Car Spotlight>> Aircooled Golf

For anyone who says that the VW scene is boring and predictable, how does this grab you ? It's a MKIII Golf which is now running an aircooled engine which can be found where the groceries used to sit. Now, I'm no expert but I can't imagine too many scenes where somebody would move the engine from front to rear and even less where someone would replace an arguably faster, more reliable engine with an older, slower one.

Up front, the arches have been tubbed to allow for the narrower track. The fuel tank now sits where an engine used to.

Inside is strangely standard …

A closer look at the engine setup at the rear. Love it or hate it, you can't argue with the quality of the workmanship that has gone into this car.

A Stinger exhaust out back helps bring attention to the car when the boot is closed.

I can already hear some of you priming your keyboards with an onslaught but I have to urge you to just think about this. It was done for no other reason except to prove it could be done. Life would be awful boring if we all liked the same things and chased the same ideals.

It truely was a breath of fresh air to visit Edition38, if only to open my mind to another car culture to which I'd given little consideration in the past.

That concludes our Edition38 coverage for 2010, I hope you guys enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing and photographing it.


Edition38 coverage on Speedhunters

P.S. I done some detective work on this car afterwards as it really caught my attention. The car was built by Type 2 Detectives and from what I've researched it's an aircooled VW Type 3 floorpan that has been extended slightly with a MKIII Gold body placed on top. Incredible craftsmanship !



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Wow, this is incredible. Great work dude.


totally senseless, but i like the craziness behind it and the awesome craftsmanship!


very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There is also an article on it PVW. Lots of work has gone into this. I appreciate it!


Stefan-> My thoughts exactly!


God dam I hate those wheels, why do they keep popping up everywhere. Awesome craftsmanship though, everyone should be able to appreciate that.


Just dissapointed it wasn't a porsche drivetrain.


Sick except for the faux-porsche wheels.


Esse manja das putarias ...


Man,have read feature in Performance VW,this is what we need to stay creative.Type2 guys deserve a medal!


those fenders are way to empty fill them up i dont care if thats wat everyone else is doing or not it just looks a cheap drop with cut springs or something and get rid if the chrome wheels


I'm wondering how they keep it cool? it looks like the top cover for the engine compartment is lacking in louvres. can anyone fill me in?


This is very cool. Imagine the sound!


Awesome work!! i love when customization goes nuts.

Yo paddy, i want to send you some "random snap" of my car, how can i do that?


I don't hate it and it looks like it was very well built


I honestly wudnt hav done that...

but u gotta admit the build QUALITY is absolutely SUPERB!!!...

it's different from the CAR-MOD trend as depicted in mags and vids.......

but hey..........the BOSOZOKU-MOD style is weird/odd but it works...


awesome idea and work....i just wish he put some wheels with some halfway decent fitment on it.. i understand those are old school, but the front wheels are like 8+ inches sunken in and the rear are close.. looks dumb.


There are some pretty wild aircooled VW engines out there. Would like to see one of those swapped in instead but great craftsmanship regardless.


sickest v dub i seen!


I dig it, craftsmanship and all. The Stinger exhaust sets it off perfectly. I would have wanted a wider stance, little less from its air-cooled narrowed beam heritage but it still looks great. Wonder what the displacement is.


a bold step...respect


woah, a body made of gold


Absolutely perfect I love this car!


Why so many goddamn haters?!, coulda, woulda, shoulda, This golf is absolutely awesome, congrats T2D !

keep on hatin haters!


Just wondering, does it´s windows freeze from inside also...?


Brilliant! Screw purists and do what you want! It's not like he's ruined a priceless car or used a rare engine...


The front is supposed to be narrow like how the beetles do it. Flush fitment wasnt around when this drivetrain was made. 1950s style


im no v dub tuner but i think you can get waaaaay more power out of that flat 4 , ive seen some bugs put down some really serious numbers, just sayin


Why so many goddamn haters?!, coulda, woulda, shoulda, This golf is absolutely awesome, congrats T2D !

keep on hatin haters!


i like it.. haven't we seen this done with the old Brasilia?? those who know... know!!


It's great! Noone has done it before! and from the outsied it looks like a regular Mk3 Golf. Great!


wow some of you missed the point completely. the wheels are perfect when considering the type of build this is. it's suppose to be tucked not flush. it's static not bagged. and it's suppose to be slow. crazy build and mad props. that car is incredibly clean and well done.


BlueSlug- it's built on a Beetle chassis with a Golf body- they cut part of the floor plan out and fitted it with a duct to provide air to the engine.


356 power equals 130PS max


From the front with the bonnet closed you'd never think that the engine was in the back.


iv seen this car from time to time. i even visited them while they were building it. FREEKIN AWESOME CAR!!


I agree, so many Haters! That car is Hot! Do they know what it takes to build something like that on that platform? That's truly a talented build. From a Die hard MK3 Lovr.


I agree, So many Haters, That car is Hot, some people don't appreciate what it takes to build something like this on that platform. Not every car has to be Flush, Poked, or Whatever! Car has a certain style, Love it, from a Die Hard MK3 Fan and owner!