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One of the first (of many) cars that stopped me in my tracks at the recent Edition38 X show was this Passat CC. My favourite attribute of this car is it's simplicity, a trait that ironically is quite difficult and complex to achieve. It's just so easy to get carried away and end up with a finished product that is nothing like you envisioned.

This Passat CC GT was just sublime in it's execution. The CC is a great base to start with, I really like the shape of this new Passat. I'm not sure if it's available in the US ? The car is dressed with a full Votex kit.

Di-Noc carbon fibre roof and grille are subtle additions to the black scheme. It appears the mirrors have ben treated to a 3M carbon vinyl wrap but I have to admit that it does look good when used discreetly like this.

The wheels are 20" Bentley Mulliner's with black centres and a polished lip.

'If you ain't scrubbin, you ain't dubbin' according to a sticker I seen for sale at the show. Guess this means the owner is 'dubbin' ?

The car has been lowered on VMAXX coilovers which seem to be a popular choice within the scene. The car features an ABT Sportline exhaust system, which along with a remap helps the 170TDi engine to a healthy 210BHP (I've no idea on torque figures)

The interior features a full factory beige and full leather trim.

Simple, but effective.




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It´s only a Passat with Bentley Wheels? FAIL.


Those Bentley wheels are horrible.

Im hyped on the rest of it though.


It looks great but I wish I could get my hands on it to add to that 210.




any details on the t5 next to it?


those rims would look good on my W12 Phaeton. 7 spoke (spoke on the face) wheels that look the quality are proving hard to find...


even the standard basemodel of the cc is a excellent looking car!.. hats off to vw on this one!


a nice car spoiled by a diesel engine...


beauty on wheels


Yesh, the CC is definitely available in North America. I've seen quite a number here in Ontario, and i know for a fact it's available in the USA as well since the whole Bentley-rims-on-a-vw was made HUGE by a certain silver CC that was at H2Oi in 2009


A perfect daily to accompany a more aggressive car.


210? In a car that size?



The car overall is kinda boring, but I do like the carbon fibre pieces. But HEY! Its not on RS's


210BHP it shoul'd be arround 400 torque


Those wheels aint horrible, wished these would be RWD (PURRFEKT)...AWSME


I love the look of the CC and even looked at them at the local VW dealership. I was not impressed with the fact that I would have to drop about 40k (US dollars) for the trim I wanted. Seriously? I'd rather spend that amount on the new Ford SHO.


thats my boy's car.. (LOL).. he's got that WWII bomber themed T4 van too - should've done a feature on that too.. plus he can paint like a mofo' too - come on that Passat is very cool and totally usable.. bias intended..


Cool and ofc simple, you guys hatin' the TDI engine have no ideea how good it is. (btw it's CR not PD)

I don't like beige interiors/The rear badge would have looked cool in carbon black/I like the wheel colour setup, the shape of the rims fit the car well/The rear lights look kind of tired-do not like/The front signal lights should have been left clear(not smoked) to blen in with the chrome line.

Details on the T5 Van! Please.