Event>>billetproof California 2010 Pt.2

It's time for another batch of photos from that celebration of rust, primer, and all things not billet that happens every year in Northern California.

I think I've said this before, but Billetproof really is something everyone should experience, even if you don't think of yourself as a "hot rod person".

Gassers have to be some of the coolest things ever to roll on four wheels. This '58 Ford Fairlane was one of several high riding, straight axle monsters out there.

When I see this, I want to thrown on a leather jacket, head down to the diner and spend all day standing around the jukebox drinking cherry cokes…

I was surprised to find a couple aircooled VW's at Billetproof, but I suppose they actually fit in pretty well there.

Sometimes, a stock, straight body and some healthy lowering is all you need.

Is this the perfect hot rod? In my book it's damn close. This was one of numerous cars representing the Road Zombies car club from the Bay Area.

Does anybody need a parts hauler? This dropped Corvair Greenbrier van was being advertised for the low sum of $2,000 or best offer. You know you want it!

You see lots of Ford and Chevy pickups out there, but how about a Dodge? This body style looks fantastic sitting in the weeds.

Even more unique was this Studebaker pickup.

While this hardtop Buick has seen a fair amount of custom work, I like how the original trim has been kept intact on the side – a trademark of Buicks of this era.

The place where hot rod meets racing car. Oh how joyous it would be to drive this thing on the street.

It might be a more of a modern look, but I'm really feeling they low-slung stance on this Henry J drag car.

Everything about this '60 Chevy screams "period custom". The wheels, the stance, the paint, etc. The VW style T-bars up front are a nice touch.

Almost too much mechanical goodness for one photograph here…

Not the first time I've seen this radical '61 Chrysler, but it was still one of my favorite cars of the day. I love this thing!

Yes, that's an aircooled Volkswagen motor mounted in the front of a '37 Ford Pickup. Oh, the things you find at Billetproof…

Perhaps it was slightly out of place among all the hot rods and customs, but this Ford Falcon was another one of my favorites. Four-speed, roll bar, and wide steelies on all four corners.

Absolutely sinister. No other way to describe it.

Yep, it's an Edsel, and a very cool looking one at that.

I'll wrap up part two with this sweet little coupe.

Back tomorrow with another batch of Billetproof photos.

-Mike Garrett



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falcons rule!!!! especially when they're SUPER SLAMMED (like dropped WAAAAAAY more than the car in the pics). Get those rear fender skirts hiding nearly all of the rear wheels / tires and you win!

also, the flames up near the top are just OK. like most flames they are too fat....I mean there is too much color behind the U-shaped part in the middle of the flame. it's like the flame goes from the thin stalk to this HUGE FAT area and only then goes back out into the two tendrils.

If you look at really high quality flame jobs you'll notice that the body of the flame is MUCH thinner

flames are supposed to be thin bodied not phat!


Another nice round of pics. The matte finish combined with the two-tone works well on the old Beetle. And a nice surprise to see the Greenbrier! Over the years, I've had a '64 'Brier, two panels ('62 and a '63 8-door) and a Rampside pickup. They're fun trucks! Not everybody's cup of tea, I know...


Desktop on the '58 Ford Fairlane gasser and the mechanical goodness please.


a lot of mean rides


Love that mid 60's Dodge truck. 64-66 I think? Hell they all looked the same until the late 60's. Keep up the great work Mike.


That Dodge looks FANTASTIC.


I'll have the green coupe or the '34 thanks


The white stock car inspired Falcon is tight.


hmmm love the colour on that stock but lowered Chevy?? and what's the absolutely. "sinister" looking car in black?? - loving the top quality coverage and pics by the way..


The black car is a 53 or 54 Chevy. Most likey a 53 with a 54 front end.