Car Spotlight>>mooneyes Crown Pickup @ Jccs

As a huge geek for both classic American and classic Japanese cars, I can't help but be a giant Mooneyes fanboy. Last weekend at JCCS one of my favorite cars of the day just happened to be this Toyota Crown pickup brought out by the guys at Mooneyes USA.

This particular car is a 1964 Toyopet "Masterline" model, imported from Japan after being worked on at Crown Classics in Yokohama. If you're' a fan of old shcool Japanese cars, then you've probably heard of Crown Classics and their fleet of fully restored and customized Crowns.

Obviously the styling on this generation Crown is heavily influenced by the American cars of the time. Essentially, the pickup model is a Japanese version of an early model Ranchero or El Camino.

This car is set up properly with a dropped stance and a set of five-spoke wheels with BFG white letter tires. These particular wheels are actually a collaboration between Mooneyes Japan and Enkei.

The interior looks very period correct, complete with a column shift automatic. Cool upholstery too!

You gotta love the round tail lamps and the reverse lights in the tailgate. I'm sure that by looking at these pics you can see just how good of shape this car is in.

Finding parts for any old car can be tough, but I imagine it's got to be extremely difficult trying to locate parts for a '64 Crown Pickup. I wonder how many of these cars are left in the world?

It would be so cool roll up to the local hot rod cruise night in this thing. Is that a Ford? Is that a Chevy? Nope, Toyota.

Much respect to Mooneyes and Crown Classics for this perfect mix of trans-pacific nostalgia.

-Mike Garrett



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It would be so cool roll up to the local hot rod cruise night in this thing. Is that a Ford? Is that a Chevy? Nope, Toyota....

I have a 69 waagon and some people have asked me what amcar that is.

Just love the Crown. my photos of the crown.


Yea this thing was DOPE!!!!!! I mean it's ballin enough to have a crown car but to have a crown truck?!!!! MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! Especially one as clean as this!


I remember seeing that at the Toyotafest this year. Great looking car. If Wiki is to be believed, the actual name of the car is "Masterline". My pic of it earlier this year.


VERY cool car.

looks more like a ranchero than an el camino.....and I think you'd only mistake it for a domestic at first glance. As soon as you look again you notice the mirrors, the RHD, the strange emblem, and the general Chrysler look to the front end.

This thing needs a rotary soooo the engine bay and find basically nothing in it but a diminutive rotary! Plus much more power than that and you'd just lay smoke instead of power :)

This thing would look rad with rear fender skirts, a la Ford Falcon!


I've got one of these here in Aus. There are actually a fair few around but most are rusting quite badly.

Still its pictures like this that really make me want to get mine back on the road.


Yeah i love theses cars


i love it

what kind of motor comes in it??


car looks sweet..


strange i saw this car and a mooneyes facilities in a movie yesterday.

Man, Woman & the Wall


Never seen one of these before. Awesome indeed.


Is it a ute or a pickup, in other words is it a unibody or rolling chassis, or to put it in car comparison, is it like a Ford F100 or a Chevy El'camino