Event>> R’s Meeting 2010 – Pt.2

Let's dive right back into GT-R Heaven with another selection of shots from the biggest 2010 R's Meeting yet. With so much to see in the display area set up at Fuji Speedway I was struggling to keep focused, every little cool tuning part or crazy modified R distracting me from getting on with covering the event. 

It was a non-stop parade of GT-Rs wherever you looked, in the paddock, on the race track, around the access roads and of course in the car parks. GT-Rs everywhere! In fact I spent a lot of time walking through the parking lots, looking at owner cars and the way they have personalized them. We'll go more into that later on.

The Tommy Kaira official demo car, or Silver Wolf Edition Ebbrezza-R.

I thought Tommy Kaira was selling new-gen GT-R badges but then noticed there were a few wires coming out from the back. That's because they are illuminated by 10 small LEDs! Price, just over $1,000!!!

BNR34 wheels on R32s just look so good if spaced properly. This particular san-ni had a few simple carbon fiber parts to enhance the exterior looks…

…and an R34 Nur engine to complete the modifications.

Hosaka Tuning Factory brought their black R34 time attack car for the track tuner exhibition, and had this Bayside Blue san-yon for display.

Odyssey has a quick and easy way to instantly shave 5 kg off the weight of the portly R35…

…thanks to their tiny race-spec battery. 

I stopped by the GT-R magazine stand where they had tons of back-numbers for sale…

…as well as GT-R related gadgets and caricatures.

Masa from Robson Leather looked very busy as people rushed to their makeshift market stall to take advantage of the slashed prices. Popular items on sale included leather boots for the gear shifter and handbrake…

…as well as carbon fiber interior trim which was being sold at less than half price! Talk about a deal!

This V-spec II was on display at Exage, specialists in RB26 maintenance and rebuilds.

Despite the stock look I really liked the dark silver color the engine covers and inlet plenum were painted in.

Next to it was this time-attack looking BCNR33 running a 650 HP Nur engine.

And talking of R33s these were the cars lined up…

…ready to be immortalized by the GT-R Magazine snappers. 

All pictures were taken using the same car position and owner position to make shooting as quick and as efficient as possible.  

And let's not forget all those lines of nice R32s!

Spotted this aggressive Veilside widebody kitted one tuned by Pentroof…

…and then a little further up another R32 fitted with the same massively blistered Veilside fenders. 

JUN showed up with their freshly painted R35 demo car. Now that all development on the Evo X has ended it's now the GT-R's turn to be transformed into a time attack machine.

The engine is still stock on the car, but things move very fast at JUN. This is their latest prototype VR38 block which boasts a capacity of 4.2 L. They also have a 4.0L short block already on sale…

…along with the 4.0L forged and balanced crank, H-section connecting rods and pistons.

They even have ported and polished heads ready…

…with upgraded valvegear and a choice of camshafts!

According to Watanabe-san of JUN the VR38 has a lot of potential for big power but the limiting factor will be the lack of space to fit larger turbo chargers. It will be really interesting to see how the R35 power-wars will develop!

Someone asked for more oldschool Skyline love, so here you go! 

All the GT-Rs I came across were the real deal…

…powered by the 2 liter, straight six S20 motor.

On the RH9 display area I run across this serious looking Avance Meitou BCNR33…

…running a T88H-38GK turbine good for 900 HP. 

To put all that power down on the strip the Nissan transmission has been replaced by a Jerico 5-speed air shifter. And how cool do the 17-inch TE37s look wrapped in Mickey Thompson ET Street drag radials!

What would an event like this be without the presence of Mine's, sporting this tantalizing line up. We'll take a closer look at them…

…along with the MCR cars in the next installment from Fuji. Don't miss Part 3!

2010 R's Meeting PT.1

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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dam dino your sooooooo lucky toooooooooooooooooooo see so many gtrs in one place def heaven in the car world!!

but i feel real sorry for you seeing all those poisoness r34's making you want to buy this and that ahahhaha


Looking Awesome! I think the Penthouse R32 Widebody was Featured in the Redline Magazine (UK) Right Dino? ;)


Mine´s Wave Wallpapers please! I beg for them!


*Drools*... speechless, more GT-R!!


Mine's LOVEEE!!!!!!!!

thank you Dino.

For polish like me,it's truly great experience to see Mine's R-34 on a photo, I can't even image meeting one of them live:)


Yes, after part 2, I am sure there is a heaven on earth...

Cannot wait to see part 3.


Really, enjoying this. Great shots!


A desktop of the first picture would be nice. Loving the old skool skylines.

Thanks for the post


when i wake up every day this all i need to see.....GTR


No R31 Love?

I think the coverage has been great. Nice writing and fabulous Photos! But for a meet that's all about Skylines, they seem to be missing a generation.


I was wondering when I'd see Mine's appear. Loving it! Its amazing the individualism that we see coming out in some the cars showcased. Loving the Old Schools mang!!!!


I would have had to change my pants multiple times, you one lucky mf'er dino, btw, what is your whip out there? curious


Shame that there have been no Kenmari C110 GTR's yet :(


all the Jun engine part pics are like porn to a petrolhead !! nice one !!


this is how i like to wake up every morning i enjoy reading speedhunters and fresh cup of coffe thanks DIno


i love the stock radiator on that drag 33


really want that white 400r!


wow more RH9 please!!!!!!!!!!!!


I came when I saw the Mine's R's


$1000 for an Emblem????????!!! IS that in USD?


so drooling right now. how does one find a R32 for sale?


Captain Handbag - it looks pretty much the same, and Dino shot that one, so it probably is


I would have had a wicked day of taking photo's.

So much awesomeness!

You damn lucky Dino!


please more photos of that tommy kaira R33!




smoky nagata's gold R35 please!!!!


smoky nagata's gold R35 please!!!!




Outstanding coverage, as always


That R33 with the owner in front is tight! Now if the owner moved ten or so feet to the right...


top secret a.k.a smoky nagata's cars!!!!


love the Silver Wolf Edition Ebbrezza-R... now thats a car..



This is a GT-R event, there were never GT-R versions of the R30 or R31, hence the no-show!


The R32 in the background of the Odyssey R35 looks gorgeous. Wallpapers of everything! MOAR!

Seriously, this has now made my list of things I have to do. So much win!


Oh god a part 3 too? This owns!


r34 is the best


As I was nerding out on GT-R related goodness at R's Meeting last Sunday I heard an announcement