Car Spotlight>> Porsche 993 Rsr/gt2 Clone

A friend of mine at work sent me this the other week, and I'm still obsessed with it! And guess what? Its for sale! If only I had an extra 39k, and it was black, it would be mine in a heartbeat.

Car started its life out as a plain old (but still beautiful and classic) 1995 911 Carrera in Polar Silver, and has been transformed into the beast you see here. The 993's were the last of the air-cooled 911's, and have held thier value extremely well compared to some of the newer water cooled 996's.

Now there is a bad-ass ass.. if I don't say so myself. 993's are just plain sexy IMO, and this one is no exception. I love the ducktail spoiler reminiscient of the first 911 Carrera RS's. Some purists might not like the badge, but I think its well done and tasteful. Looking through the list of modifications, this car is deserving of a new moniker.

I've always loved the GT2 bolt on fender flares, they scream boy-racer especially on a street car. I think this might just be the perfect street car.. for me. My birthday is coming up, maybe you Speedhunters can all pitch in and buy it for me?

WIth a welded in cage, Recaro Pole Positions with custom leather and alcantara inserts, Schroth harnesses, 911 RS door cards, and RS carpeting, the interior is certainly means business. The cage looks really well integrated into the interior, maximum clearance and paint matched to boot.

On the outside the front splitter and side skirts are also courtesy of the RSR. Euro bumpers with RSCS front air ducts add a really clean look. Unfortunately in North America, low-speed crash standards meant we got different bumpers, IIRC.

The car has only seen the track once to far, hopefully the next owner will be able to take full advantage of how well this car is set up for the track. With KW V3 coilovers, some TRG sway bars and a few other trick suspension bits, I can imagine the car is pretty well prepared for the track or a rip through a canyon, or even some nice freeway on-ramps. The Fabspeed Supercup mufflers will assure you get noticed by the local authorities however.

The stock roof panel with sunroof was removed and replaced with a carbon kevlar molded peice. If you look from the outside, looks completely stock, but shaves a lot of weight where it really matters. Probably helped a lot in the fabrication of that cage as well.

Custom Hartmann 3 peice wheels are 9.5" up front and 11" in the rear. The wheel centers are just like the 993 twist wheels found on the 993 Turbos, and are paint matched Polar Silver just like the rest of the car. Can never go wrong with 3 piece wheels and a big fat lip on Porsche's.

Apparently the car is a beast on the street, but just doesn't get enough use by the current owner, so its up for sale for $39k. With the amount of modification and time put into this car, I'm sure it is worth every penny to the right buyer. Who knows, perhaps Speedhunters will allow the right buyer to find this car and give it a great new home. If you would like to see the ad along with contact information and a few more pictures, follow the link below:

95 Porsche 993 RSR Clone For Sale

Also check out more of Mike Gilberts great photography at his website. Mike Gilbert Photography

- Carl



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Although I'm not much of a 993 fan, that is one wicked ride! Not really extreme like what the Rauh Welt dude does, but it still looks good.


Gorgeous car. I thought this was worth a lot more than $39K USD.


How could you not be a fan of the 993? I believe it is the most beautiful air cooled Porsche ever made.


i cannot a car in maine like this exist!! haah..I just moved back to Maine from Hiroshima, Japan where I lived for almost 5 years and raced in D1SL West. Good to see a quality car is around here...


Those wheels photographed look like Kinesis wheels to me. I used to build those wheels, so the second I saw them, they popped out to me. I have been known to make mistakes though, from time to time...


It's a great car and has a lot of high quality work, but... in this soft market I don't see it selling at that price. It was originally selling for 45K over two months go and looks like he lowered it again. With the market being so soft right now and the fact most Porsche buyers are VERY fickle (totally stock cars will sell a LOT faster), it needs to be around 33-35K. Low mile 95 993s (95s = the best/pre-OBD2) with all of the desirable features (black interior, 6speed/non-tips, full ppi) are going for 23-26K right now. I keep up with rennlist/pelican/ and I know the market. I'm sure I'll get the "hater" comments but I'm just being realistic. Don't get me wrong though, it's a nice car.


You guys are now doing "for sale" ads?! Really? Really. Come on. Don't get me wrong, the car is "nice", but that is weak.


Now this is amazing! I love the ducktail!


Its awesome! Desktop pics!!!


Sweet christ!

One of the greatest shapes ever (993 GT2), and somehow, he has made it better in a different way with the duck tail spoiler. I am in love.


That must be bainbridge with seattle in the back round.


I remember following the build-process. Very meticulous and well-thought out.

I remember reading about that particular rear spoiler.....a lot of controversy.

Great great car nonetheless

Unfortunately I don't have $39K laying around, otherwise I'd be all over it.


i dig everything except how the splittler rolls up on the side of the bumper/fender.

for 40k it sounds pretty nice....i'd prolly try to get an NSX for that much though....or a c5 z06

still neither of those is a porsche !


Sick Porsche!!


Mike Gilbert is fucking KILLING IT.


Any chance of getting the first shot for background ? I love it!


car looks the business, the blended spoiler is cool as hell.. the styling is very pleasing to the eye.


Just one word: DESKTOP!


HHAHA JEZZZUUSSS what a killer.

This owner Nailed it.



Why has it got a Maine license plate?


Gorgeous! To be honest, any statement/phrase/sentence with the words PORSCHE and CLONE in it I immediately think of Thailand.


what dreams are made of.


crazy how the old Porsche from the late 70's and 80's hold their value...RWB FTW


amazing car. love the 993's. desktop pls


Beautiful car! Man, I love this site!


Funny... Saw this posted on craigslist:Seattle yesterday while looking for a Porsche to mount my new Gemaballa wheels I just picked up from a friend. It was entertaining to me then and well... its still very entertaining.


i don't know which i love more, the car or the photo gear! :O i would like both please :)


$39k??? In Sweden that´s what you have to pay for a stock 993 in good condition...


whoever purchases will be very very happy.