Car Builder>> Kreissieg – Pt.1

It's funny how at times you overlook things. I've probably passed by the big Kreissieg workshop in Yokohama a million times over the last decade or so and never had the time to stop by for a look. Through the large glass windows I always spied tons of exotica sitting high on the lifts being worked on by the mechanics, but it wasn't until I got an invitation to drop by the shop by Jaewoo Kim that I took time to stop by. Jaewoo is an avid Speedhunters follower and the Export Sales Representative for Kreissieg. He though I might enjoy checking the company out, not to mention the barely believable amount of rare cars…

…that are usually in for work. The original name of the company is Marukatsu, as can be seen written in Katakana characters on the main building. It began its operations way back in 1971 in Osaka as a second hand import car dealer. Thanks to the vast space at their disposal they soon began offering maintenance services and did rather well throughout the eighties, during the bubble period. They then began importing Lotus Super 7s and the Noble Ferrari P4 replicas, getting more and more interested in the motorsports side of things. With business booming, in 1995 they opened up the Kohoku branch you see here, located just outside Yokohama city. In 1999 the Kreissieg side of the business was born, offering custom velvetronic exhaust systems like the one in the opening shot. Their biggest customer base is owner of very high end exotic super cars…

…with the inside resembling more a car museum than a workshop. As soon as I stepped into the shop I was instantly drawn to this brand new Ferrari 458 Italia, in to get the suspension lowered and adjusted. I'm sure it won't be too long before one of their customers asks for an exhaust to be made up…

…which of course is taken care of completely by hand.

These are some of the pipes that are used during the prototyping of the exhausts.

This is one workstation where welding and various measurements are taken.

There were Ferraris everywhere…

…but it was this that made me profusely salivate. I'm a lover of anything weird and unique when it comes to classics and this four seater Lamborghini Espada is one of my most favorite cars ever. It was in pristine condition!

The owner of the company is always building cool project cars and this is his ground-hugging hot rod sitting high on a lift.

The Ferrari 512 BB is a car I lusted over as a child. I had countless model cars of it and seeing one up close is always a treat…

…especially when you can examine it inside and out, not to mention taking a closer look…

…at the huge flat-12 motor in the back. The 512BB was the car the Testarossa replaced.

This Lotus Evora was in to get a custom Kreissieg exhaust made…

…and fitted up into the vast space left behind by the restrictive stock system. The finished product is the exhaust in the opening picture.

Kreissieg take special attention at guaranteeing the best possible flow for their systems. That's why they use a larger diameter bypass valve than the actual exhaust piping, to take into account the restriction the butterfly creates. The valve can be set to open at specific rpm or controlled automatically via a switch offering the choice between a full-on race car roar or a muffled, road-legal stock-like sound.

The exhausts can even be controlled wirelessly via the optional key fob!

Their business isn't strictly restricted to cars, creating advanced trike conversions for bikes, with independent rear wheels that allow the bike to tilt through the corners!

An Espada, a 512BB and also a Ferrari 412! Needless to say this made my day, yet another of those weird cars form yesteryear I can't help but love.

Now this is the exhaust system the Diablo should have come with from factory! Crazy or what?

Every year the owner likes to create a special project and for this year he decided to build up a Noble P4 replica and add Ferrari F360 Modena V8 power. Not a bad idea!

The deeper I walked into the workshop the better the selection of cars got, like this beautiful classic Mercedes Benz…

…and a De Tomaso Pantera in for some bodywork.

But out of all the cars we have seen so far it was this that took the cake, or rather this is the engine that will soon be making its way back into it again. Yes it's air cooled via a dry carbon belt-driven fan…

…it's flat-6 and obviously turbocharged, judging from the aluminum intake manifolds…

…but the turbos have been left fitted to the side-exit exhaust system at the back of the car. Haven't guessed what it is yet?

It's not every day you see a Group C 962 Porsche!

This car is privately owned and was in for an engine rebuild and for the whole of the mechanics to be checked over and refreshed.

It looks more like the cockpit of a jet fighter than a car.

Once the engine is fitted back on the tubular rear chassis the massive one-piece rear section can be dropped back on.

I've got even more to show you in Part 2 as I take a look at where the cars are painted and fixed, the machine room and yet another special project. Don't miss the next installment form Kreissieg.


- Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Indeed: OMG! :O

Dino: I also had countless models of the 512BB (and the 288 GTO) as a child. I believe they are still stacked in a box at my moms house, so one day they will be my sons models. :P


Very cool place to see! But... if I ever put one of those quiet/loud valves on my exhaust, remind me to cut off my penis and fashion a vagina!

Cool cars but!


956C King of the Ring - Rothmans livery is so evocative. RIP Stefan Belloff.


And here is some of Kreissieg's work we can all enjoy


That it some good car porn


That is one awesome shop! Can't wait to see more, there's something so cool about seeing these high end supercars getting worked on in an old school style garage :)


Oh my.......


The scope of what they do is awsome.


Kreissieg sounds german, in English it would be "Circlevictory". =)

So many extraordinary the 962 and...wait, all of them.

BTW: The "Mercedes" is a replica.


They better fit a nice fire extinguisher in that Ferrari458 ItaRia... :asd


look forward to seeing some lambo's.


words cannot describe...



I wish they would make an exhaust for the NSX.


Good lord. I'm speechless. Thank you Japan


this place is near ikea right? as i went past I couldnt help but notice the many amazing cars they had parked in and out of the place.


wonder if these guys would just let me live in their garage....and finally, a 458 that isn't on fire....


That Espada was nice as hell!!!


now this place looks awesome.. i could stay there for days just photographing this and that..


holy shit. :O

all my dreams in one place : F355,575,360 Challange and Diablo. God Bless cars!


that first pic needs to be a wallpaper


I can't find fords to describe how AWESOME this is... speechless. That Mercedes...and al those Ferraris...[jawdrop]


Awesome! I'm just about to pick my mouth off the floor!! That 956C! what a car to have in a collection! (or to even see run for that matter!)

Havent seen a 512 Boxer for ages... Used to love the contrasting front lights! A colleague has a Tessarossa, and i always prefered the Boxter over it!

Cant wait for the next instalment from such a sublime garage...


Wonder where you stand on your warranty with modifying a new 458 like that?

Got to love the 962 as well, and the technical expertise to take one of these apart and put it back together again.


If you've never heard these exhausts before, I highly recommend you search this name on youtube.


Only one turbo, right?

2.8L or 3.2L?

Whatever it is, it's awesome!


this is one ballin ass shop


I spy a nice JZX81 Cresta in the 2nd pic...


Geez my eyes were wide open looking at every shot taken ! One heck of a shop to spend the day at !


so nice to see some coverage on this... Honestly the sound of perfection


Damn Dino you are living the ultimate Jdm dream. every time that i see your visits at shops makes me wanna get out of here and go to live to japan!!!

Truly awesome exotic shop.


wow great read

nice job


All beautiful cars except for the *gag* Espada.


OMG the Porsche IS AWESOME!!!!


Awe-inspiring! I want to get into the realm of custom exhaust work so I thank you for this post!


Another reason I love small Japanese tuning shops... AMAZING !!



omg. where is this holy grail garage?


Cool shop but it might be the messiest garage full of exotics I've ever seen ;)


Kreissieg lamborghini countach lp5000s is one of my fav youtube videos ever


I Just Jizz My Pants!!




Eckenflitzer - Kreissieg does translate to "Circlevictory" so quite literally WInner's Circle


Oh wow...

That Mercedes, replica yes, is the best thing I have seen all week...


Gorgeous! I <3 the Espada.


Love the 512's an the Espada. The 458 just doesn't do much for me.

BTW have you seen a 512's boxer V-12 with individuals? It looks absolutely AMAZING!


Holy hell. 1st time in months since I last visited the and I'm greeted with this. Sweet. Car porn don't get any better than this.


the 330 P4 replica is incredible. Needs a 12-pot though.


I wanna move to Japan!!! :(


Karl Karlsson - Winner´s Circle makes sense, but there ist no german word like "Kreissieg".They´re two german words, Kreis and Sieg drawn together. The equivalent to Winner´s circle would be "Kreis der Gewinner" oder "Kreis der Sieger". Perhaps they used the freedom of arts because "Kreissieg" sounds cooler.

Like Rauh-Welt: In english it would be rough or raw world, in german there ist no single world for it, it would be "raue Welt" or "harte Welt".

But so what, i like that they use german words, sounds good.


Everything about that place...


wow, just wow!




excuse me while i go wipe the drool off my floor .. just wow :O

61 that blue db9 in 2nd pic??


"Now this is the exhaust system the Diablo should have come with from factory!"

It did. The exhaust shown is a replica of the factory exhaust to the Diablo SVR and Diablo GTR.


With all the incredible exotic machinery tucked inside the massive Kreissieg workshop it would be a pity




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