Event>>jccs 2010 Pt.1

In our line of work, conflicting dates is something we have to work around. After all there are only so many weekends in a year.

While Rod and Linhergh headed to Sonoma to shoot Formula Drift over the weekend, it was decided that I'd hang around SoCal to shoot the 6th Annual Japanese Classic Car Show.

Not that I was at all disappointed – JCCS is one of THE best car shows in the United States, period.

For 2010, JCCS returned to its original home at the Queen Mary in Long Beach. A grassy park with cool ocean breezes and sailboats passing in the harbor, is there a better spot for a car show?

The usual mix of vintage Japanese vehicles was out this year. This spotless Celica on Advan A3A's was one of the first cars that caught my eye.

Some of the cars have a decidiely Japanese influence, like this boso'd out RHD Toyota Crown sedan.

Others may have been built in Japan, but are rooted firmly in the classic American style. This Datsun 620 street machine for example.

Other cars have been left just as they were when they rolled off the boat. This Datsun 1200 Coupe was original in every way.

Race cars are also a big part of JCCS. I don't think this red, white, and blue 240Z needs any introduction…

The man himself, John Morton was also on hand signing autographs and chatting with fellow Datsun-heads.

Looking just like a scale muscle car, this '74 Corona Mark II is rocking 2JZGTE power, along with an auto trans. 

Datsuns and Toyotas are the most popular at JCCS, but you can always count on a big rotary showing too. Love this '73 RX3 Wagon.

Hondas are much fewer in numbers, but still very fun to look at. This was spotted outside the JNC Magazine booth.

Is it strange that I was really excited about this mint condition 1983 Toyota Van? History preserved.

The ice maker option is a must-have.

To celebrate the spirit of Toyota vanning, it was parked up next to a brand new Sienna.

Before the 510 and 240Z came out, Datsuns like this '67 411 could be found on the streets and highways of America.

Registration for the show filled up fast, so there were plenty of cool cars to be found in the parking lot as well…

The Northern California boys were out in force this weekend. I'm sure you recognized Yuta's 240Z in the opening photo. We also have Justin's mega-cool Datsun 610 Wagon.

As well as Henry's Corolla….I mean S12.

Also making the trip down from the Bay was Mark Arcenal and his ridiculously cool Hakosuka Skyline. I wish I could have been there to see this group of classics rolling down I5…

I've got so much more to post from JCCS, but right now I have to run and shoot some photos of the latest RTR-X progress.

Stay tuned.

-Mike Garrett




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BRE Datsun ftw!!! I also love the Kenmeri and 4-door Hakosuka parked next to each other.


HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA we shot so many of the same cars! Was hopin' to see/meet you Mike, I love your photos!

Here's some of mine, please forgive the time stamp :)



Wow so much vintage awesomeness!!!

(I really want to see the progress on the RTR-X)


this is great can't wait for part 2


Nice coverage so far Mike! This was my second year making the trek from South Beach to SoCal for the show and I wasn't disappointed! JCCS is by far the standard when it comes to over all quality of cars and event staff! **thumbs up** to Terry, Koji and everyone involved.


OH so cool!!!!!

Whish i could have made it. Need more PICS!!!!!!!


More! Please More!!


It was a great show. Old school rwd Toyotas will live axles (orange 4-door Corolla) look so fun to drive. I couldn't stop staring at the low red Celica with the Advan A3A's. The die-cast car vender emptied all the cash from my wallet.


Ive been looking forward to this for awhile!





Sweet, love the pics.. are you going to be at sevenstock in irvine next week as well?


Nice! :)

The bosozoku influenced Crown looks great! I love it!

The van also looks great and the Ice Maker is a must have option. There is only one thing: (sorry to say) those big huge USDM bumpers ruin it a bit... This is what it is supposed to look like on normal bumpers:



oh my god!!

car porn all over!!

pls give us lots of JCCS desktops! :P


awesome, love henry's & yuta's. and gotta love the paint scheme on that kenmeri. its so right


pics of the red honda z600 please!!! sick ass car!


So much old school awesomeness!


heaven on earth!


No Starions...


Awesome coverage Mike!! I've been eagerly awaiting this for a couple of days now :)


Love the "traction bars" peeking out from under the RX3 wagon. A very period accessory!


This red van is a nissan vanette. ;)


cool run down love all 3 of the 240Z's - more honda & Rotary pics please..


dammit now i want a tarago


any pics of that miata with orange wheels outside the front gate would be greatly appreciated mike. everyone was much happier about the returning to the queen mary as well.


can't wait to seee the RTR-X!!!


One of the best ive been to!!! Only thing i didnt like was the huggggge line. I love my John Morton autographed pic, great show once again cant wait till the next!!!!!!


I'm totally loving these cars. That Shakotan Crown is probably my favorite car there. The old (and surprisingly, the new) Toyota van(s) also caught my eye. Yuta and Justin's cars are both beautiful, as usual. Great article, can't wait to see more.


what are the wheels on Mark Arcenal skyline


i new i would be in one of the pics!!!!!!!! im in the pic of the trucks on the right in my green shirt! ssiiiccckkkk


The ultimate accessory ANY vehicle had at JCCS was the '83 Van with its captivating Ice Maker. It was so outrageously original! Only had 20k miles. How'bout them apples?