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I've always had a softspot for the Volkswagen Corrado, but I had yet to see an example in the flesh that had been modified properly. So when I saw this version at the VW Fanatics show it stopped me in my tracks. It had so much presence even when it was parked in between two other cars. Luckily for me those other two cars left early so I had a clear view of the car.

You would think that by looking at this picture the car is using airbags, but it is not. It uses an H&R suspension system with custom springs at the rear axle made by AH Excusive Parts. But it is not as simple as just mounting a new suspension system. Andy, the owner, also modified the wheel housings. He cut them out and welded them back in higher to be able to drive with this ride height.

To prevent the AMG wheels, that originally came from a CL63, from rubbing Andy widened the front and rear fenders.

The wheels come in 18"x8,5 and are wrapped in 205/35 Toyo T1R tires. They look great in this application. The body has been cleaned, something that is still very popular in Germany, so no badges, antenna and Andy even moved the turnsignals inside the headlights. 

The sideskirt houses this FOX side-exit exhaust that connects to the slightly modified G60 engine. The engine has been modified with a Theibach ECU, Schrick exhaust, bigger intercooler and 70mm pulleys. According to the dyno sheet it now has almost 210bhp.

I love the Corrado from this angle especially when it is this low and is running those awesome AMG wheels. I have yet to see a better looking Corrado !

- Jeroen Willemsen



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Oof. No thank you.


F*** this thing, whats up with the avant on bentley rims in the background!?!?!?!


Haters gunna hate.


Haters gonna hate.

I think this thing is awesome!!!


Always had that soft spot myself , best looking Corrado that i have ever seen.


Cool Mercedes Rims!


Looks like the 90's 18" craze with 2010 rims. Not my style but certainly not the worst i've seen.


don't like it so much


ooh i like it


These wheels look nice on the corrado... But they are so BIG!


Corrados can look so good. this one not so much


Corrado is a legend of 90's. Beautiful car...


hi rez plz!!!


I dont really care for german car industry and more to that I quite dislike VW. But this is a nice exmaple how a FWD german old coupe can look deasant.



fanbois of other makes are gonna complain, but a real carnut is gonna appresciate the work in to this to get it to ride so low along with all the little touches pointed out in the article! Nice ride.


it's amazing to me how some people nowadays believe there's only one way to make a v-dub or any car look good i.e. dished wheels on stretched tires kissing the edge of the fender. i do admit you cant go wrong with that look but what i love about cars like this is all the time and work (also the money) the owner has put in to achieve what he wanted his car to look like and not how others would have wanted it.


Only thing remotely cool on this is the side exit, but I do like me some corrado's.


...and 210 bhp out of a "slightly" modded G60 engine is good - std. was 160bhp back in the days!!


Not liking this one either. The wheels are just too big. This whole "stuffed to the gills" thing just isn't happening for me. I like cars that look like they can move... fast.


this example is quite nicely turned out.. maybe not one for the purists and the OEM boys (myself included) would probably have some stern words for the owner, but that said i think he's done some tasteful mods - i agree with "Seb", the wheels are a bit on the big side.. when all said and done he (or she) hasn't done anything that hasn't already been done on a Corrado.. i like it.. i lke it lots.. thanks for the picture and feature..


I love Corrado's and currently have a very nice example of one, but this one is not my style. I like the look, but for me, it is all about being able to enjoy driving it. This one, I cannot imagine being fun to drive. He has ruined the wonderful suspension and handling the Corrados have. The wheels are to big and make the car look "cartoonish". But, to each his own, I am sure he loves it.


the car is nice, the rims are nice but in my view i dont think that they look THAT good together, i would still take the AMG any day!


no bags = win. side exit exhaust = win.




The side exhaust makes this car legendary.... well not quite


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