Event>jccs 2010 Wrap Up

I just got back to LA after spending the weekend in Northern California for Billetproof. I’m pretty giddy to start posting my photos from up there, but first I want to wrap up my JCCS coverage with one last group of photos from Long Beach.

Let’s get on with it.

This immaculate ’71 Celica is apparently only the 13th Celica ever sold in the United States. Absolutely amazing.

Or maybe the LB version of the Celica is more to your taste? You can’t go wrong with either.

Who needs big trophies? THIS is the coolest car show award ever.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen more Datsun 610’s in one spot.

This 610 Coupe was another of the cars that made the trip down to LA from the Bay Area.

As was Russell Misaki’s dope looking 610 wagon sled.

Don’t forget your accessories.

Sitting alongside the BRE 240Z replica was this equally cool Fairlady Roadster. Gotta love the windshield, or lack thereof.

I’d love to go for a spin in a Toyota Sports 800, but somehow I can’t see myself being able to fit in there…

Some more Toyota motorsport history on display.

These early model Civics may have been outnumbered at JCCS, but their historical significance might be the biggest of any car at the show. After all, they helped to transform the American car market in the 1970’s.

I thought this Datsun 620 looked pretty cool on late model Nissan pickup wheels.

JCCS – the realm of the Mikuni.

Yet another spotless 240Z.

This Crown is looking ready for some trouble.

The Heartbreaker bros showing off their cool logo.

One more shot of Yuta’s fighter plane, just because.

Take a whiff, you can almost smell it.

That will do it for my look at the 2010 Japanese Classic Car Show.

See you next year!

-Mike Garrett

JCCS 2010 Coverage



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love celicas :D


That '71 Celica is stunning! As is the Sports 800 (and I think I know who owns that one).


Love that 620.... the Z too


Ayumi hamasaki logo on yuta's rear windsheild! :D


not much starlet love this year? :(


Rad. I'm feelin this.


Need more Pics, i love it!!!


*searches craigslist*


so many badass cars there, i want it to be next year already. that BRE roadster is actually owned by Adam Corolla BTW




Don't feel bad, Not much Mazda love either.:(


Enough 510s!!!! more 610s!

610's pulled through this year! those two 610 wagons and the coupe were out of this world! Hopefully next year there will be more of them!

Bay Area has got it on lock with Datsuns for sure!


peep the front fender on the red 240, it looks great


haha when we were leaving at the end of the day that suitcase took flight and was left on the side of the 710.

rad. me and my brother are in the snap of yuta's z! (I'm in the red shirt, ben is in the "wood" shirt.)


yuta you have one of the sickest 240z ever man!


loved all the coverage and pics of JCCS - what is the car with liveried up as a Toyota Motorsport #99??


Aaah, the Fairlady Roadster, from a time when Japanese makes weren't afraid to copy other designs...


What are the wheels on the BRE cars?


Huh, where did my comment go?? The wheels are American Racing Libres. The Toyota Motorsports #99 is a second gen RA4x kind of looks like a fox body mustang.


The wheels on the BRE stuff are American Racing Libres. They can still be found. The guy I bought my RA29 celica from has the set he bought for the liftback before it got wrecked. His are chrome and he wants almost as much as I paid for the cars. The Toyota Motorsport #99 is a second gen celica coupe. Looks almost like the fox body Trans Am mustangs from the late 80s. Seeing these pics just reminds me of how badly I need to get my celica back on the road...


love the 240zs hated the orange color though!


Love the Zeds.

So much win!