> Rado @ Buttonwillow

It seems that each racing series has its era of craziness. Rally had Group B, Formula 1 had the crazy turbocharged era of 80s, and now, the realm of time attack is the place to be if you're a nutter. These unlimited class time attack cars are getting more insane looking as each season passes and as very team wants to one up all the others.

Photographer, Chris Harrington, sent us this photo of the Team Need for Speed/World Racing Scion TC while it was at Buttonwillow Raceway testing, this past Friday, after returning back from its east coast adventures. It's been a while since we've last heard anything about about the driver and car, hasn't it? It also looks slightly different since we first saw it not too long ago….




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I would put my money on this thing becoming the fastest time attack car ever.


this looks like it would be at home on Pikes Peak!


i think this car needs to make an appearance at pikes peak and give that monster suzuki a run for its money.


The look of the fwing has improved a lot. It's looking more like a F1 front wing now instead of a GT wing on backwards.


How embarrassing would it be if Mr. Rado doesn't do well (read, gets beat by other team)?

His car is so far out there that he MUST do well.

What's next?

Maybe the RedLine Time Attack organizers should allow Rhys Millen to participate with his Hyndai PM850......then ull start seeing people getting pissed.....


hell yeah cant wait till all the test and tune is done, this this is going to EAT the competition alive, watch out WTAC!


Chuck Norris will be very proud.


I'd rather have someone figure my dick hole than look at the hideous piece of shit Scion.


@EJ257 id be more willing to put my money on just about anything Rado and World Electronics does. these guys dont play. back in the old days of import drag racing, Rado was one of the fastest, his supra street car was balls-out, he was one of the first guys with a 10 second all motor honda and his company, World Electronics, is pretty high quality shit.

the guys know their shit and it shows.

i cant wait to see how much Time Attack progresses in the next few years, maybe this is what America needs to bring autosport back into the mainstream...


It has a tube frame front end from the pictures which I dont know how thats allowed. Also it has the exhaust out the bonnet so wont pass some countries motorsport regs. I think people should at least have to keep the standard chassis and work with it.


you got that right, with over 900whp and now awd they are looking beyond the horizon


It's lucky that time attack cars have to be based on Unibodies. Imagine the contraptions that could be spawned if they had truly "free" regulations.

I'm waiting for the day a Shiek starts an unlimited rules racing series.


Holy End Plates Batman! lol those things are huge

I think they could've made any car just as fast if not faster with the budget they have. From a physics standpoint, a F/MR or AWD system would always be better at accelerating

but to do so much with a tC is still cool as a do it just because you can sort of thing


I can imagine how loud that vertical exhaust must be. what engine is it?


car looks rapid.. the styling although practical (i hope) is an acquired taste!! we don't have the Scion in the UK.. well not in great numbers anyway.


They still need to find suspension setups for different tracks which will take some time. It isn't just more HP and better aero-->faster.



The wing is too small, haha. Naw in all seriousness those tires look way too small for all that down force, I think we're looking at some nice fenderflares to widen the stance up a bit and give it some good grip, I get it AWD but that's +900HP in a light scion.


desktop please


Damn scion haters... tc's are dominating in the world challenge. It is a good platform. The 2az engine in that car is on stock sleeves and crank.


Refresh our memories of what the first and second place Super Modified FWD West Region cars look like. Because, reading the standings, that is the THIRD PLACE car:




All this development and still no-name drivers? I'd be very curious to see what difference (if any) could be made by sticking a top flight international driver (from GT, Touring Cars or even F1) in one of these things.


This car is the new AWD car...Going through testing and fine tuning at the moment but should be a threat very soon. The FWD car (The one with the FWING) is unbeaten in the FWD class as far as I know...Holds every track record that it's appeared at.

Rado has not been at every event this year and the points standings reflect that fact.